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  1. Lyrics and performance are K.I.L.L.E.R. Such a great old-school vibe. Unfortunately, as Larry says, we need more overt source usage. Kris also makes a LOT of good points about how you could really take advantage of some vocal processing to give things more kick and emphasis. Hit us back with this. NO, resub
  2. The sounds in this track are so nice but there's just that awful synth at 1:09 that just mars the whole thing. Nutritious and Jive have really good crits on production that you ought to take to heart, and I really recommend altering that synth. NO
  3. I'm on board with the NOs. Love the arrangement, but there's a thinness to the drums but a loud squashiness with the strings. They also get SUPER mechanical around 3:20; very heavily exposed. Strings and mastering need a serious look. Everything else is that jpeg of Pacha from Emperor's New Groove doing that "When the Sun Hits the Ridge Just Right" face. NO
  4. It's just too repetitive. The sound is good but the drums are pretty simplistic. Not much else to say that other Js haven't said already. NO
  5. I'm in agreement with the YESes. I don't hear anything egregious happening in this track. Source usage is fine, and it's got a nice build to a pretty powerful climax. I'm into it. YES
  6. No, you don't have to leave. I'm just genuinely confused as to why you even posted this thread. Not being facetious.
  7. I'm confused as to what this post is about.
  8. You can post videos here.
  9. OC ReMix and Smash the Record 2017 Collaboration OC ReMix is partnering with Smash the Record to produce an EP of remixes that will play on the for-charity stream during matches and speedruns. This EP is targeted for release on September 14th. I need remixes yesterday. Here are remixes I need: Must Haves Game/Series Claimed Status Super Smash Bros. Melee unclaimed pending Super Smash Bros. for Wii U unclaimed pending Mega Man Series (Preferably X) Sixto Sounds pending Kirby Series (Any) unclaimed pending Super Mario Series (Any) unclaimed pending Would Like to Have Game/Series Claimed Status Castlevania: Symphony of the Night unclaimed pending F-Zero GX unclaimed pending Metroid Series (Preferably Prime) Sir_NutS pending There’s also a large schedule of games that will be played on-stream at the event. If anyone would like to do a remix from one of these games, please claim it here. Deadline on this is really tight guys. We aren’t doing a physical but I’d like to get music locked down and reviewed by mid-August. Smash the Record benefits St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. This album will be released on the day of the event and we’ll be sharing and promoting StR throughout the weekend. I think this would be really nice thing to get involved with. Hopefully we can get some great music going.
  10. I'm baffled at the mixing of the drums here. What's going on with that kick? Agree with Justin on the cluttered areas too. The arrangement is gorgeous but this mix really needs another once-over. NO, resub
  11. What video is this on? EDIT: nevermind, found it. Luxray214's had his comments hidden on the OCR channel now. You won't see him posting this nonsense.
  12. If you want to release this through OCR with the option of physical release down the line, you should know that we do all of our physical printing through Nationwide Disc. Nationwide has templates for packaging; the two types of packaging we usually do are digipaks and sleeves. Any multi-disc album would be done as a digipak, and any single disc album would be either digipak or sleeve. As far as OCR is concerned, jewel cases with inserts are not really an option; they break too easily. It's also important to note that when preparing album art, make it 300 DPI. That's the minimum quality needed for print. A good test would be to take your art and paste it into the one-disc sleeve template and make sure it's large enough to go over the bleed lines.
  13. No it isn't.
  14. Dead ringer for a modern remake of Tales of Phantasia. The Sakuraba is strong with this one. The harp is a bit mechanical, which is not so great when it's such a prominent sound in the beginning. There's a hardpanned shaker in the right that's distracting too. Overall though it's nice. Don't see any big issues that haven't already been mentioned. I like it. YES
  15. Love it. Ableton Linking this with Figure is great.