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  1. I'll split you guys into teams tonight. You might NOT get to be on the team you want but don't worry too much. You'll still be remixing themes from both series. After that I'll give both teams their sources and you guys will be able to decide among yourselves how to assign those sources.
  3. I'm moving this thread to the Post Your Originals forum as it's not really a collaboration request.
  4. Hey folks. That time of year where we have to get the ball rolling on the album for the Apex fighting game tournament. I don't have a concrete list of games yet, but I'm going to assume the following: Super Smash Bros. (N64) Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN) Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U) Pokken Tournament (Wii U) For anyone unfamiliar, Apex is a fighting game tournament in NJ that OC ReMix creates an official album for. We like to have at least one remix for every game officially featured at the tournament. If you're interested in participating, please post here with your claim. I still need to confirm the event date and the game list, but I'm going to assume that Apex will be in June, so we need to get music done by May.
  5. Sounds nice. Moving to Originals. The Post Your Game Remixes forum is for video game music arrangements only. Non-game arrangements should go in this forum.
  6. No, people willingly give their kids smartphones they pay $200 for because of carrier deals. Adults don't really even pay $1000 for smartphones for themselves. And the thing about DS and Gameboy is different because the DS and Gameboy were both portable systems, and that statement was just Nintendo hedging their bets on a risky, experimental system (2 screens, touch, etc.); i.e. if the DS failed to capture the market, they could fall back on the Gameboy line. The Switch is designed to be a home console successor that iterates on the Wii and the Wii U, not a 3DS successor.
  7. Well also, and I feel like people are really getting this wrong, Switch is not a "portable system" like 3DS. I mean yeah, they're touting the portability of it, but Switch is a home console that can also be made portable. It's not really meant to replace the Gameboy/DS line the way some people think it is. A lot of us are adult gamers and we keep thinking about the Switch as adult gamers; about the convenience of taking it on the commute, or to a party, or while we're traveling. But Nintendo's always done very well with a specific demographic: kids. The Switch is a pretty sleek $300 machine, and that's not really something to give to an 8 year old that she can take with her to a lot of places. A lot of times siblings have their own 3DSes or 2DSes too. Nintendo still has to satisfy that market with a portable-first system that's a bit more rugged and a bit more affordable. Am I wrong here? OCR parents, back me up: would you buy your younger kid a Switch and trust them to take it around everywhere with them? My guess is "no," but I don't have kids of my own.
  8. They can't tell you everything in a single press conference. I think the focus on the hardware and the games was good enough.
  9. One week per remix. Starting end of Jan/early Feb
  10. Waffling a bit on Switch but I did get a lot out of my WiiU. It's not going to take too much tonight to convince me to preorder.
  11. CORRECTION! The switch presentation is TONIGHT at 8PM PST/11PM EST. http://www.nintendo.com/switch/
  12. There's a presentation for the Switch tomorrow.
  13. Eino out, Dewey in.
  14. Got you now.
  15. Sixto's out due to some personal stuff. Need 4 people.