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  1. *NO* Lufia 2 'The Heat of the Battle'

    Fix those notes. Everything else is great. Love the solos, performance is killer. NO, resub
  2. OverClocked ReTreat

    I'll be real: I go to the DC/MD/VA area all the time to see OCR folks. I think it would be a nice change of pace to do something elsewhere.
  3. This forum isn't for advertising your YouTube videos. You've already posted your videos in the Originals forum.
  4. Would an album based on these be doable?

    Honestly any album project is "doable" if you put the effort in.
  5. Please use this thread for all information pertaining to this project. You don't need to keep making threads everywhere.
  6. Recommended PC Specs for emulation

    I've updated your thread title to be clearer.
  7. Does this sample technically count?

    It's a Square Enix property.
  8. Mega Man 11!!

    I'm pretty happy about this.
  9. Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    I never really understood the issue with ads on YouTube videos given that we had Google ads on individual remix pages for years. Advertisements presented in the context of individual remixes is nothing new; I guess it feels different to people now because YouTube is huge and "monetization" is a word people throw around all the time now. I'm a little annoyed with Google/YouTube and their mysterious enabling of ads, ESPECIALLY the unskippables. I agree with Dave that it's kind of shocking they don't have logs or an audit trail mechanism for that kind of thing. Kind of concerning, TBH. In any case, while I wish we had more time to prepare for it, what's done is done. Now that GMI is officially a 501c3, I hope that folks will be on board and won't raise a fuss. Like I said, this isn't actually anything new. I never had problems with ads on the remix pages, so I don't see why I'll have a problem with ads on my mixes.
  10. Disney In Talks To Buy Most of Fox

    They'll probably reboot it and start fresh so as to better integrate it with the MCU. I'm sure if this deal goes through the entirety of Phase 4 or 5 will be some kind of Rise of the Mutants thing.
  11. Disney In Talks To Buy Most of Fox

    If this happens it will absolutely lead to a resurgence of X-Men in all non-comics Marvel media. X-Men is one of Marvel's biggest and most recognizable properties and the ONLY reason it's kept out of shows and video games is because of Ike Perlmutter's anger at not having the movie licenses. The minute this happens, we'll see a huge adjustment to the Marvel movie timeline. There are going to be at least half a dozen X-Men related movies announced so fast your head will spin. Look at what happened when Sony and Disney worked the Spider-Man deal out: they immediately introduced him into the MCU with Civil War and Homecoming. Same goes for Fantastic Four. Once this deal goes through? Fantastic Four #1 comic will be announced, and they'll get a movie that's integrated into the MCU as soon as possible.
  12. Not cool bro panel.

    OC ReMix is neither dying nor becoming irrelevant. We get plenty of submissions, lots of listeners, and tons of engagement on social media. Also, don't try to back up your point by speaking for other people who "wish to remain anonymous." There's absolutely zero value in saying something like that. Make your own points and back them up. We're not going to dump curation. It's just not going to happen. OC ReMix has been very clear about being a curated catalog of arrangements that meet a standard of both artistic interpretation and technical execution. We have never—and I can't believe that this has to be said again—claimed to be the end-all-be-all source of VGM arrangements, and we're not trying to be. We've consistently supported other communities and initiatives like DoD and Materia Collective. OC ReMix can afford to be selective; we've built up a catalog of quality arrangements over the course of nearly 18 years by setting some standards and pushing artists to hone their skills. Our philosophy at OCR has always been "share your music, get feedback, and make your music better." You'll be hard-pressed to find any other art community that does that. Getting a track posted to the front-page is a soft goal that fosters that growth. There are obviously instances where an artist will disagree with those standards and make an exit, or honestly just outgrow the process altogether because they've found their artistic voice and don't need to take part in the loop anymore. That's fine. We have no problem with people who decide OCR isn't for them anymore. There are plans in place to integrate the workshop deeper into the site's game database so that people can find WIPs and non-posted releases by browsing game pages. But OC ReMix will continue to examine and curate submissions from the community against our established standards because having that goal in place improves artists. We're comfortable with where those standards are and comfortable about the direction the site is taking.
  13. Not cool bro panel.

    You really need to stop making assumptions like this.