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  1. Nabeel's been showing me how powerful everything is over the last couple of months. I'm looking forward to this. I have an album that I'm working on and I want some SNES textures in there. I'll have to update Kontakt though, I'm still on 4. xD
  2. Overwatch

    I played a lot during the beta and am trying to play a little every night now that the game is out. Have been a Symmetra player for a while now, really fantastic things you can do with her; multiple turrets covering one spot is key. Had a fantastic run as Pharah too last night keeping the payload 2 feet away from the final point. I think the other team got frustrated because they were steamrolling until then.
  3. Apex 2016 Album

    I'm working on Pokken Tournament.
  4. One thing I notice people getting overthinking in the compos is figuring out the keys of the tracks they have to arrange together. In my opinion (as the guy that conceived the source-versus-source style compo), figuring out the actual key is far less important than figuring out the mode, regardless of what the tonic is. It doesn't matter if one of the sources is in Bb Minor and the other is in F Minor. The Bb and the F don't matter. What matters is that the two tracks are in the Aeolian mode (aka natural minor). When the mode is common, it's incredibly easy to make the sources work together with each other, you just transpose the material from the sources (melody, chord progression, etc.) into a common key, like C minor or something. It gets tougher when you have something like Ionian (aka major scale, e.g. C major) and Aeolian (e.g. D minor) sources being combined. Now you have to think about how you want to push them together. Do you flat the third, sixth, and sevenths of the Ionian source's melody so that it's Aeolian now (i.e. play a C major song in C minor) and then transpose to a common key? Do you keep the Ionian source Ionian (e.g. C major) and shift the tonic of the Aeolian source down to the relative minor (i.e. A minor)? These are options and techniques you can use to push two different sources together and keep them from clashing. Remember, you can write an arrangement in any key you want. A song can be played with any note as the tonic. Think about the classic Star Wars melody: G, D, C B A G, D Except you shouldn't think of it that way. You should think of it as: 1, 5, 4 3 2 8, 5 Where 1 is any of the twelve notes. C, G, F E D C, G Bb, F, Eb D C, Bb, F You see what I'm getting at? Worry less about the tonic and more about the intervals and relationships between the notes and where they fall in the scale. When you start thinking about melodies and chords that way, one of the barriers to doing multi-source arrangements disappears.
  5. If you want to write a remix for OCR, I suggest not using a MIDI, because here's the thing: that's not your work. The transcription and sequencing was done by someone else. Plus by using the MIDI, you're essentially circumventing the entire sequencing process. There's a lot more to sequencing than the notes; there's velocity, timing, and everything that goes into creating expressive lines. If you want to be a composer/arranger, you have to train your ear. You have to get better at figuring things out by listening to them. The way to do this is to practice. Ear training is incredibly important. How are you supposed to write anything original if you can't translate what you hear in your head to your DAW? If you use an existing MIDI, are we gonna know? Maybe, maybe not. We've figured it out before. I've always been a proponent of ear training and doing things by ear. MIDIs are a helpful tool when you're starting out but they quickly become shortcuts, crutches, and ultimately hinderances to your artistic growth.
  6. Line-wrapping? Screenshot?
  7. Legend of Zelda Series Album Idea

    I really like this idea. Small, focused. Maybe open things up to all Zelda dungeons (not just the Temples).
  8. Exactly this. Everything you hear throughout your life builds your musical vocabulary. If you're trying to write a sad sounding piece of music, what do you do? You think of other music you've heard that makes you sad and try to do what that music did. Sometimes it will sound very close.
  9. OCR03360 - *YES* Sonic Adventure 2 'Chao Cave Rave'

    Nice embellishments on what's a pretty simple/sparse source. Feels like a Sonic version of what we did with Super Cartography Bros. No problems here. I'm bumpin'. YES
  10. We don't have an agreement with Square Enix in regards to this album.
  11. SEGA Steam Hub

    They added romhack support to Workshop. This is insane.
  12. Dragon Ball Super

    I'm not up to date on it but I like it. I like the return to funnier characters. The western version of DBZ took itself way too seriously. DBS is comfort food. Not particularly great but evokes enough nostalgia for me. Don't like that they're cutting corners on the animation though. Maybe Blurays will see improvements.
  13. Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors

    I wouldn't mind it (I've done multiple tracks, as has Sixto) but I want to see what kind of talent we can grab. Obviously the Eight Arms gives more people opportunities. Although...I just had a thought. Battle on the Big Bridge is often covered as rock, but I wonder if we can tap @Damashii!! and some other folks and do a rock-rap hybrid. Might be a little bit more unique; a Hip Hop vs. Metal battle.