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  1. This reminds me, I still gotta hit you up, I'll probably remember to do that. But this is hella clean man. Beat got much better with the piano and Mario sounds and sounds really smooth. Only slight disappointment is that you didn't add in a Parappa voice clip when you said you gotta believe. But that's more to do with me being a Parappa obsessed weirdo. Great stuff.
  2. Need I say more?
  3. Nintendo Switch

    But can we talk about how this song itself won e3? Lol.
  4. Update: Here's the finished version.
  5. PaRappa the Rapper: "Believe" EP (RECRUITING)

    @OceansAndrew Gotcha. When I have said pitch ready I'll hit you up about it. @Thirdkoopa I'm down with it, LOL. You got it though fam, I'll hit you up on May 4th as well, just to see if you have a concept.
  6. So a little while ago I had posted a brief track to a beat that had the sample. I extended that out a bit to something that I feel is much better. Any feedback would be appreciated, especially in terms of mixing cause this is the first thing I've mixed and mastered on my own.
  7. PaRappa the Rapper: "Believe" EP (RECRUITING)

    Obligatory "I'm not dead, updates, and this project is still alive" post Just a couple of things. The MAJOR SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE is that given the smaller amount of rappers on here, as well as the fact that (in my experiences anyway) trying to spin a song into something completely different in the same genre (even when trying to change it to a different subgenre) is difficult, R&B is now allowed for this project as well, not just rap. May seem like a strange addition, but given how often both rap and r&b are paired together, it seems fitting. Although having at least some rapping in all the main stage themes would be preferred. As a result of this, I've added more tracks to be claimed as well, including The Jet Baby, Smooth Life of Mine, and more. These aren't essentials I feel, but would be very nice. Also feel free to keep track of who has what claimed and progress on the new project overview sheet (shoutout to @The Nikanoru for the idea on that). Also to those who've claimed tracks, being @zykO, @DaleNorth, @OceansAndrew, and @Navi, I'm hitting you guys up on May 4th for updates. No WIP needed as I know this date is a surprise. And finally, does anyone know any better ways to contact DaleNorth and Navi? Would be appreciated!
  8. @The Nikanoru You mean like conversations amongst the characters like at the beginning of tracks? I fucking love that idea. Also since i'm already doing a rap as him, I mean I could voice fox if needed. With either my regular voice or a (amazingly) terrible Fox impression.
  9. 3. completed Eterna Forest (Pokemon DPP Sample)

    Yeah, I personally feel like a cold have done more with it after listening to it a bit more, same thing a couple friends told me actually @Vonn. Thank you for the advice though man : ]
  10. Damn, no more Andross collab is a slight bummer though : [ Slight bummer, was looking forward to that : [
  11. Yooo, this ReMix is way too clean man.
  12. Okay, so I finally have something relatively presentable for the Sauria track! My apologies for it taking so long. I'd assume I'd send it to you @The Nikanoru? Also could you change my name on the drive page to Blackimar? Changed my artist name recently to that, so.
  13. This is the very first beat I've ever made, so any feedback and criticism on this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. OCR03489 - Super Mario RPG "Just One Wish"

    Yes my dude! Nano really just took an already beautiful track and built on it and somehow ended up with something even more beautiful. Hell it even fits Star Hill I'd say better than the original song! Definitely one of my favorites on the album.
  15. Apex 2017 Album

    I second this statement, especially Magikarp Festival, that track is hype. I spit raps and say all types of words in a relatively clever fashion, so if anyone wants to go the route of a hip hop track I'd be down to help out with it. Especially for Street Fighter (if that's in the equation) or Smash Bros.