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  1. Overwatch

    Tracer is very strong at pro level. Her squishiness is very deceiving because she has basically a full heal + escape in one ability, plus her other ability allows her to escape any situation pretty easily.
  2. Overwatch

    yeah that was fun!
  3. After re-listening I have to agree the moonlight sonata parts are more than a simple nod, but constitute a fairly important part of some of the main motifs of this song. Sadly this means I'll have to change my vote accordingly to a NO.
  4. Overwatch

    sirnuts#1178 let's go.
  5. I don't know about puns but I called dibs on the stupidest names.
  6. I made over 50 presets and a demo song with probably more coming, bug testing etc, and I think I'm part of the community. None of this money is going to me either. If you don't want projects like these to be associated with you, then don't associate with OCR. Newgrounds was, for a long time, a community driven website where it was all free content by a talented group of artists and programmers, that didn't stop them from embracing projects where money was involved or letting members of the community profit via the Newgrounds name. This is ridiculous and you're being silly.
  7. *NO* F-Zero 'Port Town'

    I don't know if that is supposed to be an Open hat or a noise effect, but it is really annoying and piercing. The production here is not great, the performance of the instruments isn't very good, they sound very dull and lack character. The overall mix feels overly busy and jumbled, everything sounds too crazy and disorganized. There are some mixing issues, with some instruments having weird overtones or sub-frequencies that should be eq'd out, such as at 2:32 and 2:44. The arrangement is very messy, there are some cool arrangement ideas in the break but it all needs to be brought down to a cohesive structure. Take the other Js criticism to heart and try to improve, the WIP forums are a great start! NO
  8. *NO* LED Storm 'Sted Lorm'

    Cool source! I have to agree with the other Js here, production is pretty good but arrangement and sound design is very very close to the source. There is more variation to the beat in your remix, with little rolls and flairs here and there, but it stays pretty constant for the most part. I'm sure this would be great with more of your own ideas weaved in, as it is a very nice source already. As it stands now, it needs to be taken further apart from the original so it stands out as a true remix. NO (resubmit)
  9. I've been sitting on this one for a couple days, listening from time to time. It's not a bad remix, but this is the main issue. There's not letting down with this song, and the perpetual groove gets old after a while. A simple break at some point would've done wonders. The unchanged beat and sidechained groove are relentless and end up taking the mix down with it. I hate rejecting this because it would've been fine with less repetition and a change of pace somewhere, which isn't a hard fix, but I hope you take this in consideration so we can get a more dynamic arrangement from you. NO (resubmit)
  10. rRPC 2016 - The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016

    Hi, sorry but I'm gonna have to fold, too much on my plate atm.
  11. OCR03356 - Pilotwings 64 'Hang in There'

    I enjoyed this, specially since I played tons of pw64 back in the days, but this had a lot of missed potential. So I would say to YB to push the personalization a bit further next time. Nice work regardless.
  12. Yeah I remember this. These guys spent the whole competition rickrolling people. Not a big fan of some of the wubs, which felt a bit out of rhythm at several points, which is a symptom of songs that just throw them around to get "dem dubsteps for the kids" in. I also think they were too prevalent throughout the song and they got old after a while. I did like the use of vocoding to add some flavor and the synth soloing was great. The two themes were fused pretty well into a natural-sounding arrangement. I'm not feeling this one as much as I'd like to, because of the issues above, but I can't disagree that it's a solid offering. Definitely some creative usage of both melodies, which is what pleased me the most. YES
  13. *NO* Undertale 'Symphonic Arrangement'

    I think this song would lend itself to this kind of adaptation pretty easily, which is why I was let down by the execution here. As pointed out above, the performances are mechanical and articulations flat. In orchestral music dynamics are VERY important for the flow of the song and we don't really get any of that here. I think your mind is on the right place when it occured to you to try this adaptation but there is work to be done to make everything flow well. The arrangement is not overly interpretative and I wish you would've taken more liberties with the source material and structure. We'll need to hear a better humanized version of your submission first, but I would recommend exploring the theme a bit further. NO