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  1. Folks, I need you to stop double- and triple-posting. If you need say something and nobody has replied to the thread since your last reply, just edit your last post. The forum isn't a live chatroom. Try to post when you have more substantial things to say. EDIT: Okay, guys seriously. One thread per project. If you need to recruit for something specific like a video editor or something, edit the title of the project's topic. Don't make another thread.
  2. Guys, the you can't post threads in Community linking to this thread asking for help. Asking for help is what the Recruit and Collaborate forum is for.
  3. Sonic 4 was not a good effort. Sonic 4 was a travesty.
  4. Sega's revealed their 25th anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog game, coming this Spring 2017: Sonic Mania, a brand new Genesis/Mega Drive style Sonic game from Christian Whitehead, the fellow who rebuilt Sonic 1, 2, and CD for mobile. This looks amazing and I can't wait until I can play it.
  5. Hey man, welcome to OCR, but just need to say, the community forum isn't really for advertising your stuff unless you're a posted remixer.
  6. Deep Dungeon is an awesome game mode. Very cool, very strategic.
  7. He's not talking about the sound chip or the sound quality. He's talking about the arrangement and instrumentation decisions made in the "upgraded" soundtrack. I feel like you're missing the point of this discussion. Also, you say "it worked well enough for most of the players," but you can't actually know that without conducting a statistically significant survey of the game's playerbase. This forum is specifically for discussing VGM at an analytical level, and this topic specifically is trying to address arrangement choices made with the Zero Mission version of the Metroid soundtrack and how they affected and changed the tone and mood of the game, for better or for worse. I don't think it's helpful to dismiss the points Slimy is making by saying "the new soundtrack worked for the project they did." You're not really engaging in a discussion about the music either; you admit you don't really even remember the soundtrack. I think that if you want to participate in this discussion, you need to bring more to the table than an argument that amounts to "it's a different version of the game so of course it's different." Refamiliarizing yourself with the Zero Mission soundtrack would be a good first step.
  8. Just wanna bump this. Lots of folks have joined the server and we've had some pretty active discussion for the past two days. It's very nice. Please consider joining in the fun.
  9. Only thing that would make it perfect would be if you could legally load more games onto it.
  10. Also want to add: if you're running a project here at OCR like an album or something and you want a private channel on the Discord server where you can share WIPs and discuss project related stuff, we can set that up to you.
  11. We've been using IRC for many years but anyone who hangs out in #ocremix knows that it's been a bit dead lately. We've decided to set up a Discord server for OC ReMix in the hopes that people will be more inclined to use a more modern group-chat program. Join the OC ReMix Discord Server Discord can be used in-browser and also has desktop and mobile apps, and one REALLY nice feature is integrated voice chat, so if people want to use the OCR Discord to get some gaming chat going (Overwatch, LoL, etc.) we can set some channels up. Right now we've got a Community channel (for music and games discussion), a Workshop channel (for posting WIPs), and a Compo channel (for running compos and hosting listening parties). As always, community rules apply, i.e. don't be a jerk, etc. Join us for some discussion!
  12. Spinning top?
  13. Not Sombra. Ana. Gameplay trailer here: https://esports.yahoo.com/character-trailer-debuts-ana-showcases-165959928.html Origin Story trailer here: http://www.polygon.com/2016/7/12/12157248/overwatch-new-dlc-hero-ana-blizzard-entertainment Looks incredible.
  14. Hey everyone, I've made a new thread for the OCR playlist initiative. Since making the old thread we figured out a better process for putting them together. So let's start fresh here. I'll try to keep the first post updated with new playlists as we publish them.
  15. During one of OCR's staff meetings Larry and I figured out some really great tools that YouTube has for creating playlists. In addition to game-specific playlists, we've started putting together some themed playlists with the help of some other staff members. Check 'em out. Hit the Gym, Bro: ReMixes for Working Out Don't Sleep on This: ReMixes from Obscure Games Rock Out with Your Clock Out: Rock and Metal ReMixes Take it Easy: Relaxing ReMixes YouTube allows us to deputize people so that they can add videos to playlists we create; if anyone wants the collab link to add OCR videos to these playlists, post here to request access. Once you get access, you can start adding videos. Remember, OCR channel videos only! We know that we don't have all of our albums up on YouTube yet; we're working out a solution to that, so please don't add non-posted album tracks uploaded to other YouTube channels. If you have an idea for a themed playlist that you'd like to create for OCR's YouTube channel, post here with your idea and I can hook it up for you.