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  1. It's an ok adaptation, but sadly the sequencing needs a lot of work, you need to make your performances sound more human, as they're very robotic in nature in this remix. Some of the samples you could do without, such as the choir one. I feel like Gario and Jivemaster already addressed the issues very well so I won't make this longer just to repeat those again. I will add some positives: you did a nice job adapting it to a different genre, and you have a good sense of structure, also your mixdown was fairly balanced and clear, imo. Work on the issues mentioned above to get your orchestral arrangements to the next level and you'll be closer to the bar. (I had no issues with the yoshi samples, btw. They were kinda cute) NO
  2. There are very evident issues in this one, which Kris pointed out very succinctly, and most of the time we auto-dq tracks with evident issues like this one but I think this one deserves some feedback as I think you have a good mind for original ideas and that deserves recognition. First and most obvious is the repetition, which is present in many of the elements in this song. The drums get very repetitive, and the backing grooves as well. The progression feels static throughout as well. I think if you threw in a wrench in the progression at some point, changing the underlying chord progression and making a section of your own that'd spice up things considerably. Second is the sounds, which are pretty basic and generic. The bass, when exposed, sounds very midi-ish. The strings are pretty bland and your lead lacks humanization, it's just a simple pulse wave. Try adding some type of modulation, tremolo, bending, sliding between notes, there are many things you can do to make your synth leads sound interesting, and like they're actually being played and not sequenced. If you look at old classic soundtracks for the NES era, you'll notice that the best always try to make the basic NES leads sound more natural. I suggest you should look into that Now for the good things, your adaptation to the genre is fantastic and you know very well what are the tropes and cues that make something sound like Disco, so props to that. I think you successfully took the original and morphed it into something else while retaining the familiarity of the source, I really like that. I think it's very important to have a good sense for how to get these transformations right to be a good remixer, and I think you have that down. I would like you to work on getting your production game up and on making things feel more lively and less on autopilot. Good luck in your future submissions, but for now this will be a NO
  3. Hello. We didn't use our HKF name for this one because it wasn't a full collaboration, I just asked Joel for some vocal clips, and the stuff we want to do as HKF has its own, very irreverent style so this one didn't fit that bill. We have many tracks as HKF in the backburner that we're hoping to release soon-ish.
  4. Yeah this is not quite there yet. The synths and drums are very vanilla, and the motifs are repeated too much. Lead levels vary a lot, some feel very in your face while others seem pretty distant. There are some positives to find here though, as I enjoyed the lead melody writing, and I also have to add that the mix felt clean, although that's partly because of the basic features found in the production, but there wasn't anything that was really off-putting or that broke the mix. I don't know if I agree with the crits regarding the high end balance, I thought it was ok, and rising it too much may bring unpleasantness to the mix which is clean, for now. I'd recommend just adjusting the gain balance of your different instruments in your mix first before trying any eq changes, and see if that gets you a fuller mix, as I mentioned before I noticed some things felt like they were too much in the background. I will also add that more work can be done to smooth the transitions. I'm glad you're taking the panel's advice and trying to use it to improve, that's a great attitude. For this song though I'll have to go with a NO
  5. Yeah, the sequenced sound is inescapable here. It's not a bad arrangement, but the production needs to step up, the instruments need to sound more humanized, and the edm parts need to sound less vanilla. The mixing itself is not bad, although the bass is nowhere to be heard and needs a boost. The different elements can be identified even when the track is busy, but they are stiff and dry. You have a good idea here, well structured too, just needs a bump on the production side of things, I think Kris and Greg offered good advice on this. Your instruments don't need to sound uber realistic but you can do better to make them sound less mechanical, and your synths can be less generic and have some modulation and spice in them. NO
  6. Yeah, Kris summed it up well. Some neat ideas specially in the second half, but the mix is not very good, and the drum loop is on autopilot. Even for a chip-style remix, the lead pulse synth lacks modulation to liven it up. I feel this idea would work on a more developed and balanced mix but as it stands is too basic and with very evident issues. NO
  7. I think I could quote the entirety of Nutritious' vote as he detailed all my issues with this mix. But I'll still try and offer some extra thoughts: ^ This is some good advice to fix your note cutoff issue, as this has happened to me as well before, in different DAWs. Although I agree with Nutritious' vote, I didn't mind the repetition of the groove as much. I've been known to love some remixes that use extreme repetition as a base to build upon, however in those cases there are always layers upon layers of interesting, evolving things happening over time, as well as a structure to carry them forward, which is something I think this piece doesn't accomplish very well. As noted, the drums come up at one section but drop out promptly without establishing a proper section. Breakdowns come in when there's no need for breakdowns but for energy development, and the track ends unceremoniously. Besides the production qualms listed above, I did like your approach, and would like to hear a more refined version. NO (Resubmit)
  8. Sweet instrumentation, love the inflection and modulation of some of the lead instruments, it's a piece that doesn't need to sound entirely realistic, which is why I didn't feel the synths' inclusion was jarring, but the detailing introduced in the performances is very appreciated. My only gripe with this rendition is how close to the source it is. The first section of the song up to 2:30 can be considered cover material, and after that there's a slight change in tone the same motifs prevail almost verbatim; that is, until the last section with the piano is introduced, which proved to be interesting but somewhat short and empty. I loved the soundscape, but the drums seemed very dry near the end at the start of the piano section. The mix was ok so I don't have many production qualms. I think that if the source was somehow expanded upon after the first introduction, instead of having it repeat several times before we're treated with minor variations of it, this could pass, as of now, I'm borderline on whether the interpretation is sufficient, and I think I'm leaning towards not. NO (borderline/resubmit)
  9. Unique, brooding but not without charm, and intriguing approach to the theme. The high expertise of the artist is displayed in every part of this song. Highly recommended.
  10. A lot of Hearthstone music is "remixed" warcraft music tho, I think only the main theme is original.
  11. I personally loved this approach, and also that the artist was very open to feedback and used it for the betterment of the song. Hope we hear more from you and your banjo again.
  12. Pretty good, dark and mysterious atmosphere. Production is solid, and the interpretation is there even if it sticks fairly close to the original. I would've liked to hear more variation on the dubstep bass parts, as it feels like small sections such as the pitched-down, off-beat filtered bass parts were reused one too many times. But the mix is big, and not too long to overstay its welcome. Nice work overall though, I'm ok with giving this a YES
  13. Pretty neat soundscape. Some of the synths were a bit peaky with the resonances in the mid-highs but I wouldn't say it was problematic. The beds of reverb don't get in the way of the cleanliness of the mix so that's good. The filtered bass playing the triplets around the middle section was a very cool break. You managed to do a lot to the drums to keep things interesting throughout using filtering, changeups, etc. Production overall is alright but I would've preferred something a bit quieter, given the overall feeling of the piece, it gets rather smashed at some points which is counter to what's going on in the arrangement sometimes. In regards to the arrangement, it's not exactly an usual structure, but it works here, and the source is well implemented and expanded upon. Overall, short sweet, over the bar, let's go. YES
  14. Who doesn't like some dragonborn? it's popular for a reason. I liked your approach a lot, but I will have to agree with the votes above, humanization is something that needs a lot of work, in a track where you have this many performances it's very important to make them sound fairly realistic, and I think there's quite some room for improvement here. I also think the mix balance isn't quite there, as the rhythm guitars sometimes take more space than they should and the instruments that should be leading suffer because of this. I think you have a pretty good start here and I think this could work if there's more attention to detail put into the performances and articulations of the instruments. NO (resubmit)