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  1. Mind-blowing work! I've simply broken the replay button I dare say this is one of the best vocal/rock remixes here! Thank you a lot, Michael.
  2. Purely kickass stuff! This is certainly one of the best examples of symphonic rock done right. Although, you shouldn't expect anything less brutal than this from these two gentlemen. Kudos to you, guys
  3. Damn, guys! Your WCRG collab was pretty smooth, and you nailed it again! The interplay between orchestral, chippy and DnB elements is really great - certainly of the highlights of WttS!
  4. Ah, classic kickass electronica from Jordan! The meaty beats and deep bassline are so great, as well as the clever usage of in-game fx and brass/slap bass breakdown. Certainly a must-download!
  5. Overall, the track sounds pretty close to the original, but lots of subtle touches make it sooooo good. Especially love the intro - it's just so awesome. The crunchy beats and funky talkbox/synths are also quite sweet - as well as that killer solo from ectogemia! Very nice job
  6. Well, it's a timaeus' remix, so nothing can go wrong here This song gives me chills every time I listen to it, definitely one of his coolest works to date. Really love the top-notch agressive/bouncy winter wonderland vibe of this track. Very enjoyable stuff!
  7. Man, this song rocks so hard! Definitely one of my favorite remixes on OCR. The balance between raw, gritty, in-your-face parts and the softer, groovy ones is just perfect - feels like a small, but wild ride Jon nailed this one for sure!
  8. Gotta give this stuff some attention This remix is great to say the least. I really how it changes from epic, gigantic-sounding to very light and fragile and vice versa. The drums definitely keep your attention all the time - especially love the intense part @2:20 - very good! And the following piano + synths build-up is a nice touch. Love those classic DrumUltima synths as well, btw. They blend exceptioanlly well with all the live stuff and give this track a unique bittersweet aftertaste. And, of course, the violin adds a ton of emotion here - I simply can't imagine this track without it! Awesome job here
  9. While Corridors of Time may be the most popular source of CT OST, Secret of the Forset is definitely my personal favorite. I'm not sure why, but I love it a lot, it just holds a special place in my heart. And when you couple it with a genre, which I love most of all, you can't go wrong. So I was very happy to see it represented in the album. The soft, smooth sax is nothing but a pure earcandy and Jay's guitar and bass parts are simply brilliant, but when they meet together, my brain just melts. Yeah, that's how good it is. Add some tasty drums, excellent keys, and you get this relaxing, mellow piece, which is certainy a highlight of Chronology, IMO. Mad props for the effort, guys!
  10. Wow, this is a killer mix! The beat is slightly repetitive, sure, and the chopped vocal clips in the intro may throw some people off (I like them, though), but other than that this is pretty nice track. Really love how light it sounds The subtle addition of some world instrumentation is a pretty cool touch. And the break @3:03 definitely helped to keep things interesting. Very good work!
  11. Maybe something like "Sunset in the Jungle"? Very cool work, by the way!
  12. Wow, this is definitely some majestic stuff right here. I would never say that this track is back from 2002! The piano work is so mesmerizing - very good work
  13. Holy crap, this is definitely the most creative take on "Song of Storms" I've ever heard! I can easily see why some people may have problems with the source usage here, since it was transformed quite a bit, but all these small changes really make this song so unique and incredible. The ambient soundscape here is simply top-notch. Major props for the effort, Rozo!
  14. It's been quite a long time, eh? Anyway, while the album is still being evaluated, I'm gonna make a couple of sweet updates here: first of all, I've finally decided to add the tracklist with all the tracks divided into 3 discs (including a bonus one), and I think that's a nice thing to look at But most importantly, I'm proud to present a preview track from our album: "Never Fear the Fall" by Pl511! It was released over a year ago, and I wasn't even aware about it, lol. I didn't want anything to be released without my permission, but it's not such a huge problem, after all So anyway, enjoy the track (if you haven't done it yet, haha) and stay tuned for more updates!