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    I'm just some dude who's trynna make cool stuff on the internet honestly.
    Check out Nerdknightalpha on youtube also? We're kinda cool sometimes.
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  1. 3. completed

    Yeah, I personally feel like a cold have done more with it after listening to it a bit more, same thing a couple friends told me actually @Vonn. Thank you for the advice though man : ]
  2. Damn, no more Andross collab is a slight bummer though : [ Slight bummer, was looking forward to that : [
  3. Yooo, this ReMix is way too clean man.
  4. Okay, so I finally have something relatively presentable for the Sauria track! My apologies for it taking so long. I'd assume I'd send it to you @The Nikanoru? Also could you change my name on the drive page to Blackimar? Changed my artist name recently to that, so.
  5. This is the very first beat I've ever made, so any feedback and criticism on this would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Yes my dude! Nano really just took an already beautiful track and built on it and somehow ended up with something even more beautiful. Hell it even fits Star Hill I'd say better than the original song! Definitely one of my favorites on the album.
  7. I second this statement, especially Magikarp Festival, that track is hype. I spit raps and say all types of words in a relatively clever fashion, so if anyone wants to go the route of a hip hop track I'd be down to help out with it. Especially for Street Fighter (if that's in the equation) or Smash Bros.
  8. I know you've already seen about a million of these videos, but I think mine has more effort put into it than your average one.
  9. Yeah, I get you. I noticed it sounded kinda muffled, but in a weird way I like it, seems like it fits that mental image. Lol.
  10. Really liking this and the other rap over a Jet Set Radio OST you did. Did the beats from it justice man. If you're going to do another rap over Jet Set, let a dude know if you would want me to hop on. I'm currently rubbing my hands together over an idea I had for Funky Radio.
  11. The beat was made like that on purpose, since it was an open collab thing primarily for producers. I just decided to hop on it since I really liked the beat, lol. I lowkey do kinda like beats with limited drum work though. Lets a rapper's voice shine more than the beat imo. But thanks fam.
  12. So a producer I like by the name of Raisi K dropped a few samples that are open for people to make a beat on or rap over. Long story short about an hour or so after I saw em, I made this. Feel free to tell me how trash I am.
  13. I can definitely guarantee that it won't be terrible. Probably.
  14. Lmao, I know right. Like since it came out though I had it downloaded but never took the time out to listen to it. Should have earlier tbh.