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  1. You know there was a PC version of Cold Shadow with arranged music right?
  2. While OCR's Content Policy is quite permissive with regards to ReMix usage in streams and videos, we've seen reports of videos getting hit with ContentID matches on YouTube against tracks from our catalog. Some matches are bogus (stolen tracks, false positives, etc.), some are legitimate (tracks that are a part of a commercial release). Here's a list of ReMixes we know have had issues in the past. If you're a streamer or video creator, avoid these tracks. OC ReMix #3309: Earthworm Jim 2 'Glow Worm Jim' [Lorenzo's Soil] by Mazedude OC ReMix #3290: Donkey Kong Country 'Aquatic Shrediance' [Aquatic Ambiance] by ToxicxEternity OC ReMix #3216: Super Mario Galaxy 'To the Stars' [medley] by Stephan Wells, Laura Intravia OC ReMix #3193: Super Mario 64 'Sunken Ship' [Dire, Dire Docks] by Leandro Abreu OC ReMix #3083: Final Fantasy VI 'Day of Ruin' [Kefka] by Dj ThirdEye OC ReMix #2883: Final Fantasy X 'Just This Once' [Suteki da ne] by Dj Mystix, Sabrina Valenzuela... OC ReMix #2774: Wild Arms 'There in My Dreams' by Abadoss, DragonAvenger & Nutritious OC ReMix #2680: Final Fantasy XI Online 'A Decent Challenge' [Battle Theme] by Tweex OC ReMix #2395: Wild Arms '~to be loved is to love~' [The Miracle of Love] by melody OC ReMix #2354: Wild Arms 'Unstoppable' [Critical Hit!] by Flexstyle OC ReMix #2348: Wild Arms 'Succumb to the Wilderness' [To the End of the Wilderness] by Level 99 OC ReMix #1506: Double Dragon II 'Twin Blood' [Mission 9 (Final Screen)] by Sixto Sounds OC ReMix #1295: Final Fantasy VII 'Aeris Lives' [Aeris's Theme, The Prelude] by Kevin Lau OC ReMix #1162: Final Fantasy VII 'Prayer' [Aeris's Theme] by MENBAH! OC ReMix #1114: Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix '4F73R M3' [B4U] by MC & SGX OC ReMix #1034: Wizards & Warriors 'Wise Wizards, Old Warriors' [Title] by bazooie OC ReMix #978: Lufia II 'Turbid Guidance' [The Prophet] by Faze OC ReMix #766: Earthworm Jim 2 'Wormaphobic Disorder' [Anything But Tangerines?] by Protricity OC ReMix #587: Soul Blazer 'Tears for a Moonlit Knight' [A Night Without a Lover] by Israfel OC ReMix #577: Super Mario Bros. 2 'Super Buck II' [Overworld BGM] by Estradasphere OC ReMix #396: Mario Kart 64 'Dream Racing' [Rainbow Road] by prozax OC ReMix #191: Xenogears 'Broken Mirror Reflection' [SMALL TWO OF PIECES] by Alexander Prievert OC ReMix #155: Tetris (GB) 'McVaffeQuasi Ultimix' [A-Type (Korobeiniki)] by McVaffe It should be noted that this list is not comprehensive. It's possible that there are other tracks that will get your video flagged. Unfortunately there's not a lot we can do about it, except recommend that when you contest your ContentID match with YouTube, link OCR's Content Policy. We've heard reports of people using that to get the hit removed.
  3. We'll get started soon. Need to find some time.
  4. No.
  5. Nintendo's announced their new console, the Nintendo Switch (formerly known as "NX"). Looks like a home/portable console hybrid! Very cool! Press release:
  6. Here's a complete list of Brandon's remixes that were removed from OC ReMix's catalog. Like Gario said, it's a shame, but given the circumstances, it was an inevitable outcome.
  7. I'm assigning teams. I only really asked for preferences. We'll try to get this started soon. Just been busy with other things.
  8. You need to be signed in to the forums to see Off-Topic.
  9. No worries.
  10. These are the folks I have so far: Sixto Sounds Gario Trism Xenonetix theshaggyfreak Xarnax42 Chiwalker Starphoenix Kapden Anorax ThirdKoopa Yami MegaDrive PlanarianHugger We need four more people.
  11. The majority of my remixes are soundfont/free-sample only. It wasn't until Gentle Fist from FFV that I started using purchased libraries. Free soundfonts are still extremely viable for OC ReMixes.
  12. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines before making another request. I agree it's a great song but you need to name your threads appropriately.
  13. This has always been a huge issue for me with regards to superhero themes. As a huge comic book fan, specifically the DC superhero variety, it's so important to me that heroes have memorable themes. Williams's Superman theme from the old movies is so iconic, but Shirley Walker's animated series theme for Superman was also a wonderfully strong melody. I honestly can't recall Superman's theme from Man of Steel. I remember people liking the music, but it's so forgettable to me. Batman's also got such a long history of theme music, from the old 60s show's wild mod-rock theme to Danny Elfman's instantly iconic film theme, which Shirley Walker cemented into every 90s kid's brain with her animated series arrangement. And then she goes and writes the new theme in Mask of the Phantasm which was arguably even better than Elfman's movie theme. Batman Begins had good music, but Batman didn't really have a theme, did he? It was mostly just the two blaring notes. Worked in the movie, but what do kids sing when they're running around in the backyard with capes on? One property that is getting it right is DC's Supergirl TV show. She's got such a wonderfully hopeful and instantly recognizable melodic theme. Really beautiful.
  14. There are a lot of video games that are essentially digital versions of card games: Hearthstone, the Pokémon TCG game for gameboy, Duelyst, the various Yu Gi Oh games, etc. These games have some pretty solid soundtracks. I'd like to see a small single-disc album focusing on music from games like these. Anyone up for the task of directing? I'll take on an advisory/exec producer role and help out, but this'll be your show with regards to track selection and stylistic choices.