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  1. No I'm a huge fan of Metroid Prime's soundtracks.
  2. Well I mean he wrote them for a game that's being made. He's just not using the SNES versions anymore. Americana Dawn is still under development, and I imagine Sam's going to write new versions for the actual release.
  3. Of course. I often go back to Civilized Folk when I need something chill to listen to. I shared the album with my Dad years ago when it came out and he also bought it off Bandcamp. Have listened to the SNES versions for the past 20 minutes or so. Really loving it.
  4. Oh man I love the Americana Dawn album you released years ago. Reminded me so much of Hamauzu's SaGa Frontier II (which, if you know anything about me, is very high praise). Definitely going to check this out. Will we be able to purchase this version?
  5. No no no, don't skip it. Evaluate it for yourself. There's just me and Pete badmouthing it, and even I'm only doing it tongue-in-cheek. I do like parts of that game. It's worth giving a shot.
  6. It's tedious and bleak. At least the soundtrack is good.
  7. There are nine people on each team. Each team will be given about 11-12 sources they can choose from and assign to their nine members.
  8. Is this a recruitment thread?
  9. Incredibly exposed and mechanical. It doesn't sound like any part-writing went into this. Everything sounds like it was on auto-pilot. Like Nuts said, there's no interplay between parts. What's going on in this track? What is even the melody? It's sort of just meandering all over the place. Needs to go back to the drawing board. NO
  10. Already known among staff, but I suppose if we're publicly stating it, here it is. I am obviously fine with my remix videos having ads on them.
  11. Done.
  12. I'm going to close this thread up. A spirited discussion to be sure, but @djpretzel indicated what the next steps are going to be for OCR with regards to shifting ads over to YouTube. I don't think it's healthy for us to sit around and do a post-mortem of the arguments/discussion. Let's get back to talking about video games, music, and video game music.
  13. Yeah, pretty much. Depending on how you work it out with your team you'll be on the hook for anywhere from 3-5 remixes: 2 squad-vs-squad remixes will be MM vs. SK 1 final one-on-one remix will be MM vs. SK 1 boss battle mix will be your source vs. a Mega Man based boss theme 1 boss battle mix will be your source vs. a Shovel Knight based boss theme The blue items are the ones you're definitely responsible for. The purple items will be handled by one person per squad.
  14. Keep in mind, because of the way this competition is set up, nearly all of the remixes you write with include a Mega Man source and a Shovel Knight source. Being on the Robots team won't mean you'll only be remixing Mega Man tunes, and the same goes for the Knights team with Shovel Knight tunes.