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  1. This is really great! Can't wait to listen to the finished track!
  2. Oh, I've always loved this one! Listening to this track puts a little smile on my face no matter what shit is happenning in my life Thanks for this atmospheric chill jam!
  3. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan... His FF9 track is incredibly deep and touching and here... It's just... Jeez. You made me weep. Again! Juuust a tiny bit Jaw-dropping beauty right here! Download it everyone, don't even hesitate!
  4. Whooooooooooooooooooooa! Absolutely insane comeback. This song is the new definition of awesomeness. Yeah, that's how good it is. Don't even hesitate, download it ASAP! P.S. That title lol
  5. Holy crap, my mind is blown away. This track is certainly what I needed. I love me some energetic uplifting goodness. Bravo, OA, you knocked it out of the park as always!
  6. Oh, I'm a huge fan of this track! Reminds me of his "Rose, Amy" from SZRC 2012. Such a nice uplifting song, brings a smile every time on my face every time I listen to it Love the whistle-ish synth lead and clap-like beats a lot. Certainly one of the numerous highlights of Window to the Stars.
  7. 3. completed

    Man, that's some tight pumpin' electronica right here! Never played the game or heard the OST, but jeez, your remixes are damn great Quite remeniscent of Jewbei's and bLiNd's works. Very cool album, defenitely goes in my VGM collection. Hope you'll keep making such sweet stuff and maybe even submit something to OCR
  8. Oh, this is totally awesome. There's nothing too fancy here, yet it is an absolutely top-notch work - it even may be one of my favorite tracks by Mr. NutS. Just can't stop listening to it again and again! I'm a huge fan of such melodic house-ish tracks The tune is incredibly catchy, especially love its subtle melancholic/dreamy vibe. The instrumentation is pretty neat as well - really love the sweet synth lead, nice bass and solid beats. I also dare say that in my opinion some vocals can easily fit this song and make it a bit more interesting - I can certainly imagine a vocal version of this track Don't get me wrong, though, I can't get enough of this stuff, it's simply amazing! Keep it up! I hope you will make some similar ReMixes at some point
  9. Man, I can't believe that this thread is still empty! I've been enjoying this track since it appeared on the front page. It's so amazing! The perfect balance between energetic guitar chops and juicy brass-like synths creates an amazing soundscape filled with the feeling of action and adventure. Drums are pretty sweet as well! Especially love the part at 2:25 (that small synth solo and next bit) - certainly the highlight of this track! Don't miss it, guys!
  10. Soooo, sort of necro-posting, right? Well, as you know, Speeding Towards Adventures, which I was directing, was released a few days ago; so I'm interested in starting a new project, and this might be a perfect candidate. This game turns 25 in 2021, so we've got a plenty of time. But at first we need to generate some interest, right? What do you guys think?
  11. It should be released veeeeeeery soon Let's get on the hype train! CHOO-CHOO!
  12. Man, I've been enjoying this smooth piece for a long time, but decided to post my comment only now for some reason. Pretty sweet tune with a somewhat jazzy feeling. Karl's mellow piano is absolutely delicious and Phill's guitars are pretty good as well! Very pleasant and relaxing track with a nice sunny atmosphere
  13. Hey, look, what's that? Yeah, I'm slow a bit
  14. Holy shit, how could I miss this epic piece? Absolutely stunning and jaw-dropping wok right here! Certainly love the dubstep-ish drops - very neat and very unexpeted. It's cool how they make you think "Ah, it's gonna be EDM now, right?" But then it instantly comes back to agressive orchestral action It also sounds like there're bits of some DKC2 themes thrown in (Kannon's Klaim and Lockjaw's Saga). But maybe it's just me Anyway, very nice job!
  15. Hahaha, I definitely remember this track from that SSMB album XD Crazy, even a bit schizophrenic, but very enjoyable. Those vocal samples are just amazing Excellent blend of various Metallic Madness themes!