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  1. Yeah, I appreciate that a lot of work was put into the instruments to make them sound good, but the arrangement is not clicking for me. It's very static, and goes on for very long sections without any energy changes. Intentional or not, the drums are very clicky and exposed and the pattern is too static, making the whole track sound unchanging. The mix work is solid and production on the whole band is ok, but this needs another pass : first on the arrangement. making it less static and second regarding the drums. NO (resubmit)
  2. For some reason I've been thinking of this remix recently, as it was one of those very early remixes that inspired me in my early days. To my surprise (and after thinking about it, not that suprising) this remix is by the amazing Danny B., whom I didn't remember being one of the authors of this one. Simple remix but this is all about those buildups and breakdowns such as around 1:34. Even 15 years later and after several "bar raising" in the judges panel, this would be a borderline vote, which speaks volumes about how damn talented Danny B. is. TLDR: BUMP
  3. I'm not sure if it's just me but a lot of sections in this song feel like there's a clash going on between the lead guitar and backing chords. Larry pointed out some but to me stuff like 0:57 and 1:18 is really pushing it in terms of harmony. I also think that, even though the song is meant to feel lazy and laid back, it seems like it's going overboard on that aspect for me and verges on plodding. I don't have major issues regarding production on this one, but I don't think the arrangement and adaptation is quite working here. NO
  4. I can try Prime.
  5. I'm in agreement with my fellow Js here. Lovely arrangement but the performance is holding this back for sure. I think that not only the performance but the piano sound itself has this blocky, cold tone to it when in an emotive piece like this one the sound should be warmer. The use of pedal isn't optimal here as well, with some of the harder chords around the 2 minute mark feeling pretty dry and harsh even though they should be evoking power and emotion. Overall, an arrangement like this should feel very touching but this is feeling rather soulless at the moment. It may sound like I'm overanalyzing this piece, but in a piano solo the performance is of prime relevance and I think this needs another pass to make it feel more human. NO (resubmit)
  6. wew, Larry really went into detail for this one. Sadly I've never played the game more than just a few minutes so I can't say I'm very familiar with the soundtrack, but Larry seems to be very familiar with it hence the very detailed evaluation. For the most part I agree with the issues he raises, the guitar mainly feels very blocky. Most of the transitions worked for me with some exceptions such as 1:40. The mix feels muffled throughout, with the guitars feeling very far back and the drums taking too much prominence. The bass lacks definition, and the only element that I thought was getting proper level and eqing was the chip lead, even properly going into the background at 3:32, but the guitar is just not taking over properly due to the muffled mix. Now for the good stuff I find the chip lead works really well, and really, the soloing here is very good throughout. The drum sequencing here is just amazing, tons of detail and pacing changes that sound natural and fit each sections. Even though this is a medley, this could work with just a few transitions adjustments. I feel you have the arrangement chops but gotta step up the production. The mix needs brightness and definition in everything but the chip lead, and I really recommend to join us on our workshop on the forums or on discord and look for a guitarist. We usually have people interested in collaborating specially with well-done arrangements. BTW, I checked your Serendipitous Synchronicity track and it was amazing. This one though needs another pass. NO (resubmit)
  7. Yeah, the main issue here is mix balance. The guitars and bass are really overpowering everything, the drums bring almost no energy due to being drowned out, and the synths are very hard to distinguish or even hear at times. There are sections such as 2:05 where I can faintly hear what sounds like something that wants to be a lead but the guitars are taking over the entire mix. I also wasn't blown away by the arrangement either, since what we hear is mostly rhythm guitars for the majority of the mix, and it feels like it's missing some lead melodic content or vocals or something else. We do get some solos, and those feel very good, but for the most part it feels like it's all backing. This needs more development but most importantly a re-do on the mix balance side. NO
  8. Yeah, I think this fine on the arrangement side, it's certainly powerful and I think that even if the source usage is pretty liberal, the song is represented well and recognizable, but production needs tightening. The low/mids lack much needed definition and the mix could use some brightness and air. If you get the production up a notch regarding mix clarity, this can surely become your first ocremix. For now though, NO (resubmit)
  9. Well uh.. this was... interesting. I find myself in complete agreement with Larry here, to my increasing disquietude. The pizz aren't quite cutting it here, but even then I was quite enjoying this song up to that point, until the completely out of the blue dance transition. I don't think I can call that a transition though, since it straight up cuts to it with but a small snare roll to signal the change. Given the very contrasting sections, in both mood and volume this was quite abrupt to put it very lightly. I don't think the bulk of the Dance section is bad, in works as a high-energy eurobeat song, though I also agree with Larry that it comes off as very vanilla in some sections. The transition to the ending was just as jarring as the first. I'll also add that while the performances in the first section aren't too bad, they could also use some improvement in humanization specially the strings and piano. I don't think this one is quite ready yet. NO
  10. This is a hard one, I've gone back and forth on this one for over a week. In the end, I think my thoughts are the same as MindWanderer's here. The source is enough and recognizable throughout for me, even with some changes done to the progressions and harmonies, and the bassline serves as a nice hook, but I can't deny the track as a whole feels very static and underdeveloped, even through its short duration. The fadeout ending didn't help the track feel more developed either. I also think the rattling drum could've been used less, though it wouldn't bother me that much if the track was moving to different places melodically. Nothing bad production wise, but not enough on the arrangement side. This is very close however, it was a very hard decision that I didn't make lightly. NO (resubmit)
  11. The mix is indeed a bit top-heavy, but never sounding tinny or piercing. Also that kick is so damn hollow, it sounds almost wimpy. I think the mix also sounds overly charged most of the time, with some backing drones that are getting too much presence and interfering with the instrumentation such as around 5:13. I think the arrangement itself is amazing as well as all the performances in it. I wish there was less hubris to go through in the mix to enjoy the otherwise excellent interpretation. I'm really borderline on this one, though I'm slightly edging towards a pass due to the excellent arrangement. The issues with clarity in the mix and mix balance bring down the song at some points for me, but this is a long song, and I think there's more to be enjoyed here than not. I definitely wish the mix would've been more refined. Not an easy decision for me, and I wouldn't be surprised if other Js feel like asking for another pass. YES (borderline)
  12. I agree with Larry that the vocal samples are way overused, I disagree on the "Float like a butterfly" usage sounding bad, the way it's sped up. Repetitive sample usage aside, I felt the mix itself felt pretty barebones and not full enough. Some of the instrumentation ends up sounding very simplistic and of not the greatest sample quality. I think this needs more developing, maybe using the samples in different ways and slicing those samples into new patterns throughout the track to keep them from getting too repetitive, and getting the instrumentation to sound more full and complete. NO
  13. This track is deceptive in its nature, at first glance it seems very very static, but on further inspection there are textural changes in almost every measure, or little additions and details. However, this does not mean that the track is sufficiently dynamic. The issue is not with sound palette breadth but with the arrangement itself, which is where the staleness is found. The same arpeggio is a constant throughout the track, and if handled well, this kind of grounding technique works, if the other parts of the arrangement are evolving, but there's not much on that front. This is a good idea and you nailed the intended mood, but there needs to be more dynamism arrangement-wise for me to give it a go. For what is worth, it seems like I'll have this melody in my head for the rest of the day. NO (resubmit)
  14. Definitely a western vibe going on here, though not a complete commitment into that theme, as most of the adaptation is on the very soft ballad side, and that works pretty well. The brasses are sequenced well, and I particularly enjoyed the guitar and the nice twang it had. The flute is a nice touch and along with the guitar is what sometimes pulls the mood to western for me. I have a couple things in mind that could've been improved, first the obvious dissonance around 1:50, which I would really like to see fixed, and also I found the initial whistle+organ section to be way too slow, I think the point would've been made just as well with a slightly higher bpm there. I would be more than fine if this gets to the frontpage but it the off section need to be addressed. YES
  15. I'm all up for this. It's hilarious, the choice of synths seems more like a stylistic choice than amateurish, and the vocalist is spitting hot fire. This is some classic Hip Hop goodness going on here, but the rapping style reminds me of prodigy's diesel power. Isaac knows when to switch cadence and when to stay on a fixed groove, he backing beat may be a bit repetitive at times, but the vocal rhythm is not, and that's what good Hip Hop is about. I hear Kris' complains about the un-processed vocals, but I think there is some processing on them, I hear some compression an eq at least, and I don't feel like they need a lot of processing given the style chosen. They come out strong and clear on my side. I think this is a case of weak production vs strong performance and execution. I think the latter wins, but not by much. Also I'm a damn skeleton. Bullshit!. YES