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  1. SNES Classic

    My brother picked one up at Target on Friday morning. I was at my dad's house last night and I played a little bit of it. I had never played the NES Classic so the interface was new to me. Pretty cool! The controllers feel nice and the emulation doesn't seem to have any issues as far as I could see. We tried out some Contra, and I also played some Super Mario World. The CRT filter is pretty nice, though I know I prefer a little bit more phosphor glow in my shaders. The rewind function is REALLY cool, but it's a little cumbersome in that you have to reset back to the home screen to do it, and the only way you can seemingly do that is by actually hitting the reset switch on the unit itself. I'm still gonna try to track one down; really wanna try Star Fox 2.
  2. Sonic Mania

    Sonic Mania is honestly the Sonic game I've been waiting for since Sonic & Knuckles. It's pitch-perfect in its physics and aesthetics. I picked it up on Switch and am constantly playing it. The music is incredible. I got all the Chaos Emeralds with every character. The only things left I need to do are get all the emblems from the Blue Sphere stages, but I'm probably not going to do that. I've played enough Blue Sphere in my life back when I was a kid. xD I hope they make another one.
  3. SNES Classic

    Please don't use the forums as your game journal. I'm renaming this thread to SNES Classic so that it can be a discussion of the SNES Classic that just came out.
  4. SNES Classic

    Nothing wrong with nostalgia. Plus it has Star Fox 2. Also it's not necessarily the same gamers complaining about originality that are after the revival stuff.
  5. Really creative and transformative arrangement. Love the Mei-Percussion. Soundscape is classic and clean. Nothing wrong with building a track out of tried-and-true instrumentation. YES
  6. There's a lot of reverb on that arp. It's really washing things out, especially because it's sitting right in the midrange with all that reverb all over it. This is primarily a part-writing problem; if you want the arp to take center stage, then keeping it there in the midrange is fine; but if you want to use it as a background element underneath more important melodic lines, get it out of the midrange; bump it up an octave, pull back on the reverb, and lower the volume or velocities of the notes. Consider moving it to another instrument that's not flooding the soundscape with reverb. I think the arp is a real problem here. The arrangement I like, the DnB is good and I like the instrumentation choices. But that arp is killing me here. NO
  7. This is a DVD drive. If you want a drive that supports Bluray, you need to buy a Bluray drive.
  8. New DuckTales in 2017!

  9. 3. completed Sonic Mania Intro (Vocal Remix)

    Yo this is great. Lyrics are on point. They don't sound awkward or like they were retrofitted onto the song at all. Feel natural.
  10. *NO* Castlevania 3 'The Devil's Son in Law'

    Lyrics and performance are K.I.L.L.E.R. Such a great old-school vibe. Unfortunately, as Larry says, we need more overt source usage. Kris also makes a LOT of good points about how you could really take advantage of some vocal processing to give things more kick and emphasis. Hit us back with this. NO, resub
  11. The sounds in this track are so nice but there's just that awful synth at 1:09 that just mars the whole thing. Nutritious and Jive have really good crits on production that you ought to take to heart, and I really recommend altering that synth. NO
  12. *NO* Undertale 'For Good!'

    I'm on board with the NOs. Love the arrangement, but there's a thinness to the drums but a loud squashiness with the strings. They also get SUPER mechanical around 3:20; very heavily exposed. Strings and mastering need a serious look. Everything else is that jpeg of Pacha from Emperor's New Groove doing that "When the Sun Hits the Ridge Just Right" face. NO
  13. It's just too repetitive. The sound is good but the drums are pretty simplistic. Not much else to say that other Js haven't said already. NO
  14. I'm in agreement with the YESes. I don't hear anything egregious happening in this track. Source usage is fine, and it's got a nice build to a pretty powerful climax. I'm into it. YES
  15. How to follow

    No, you don't have to leave. I'm just genuinely confused as to why you even posted this thread. Not being facetious.