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  1. OverClocked Podcast - 12 - Rebecca Tripp

    Really enjoyed Rebecca's interview. She's a very erudite speaker and her insights into Final Fantasy 6's soundtrack were very astute.
  2. Hey all, just letting everyone know that this Kickstarter is still going! They've hit the funding goal already but books are still available and they're working their way up through stretch goals. Don't miss out! Anyway, I thought I'd post another piece of music I did for this project. This is the original piece of music I had written for the 1001 Knights Kickstarter trailer. When Annie asked me to compose something for 1001 Knights, she'd provided me with a rough treatment of how the trailer was going to flow: different ideas about what was going to be happening on screen at different times. I tried to follow the treatment pretty closely, but as we all know, art is ever-changing, so the trailer ended up being a bit shorter, which is why we used "The Winter March" instead. That said, I'm quite proud of how this piece turned out. Annie and I discussed what the main theme of 1001 Knights should sound like on the phone, and I sat at my DAW playing some different ideas for her with my cell phone held up to the speakers (21st century communication techniques, man) and we managed to figure out exactly the sound she wanted. I thought a lot about the works of Hiroki Kikuta and Yuzo Koshiro when writing this track. The two of them are some of my favorite game music composers. Kikuta in particular captured such a wonderful, ancient fairy tale quality with his Secret of Mana soundtrack, and I wanted to do something similar. The piano and buzzy synth guitar featured in this track are actually instruments sampled from the Secret of Mana soundtrack! I also need to say that the melody I've written here is probably one of my favorite melodies I've ever written, which is why I ended up writing "The Winter March" in the first place. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy listening to this track as much as I did writing it. I can't reiterate enough how lucky I feel to be playing a small part in the 1001 Knights project. If you haven't checked it out, yet, please make sure you head on over to Kickstarter and back the hell out of it!
  3. Northwest Majors 8 - Yet another FGC Album

    Nobody's taken SFV yet.
  4. MAGFest 2016

  5. CD Baby False Claims On YouTube

    Hey now, don't rag on CD Baby. We used them for our Mega Man album.
  6. Apex 2016 Album

    Please keep me in the loop on this. Want to make sure it jives with what I'm looking for for the album.
  7. Apex 2016 Album

    There's a limit on claims. Please pick something that hasn't been picked yet.
  8. Apex 2016 Album

    What track would you like to claim, @Rukunetsu?
  9. Apex 2016 Album

    My friends, it seems as though I've spoken too soon. SFV, UMVC3, and KI will all be at Apex this year. Requirements are ever-shifting!
  10. Apex 2016 Album

    Alright, so I talked to the Apex folks and it looks like they're majorly scaling back the games that will be featured at the event this year. There will only be FIVE games at Apex this year: the four Smash games and Pokkén Tournament.
  11. Happy Groundhog Day!!

    HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY As I understand it, Phil predicts an early Spring. It certainly feels that way here in NJ. Also, for anyone who is also a fan of the movie Groundhog Day, I'd like to recommend listening to I Was There Too: Groundhog Day with Stephen Tobolowsky. I Was There Too is a great podcast by improv comedian and film buff Matt Gourley, where he interviews people who had small parts in big movies. Stephen Tobolowsky has some fantastic stories about when he worked on the movie and what he did with his character, Ned Ryerson. Highly recommended!
  12. This is a great concept for an album.
  13. Northwest Majors 8 - Yet another FGC Album

    Composition skill has potential but I'm not really feeling the arrangement, and the production is severely lacking. Needs a better recording and better mixing. I'm going to leave Melee open for now.
  14. Northwest Majors 8 - Yet another FGC Album

    Hmm. Well David I appreciate your offer but I don't think you're quite there yet in terms of arrangement ability. Perhaps in a future album.
  15. Northwest Majors 8 - Yet another FGC Album

    Sure, but I need to see a sample of your work first!