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  1. I will quote-vote Jivemaster here as he summed up my feelings on this track. For the record, I hear this type of snare sound a lot in black/death metal, it's very characteristic of the genres so I don't have that big of an issue with it, but I will agree with the others in that the drums as a whole are a bit muffled. The mix though is problematic... I could compare this to a lot of underground releases and it isn't that far off really, but one key element missing here are the vocals, which usually take the main stage in a track of this genre along with the guitars, without them, the unbalanced mix grabs too much attention. I don't have an issue with the sudden start, again, I hear this a lot in many Black/Death metal tracks, but the fadeout is an issue for me, as I feel something more interesting than that could be in place. Overall although I recognize the faults in the mix this isn't really far off the bar taking the genre into consideration, and also that we don't require professionally-mixed tracks. The arrangement is good, and tbh everything here falls pretty close to what I expect out of the genre. example here. I do think some extra polishing is required to bring it up a notch; i.e. making the drums a bit more solid, perhaps trying out a different ending so we don't have a boring fadeout, and balancing the overall mix better. NO (borderline, resubmit)
  2. Supporting the site that has fostered my favorite hobbie for years? sure.
  3. I think responding to Brandon at this point is not productive. We're repeating the same things over and over, and he's unwilling to listen or thinks any explanation is not enough. Fails to provide a list of point by point questions and is just ego ranting and trying to leverage his status as a prolific remixer and album director to get his views on what's right to be implemented regardless of reason or logic. This: Is something that has been stated as the next steps to be taking going forward. As reiterated before, people who have a point of view in disagreement are welcomed to join the discussion and drop their two cents, as well as people providing ideas. I don't like to dismiss people but I think the discussion with Brandon is turning out to be exhausting and pointless for everyone.
  4. I also wanted to make a point about something people don't seem to have a clear idea about: non-profit organizations and "profit". Non-profit organizations get money which is a surplus to their operational costs all the time, via donations, fundraising activities, merchandise selling, etc. They invest this money back into the organization (if they're not corrupt, that is) to have a broader reach to their mission, betterment of facilities, hiring more personnel, contracting work for the organization, etc. OCR as a non-profit, doesn't generate profit, however having a surplus is beneficial to its operations. Not only it provides a cushion for supporting its non-profits efforts (pursuing official non-profit status is a good example) but it helps making ocr better at its mission: the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Again, having a surplus is not only normal for non-profit organizations, it is something they're ALWAYS working on to have.
  5. As has been established, website ads that are in individual mixes pages are fundamentally identical to YT ads. They aren't any less or more illegal or ethical. It would be ridiculous, to me, to expect to have someone get their song published, hosted and publicized, for free, but opt out of supporting the site back. Ultimately this is up to djp but I would be strongly against such practice.
  6. There will be no licensing or payment of royalties to anyone.
  7. Again, Youtube provides mechanisms to handle copyright strikes. It would be incredibly stupid for a copyright holder to go to court when they can just issue a takedown on the video, at which point they get all the revenue from the video. Again it's incredibly stupid to waste money on court when submitting a takedown will have the exact same result, taking the video down and giving the owner of the rights the money generated.
  8. So let me get this straight, if I have a bunch of unlicensed music, put it in a page, which is by the way the only way to download the song, and fill the page with ads which surround the unlicensed music in question, I am not profiting off of the song and it's ethical. But if I remove the ads, and put the ad before people click play, even though people are STILL watching ads because of the song, now this is unethical? This is absurd.
  9. tbh the intrusiveness argument is the only one with some ground. They're not as easy to ignore as website ads, that's objectively true. I for one dislike them very much specially the ones you can't skip.
  10. You haven't been around for long, as this is quite tame and civil and hardly community breaking.
  11. We are currently tempting it and the other new way of tempting it is virtually the same.
  12. If youtube ads are illegal then our page ads on the mix pages are also illegal. They are virtually the same, companies know the same, yet ocr has been getting ad revenue directly from individual remixes pages for years and nobody complains. How is this playing with fire since this is virtually the same by fair use statures and just by common sense? The only difference is the intrusive nature of youtube ads. Nobody can download a mix without visiting the mix page(unless torrents, irrelevant), same as when nobody can listen to a remix without visiting the specific youtube video. There's no more "far" we can go when both are the same thing.
  13. There's also a thing to be considered about "profit", whatever is made extra of just website sustaining, is put back on making ocr better. Do you want ocr to stay as is, and never expand or change, not promote vgm music more, that the staff keeps investing their time which most of them don't have, and money into promoting ocr everywhere they can? Improvements not only take time, which the staff provides for free and without asking anything in return, but it also requires money. Money for extra development, extra promotion, etc. Not only giving all this "profit" back to the artists generates more problems than it solves, it also stagnates OCR's mission.
  14. Of course, I agree with all these points, but keep in mind that to be able to download a remix, people have to go to the mix page, which shows them ads, and makes ocr revenue off of specific, identifialble remixes. There's no button for "download all the mixes" or to download random remixes without visiting the specific remix page. That is, unless you torrent them, which of course has no relevance to ads. The "old way" is really no different.
  15. I didn't direct those comments to you in particular, as you seem to have reasonable views, so apologies if it seemed that way. More specifically, you agree with the point I was trying to make in that sentence.