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  1. Nice ideas on the arrangement, percussion needs humanization as well as the guitar though.
  2. Well a good start is getting the mix balance right. The drums appear to be a bit too much in the front, and sound like they were recorded on a whole different setup/room. I know the drums weren't recorded, but the way they are mixed in makes them sound like they don't belong. The rhythm guitars are a bit too far in the back and the tone overall seems dull. I think this song is a good reference to follow: If you get the balance right and then apply some compression, eq, and other processing you can get it to sound fuller and more cohesive. This advice is a bit too general but that's the overview, good luck!
  3. Pretty cool cover, the mixdown could be better though, but your performance on the lead guitar was pretty neat.
  4. Great arrangement. Can't speak for the other judges but I liked this very much!
  5. Tough one here. I've been switching my vote on this one... but after many listens I will have to go with a rejection, based on the compression issues rather than the (admittedly) fake-sounding envelopes on the strings. It didn't bother me as much when I listened on my crappy setup, but after listening on my good setup... yeah, it's very unbalanced and overcompressed. It's generating pumping everywhere and the whole mix feels very boxy. The guitar performances are pretty solid though, and the arrangement works well, I liked the horror theme you had going on with this one. I just want to hear this on a relaxed, better balanced mix. If you can do something about the strings that'd be great as well. It was really a split decision for me, but I hope the artist reworks this. I'm pretty sure you will get through with a clean mix. Like Clem said, I don't think 100% believable performances are a necessity for an arrangement that utilizes orchestral aspects as support, but it would definitely help your case to have those sorted out. NO (please resubmit)
  6. I was pretty onboard with this until the brasses and flute lead popped up. You had a real nice bass texture going on and pretty catchy drum sequencing but it seems like the main instruments got no detailing on the performance aspects. I see the other votes mentioned static soundscape... which didn't bother me much, I think you got your structure right, with proper buildups and breakdowns. I do take issue with the ending, which makes this track feel like a WIP rather than a complete song. Making a remix as short as 2:30 is possible... but I would recommend to take it a bit further so it feels more cohesive. Overall I think Gario and Larry pointed out the main issues I have with this so I won't be repeating those again. If you manage to fix these, then you'll have me onboard for the rest of the song and not just for the intro. NO (resubmit)
  7. I gotta agree with Gario here, production-wise this is not quite there yet, much work is needed on the humanization of pretty much everything but the piano and drums. There's really not much to say on this front as Gario covered everything pretty well, so I will refer to his vote. Arrangement-wise, I think you have really good ideas here. Almost everything done with the piano felt creative and soulful. 1:25 and on brings some interesting sections that handled the source very well. I wasn't sold on the main section of the arrangement, as it felt pretty vanilla and I think you can do more with it. With production up to par, I think this could've been a pass as there are some cool arrangement ideas here, but sadly that's not the case. Work on humanization and making your orchestra feel lively. NO
  8. This is really good! Excellent jazz remix of this song. Production wise, everything sits well here, very clean recording. I don't have any issue with the volume levels here, the dynamic range is very large but that's to be expected from this type of arrangement. Sections without too much going on seem pretty low, but the mix normally hits around -12/-14 db and when it peaks it goes up to -2/-4, which is alright in my book, this doesn't need to be hitting 0 db, actually having this kind of relaxed dynamic range on the mix makes the track sound more natural to me. Arrangement wise this was pretty great, a lot was done with the source, and in some places it feels like it's on the brink of going too far off (like around 2:50) but you guys know when to reel it in back to the source again. The last section at around 3:50 with the double-timing of the source really caught me off-guard, but I felt it works and flowed into it very well. This is an easy pass for me, nice work guys. YES
  9. This remix is very simple but also very clever. The sound design won't blow anyone's mind, and the mixing is decent, but the arrangement ideas introduced to such a short source are remarkable. On my subjective take on this, this is super catchy and will brighten anyone's day with its happy, careless nature. On the objective side of things, the only gripes I have are on the production side of things, with some elements popping out more than I would like such as the glissandos, the trumpet and the orch hits. Man are those orch hits CHEESY, but they fit so well, but they could've been mixed just a little lower. But this song is not really mean to shine on production but on arrangement, and that was accomplished here. The original is expanded on and embellished, and the breakdown was just excellent. Overall I'm happy to pass this, great arrangement an clever use of fake/cheesy sounding instruments got you far enough on this one. YES
  10. Listened to this one once again. Since my first listen I agreed on the things my fellow judges are having issues with, but gave it a lukewarm pass. Re-listening again my opinion hasn't changed much, but I do think the track would be much stronger if some of the staleness of the arrangement was replaced with fresh ideas. I think 2:52 is primed for an excellent climax with perhaps some soloing instead of the same motif repeated again. I think this section is set up to hit me really hard but rather arrives with a whimper, I think that's a great place to start if you want to rework this one a bit. This song is pretty borderline, but on a second listen I will submit to the wisdom of my fellow judges and ask for a Resub. This is definitely close, but I agree things could be much stronger on the arrangement side of things. NO (Resubmit)
  11. I'm fine with the long intro, sticking to tropes is not a requirement around here. I think your production is clear enough, though I would tone down the reverb just a tad. The percussive lead and the full section at around 1:30 seem a bit too busy and in need of balancing as I can hear the elements trying to fight for space and stepping in each other's toes. I also agree with Jorito about having more elements from the original represented would be nice, though it this is your artistic vision, it's not really necessary. I do think the track ends abruptly and could use some development towards the end. Overall this sounds like a very good start to me, really nice soundscape though in need of further polishing and developing if you're planning for an OCR sub. Another 30 seconds of development of the source wouldn't hurt as this track is only 3 mins long. Good luck!
  12. I think the performances could be tightened up, they seem too loose at times. Right now the soundscape also seems pretty empty with just the guitar lead and bass+drums, it would have more personality and it would be much more interesting with more elements going on, harmonies, change-ups, anything. Not sure if you're planning on submitting to OCR, but right now it's too close to the original for that. Even if you're not planning to submit to ocr, there must be a million wily castle guitar covers out there, why not add more to it in order to distinguish yourself from the pack?
  13. Agree with my fellow judges above. Great ideas here, but the production needs polishing. Specially agree with Joel's comments here, some elements seem to be fighting for space here in the mids/low mids that could be eq'd better to get more clarity and a less muddy mix. I'm a sucker for guitar + synth arrangements and I definitely dig the way you're using them here, but some of them feel pretty basic and barebones. Not asking for overly complex sound design here, but something to bump it out of the basic/vanilla feel. As Gario pointed out they have a somewhat cheesy quality that, in the context of the mix doesn't seem too bad but could definitely be improved for the betterment of the whole song. Live performances were great, no issue with those at all. I liked that guitar lead, great tone and execution. Work on separating the different elements of your mix to achieve clarity and we may have a winner here, it's really not that far, but not quite there yet. Extra work making your synths less vanilla would also be a great addition to the track. For some reason this seems like a step back from your great Wild Guns remix on Badass 2, but because of that I know you can make this much better. I hope you give this the bump it needs. NO (resubmit)
  14. It's an ok adaptation, but sadly the sequencing needs a lot of work, you need to make your performances sound more human, as they're very robotic in nature in this remix. Some of the samples you could do without, such as the choir one. I feel like Gario and Jivemaster already addressed the issues very well so I won't make this longer just to repeat those again. I will add some positives: you did a nice job adapting it to a different genre, and you have a good sense of structure, also your mixdown was fairly balanced and clear, imo. Work on the issues mentioned above to get your orchestral arrangements to the next level and you'll be closer to the bar. (I had no issues with the yoshi samples, btw. They were kinda cute) NO