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  1. No worries.
  2. These are the folks I have so far: Sixto Sounds Gario Trism Xenonetix theshaggyfreak Xarnax42 Chiwalker Starphoenix Kapden Anorax ThirdKoopa Yami MegaDrive Starphoenix We need four more people.
  3. The majority of my remixes are soundfont/free-sample only. It wasn't until Gentle Fist from FFV that I started using purchased libraries. Free soundfonts are still extremely viable for OC ReMixes.
  4. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines before making another request. I agree it's a great song but you need to name your threads appropriately.
  5. This has always been a huge issue for me with regards to superhero themes. As a huge comic book fan, specifically the DC superhero variety, it's so important to me that heroes have memorable themes. Williams's Superman theme from the old movies is so iconic, but Shirley Walker's animated series theme for Superman was also a wonderfully strong melody. I honestly can't recall Superman's theme from Man of Steel. I remember people liking the music, but it's so forgettable to me. Batman's also got such a long history of theme music, from the old 60s show's wild mod-rock theme to Danny Elfman's instantly iconic film theme, which Shirley Walker cemented into every 90s kid's brain with her animated series arrangement. And then she goes and writes the new theme in Mask of the Phantasm which was arguably even better than Elfman's movie theme. Batman Begins had good music, but Batman didn't really have a theme, did he? It was mostly just the two blaring notes. Worked in the movie, but what do kids sing when they're running around in the backyard with capes on? One property that is getting it right is DC's Supergirl TV show. She's got such a wonderfully hopeful and instantly recognizable melodic theme. Really beautiful.
  6. There are a lot of video games that are essentially digital versions of card games: Hearthstone, the Pokémon TCG game for gameboy, Duelyst, the various Yu Gi Oh games, etc. These games have some pretty solid soundtracks. I'd like to see a small single-disc album focusing on music from games like these. Anyone up for the task of directing? I'll take on an advisory/exec producer role and help out, but this'll be your show with regards to track selection and stylistic choices.
  7. I sincerely hope you're listening to the OverClocked PodCast.
  8. Plenty of folks on OCR playing LoL too. We really need to get some kind of OCR gaming league going with game nights and guilds and stuff.
  10. Making new friends as an adult after high school/college is actually really difficult. You're not put into situations where you're forced to interact with peers on a regular basis. For gaming friends though, I would suggest meetup.com. There always seems to be some kind of local board game group set up where you can go hang out with people and play board games. This can translate pretty easily into video games. You can also try to create your own gaming group. Maybe contact a local library and see if you can reserve a room with some TVs and set up a weekly gaming thing where folks can drop by and play some Halo. Also, and this is kind of obvious, but there's OC ReMix too. We're a pretty solid community of gamers. Lots of people are real-life friends because of OC ReMix. Not necessarily local, but I know I see my OCR friends almost monthly nowadays due to get-togethers and conventions. Plenty of folks in the community are playing games online like Overwatch, Hearthstone, Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, etc. We had a pretty active Team Fortress 2 community a few years ago, though I'm not sure how much people play that anymore. Your location says "nomadic." Where are you actually located? Maybe there's some OCR folks out near you.
  11. We can get you in. Still a lot of space.
  12. I like Rock Paper Shotgun for PC gaming and Destructoid for general gaming news.
  13. I have 11 names so far. Still some time to sign up!
  14. No I'm a huge fan of Metroid Prime's soundtracks.