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  1. *NO* Secret of Mana 'Did You See the Ocean'

    Well contrary to Deia I can appreciate the mix for what it is because I'm not familiar with the original soundtrack as I never played SoM beyond the first 5 minutes (Gasp! heresy!). I don't think the mix lacks melody, as the bell-ish instrument at 0:26 and on serves as the "lead" melody for me. Anyways, the production here is so-so. Nothing sticks out as particularly bad or annoying at the mix level, but the performances of the main instruments feel stiff. The strings, piano and lead instrument lack articulation and emotion. The textures mesh very well and create a pleasant soundscape but they lack soul and have that robotic feel to them in the performances. The drums feel on autopilot. Regarding the arrangement, It's very conservative and I feel much more should've been done to set it apart from the original. It has the same feel and selection of instruments, although what we hear here is an improved version over the snes samples, there's still very little difference in the sound design department besides there not being a trumpet sound for one of the leads. Overall nice setting but needs more work with the humanization and arrangement. NO
  2. I really enjoyed listening to this, even though it felt a bit long, it was powerful and with plenty of interpretation, I love tracks that focus on bringing out new things via arrangement. Nice Work.
  3. *NO* Final Fantasy 10 'Ronso's Rite of Passage'

    The mix needs some cleanup. The bottom end is eating everything up while being very muddy. The beat is very dry and thin. The bass is lacking character and presence, it's being obscured by the low pads and its subs. I'm not a fan of the sound selection for the main lead, as the tone doesn't fit very well in the mix. The compression is acting in a strange way, as can be heard near the 4 minute mark how it's making the arpeggio vary in amplitude in a way that's not in sync with the dynamics of the song's rhythm. The arrangement itself is not too bad, but gets repetitive in some sections such as 3:25 where it goes on for too long on the same pattern, this would be a perfect moment to introduce some personalized content. More interpretation is welcomed. Overall, there are glaring production issues that need to be addressed before considering the arrangement for posting. NO
  4. *NO* Final Fantasy 9 'Winter Fantasia'

    Have to agree with Deia, sweet arrangement but performances seem pretty stiff, and the not-so-great sample quality is not hidden too well. The section at 2:33 is a good example of how this is hurting the song overall, as the strings are very mechanical and unnatural sounding, lacking human character in the performance. A revision is in order to make the performances more believable, although I'm not sure it would require new sample libraries or better manipulation and humanization of the ones being used in this song. NO (resubmit)
  5. *NO* Bruce Lee '(no title)'

    Original: Enter the Dragon (Movie)OST: As the artist stated, there's heavy sampling from the movie OST. the underlying brasses and orchestral hits are from the ost, as well as the main brass melodies, and I can hear other minor things throughout as well. I don't know how we would feel about this but I'm guessing it would be a NO on those grounds. Regarding the arrangement, there's a lot of original and sampled material and very little from the actual vg soundtrack which was admittedly very simple (BTW Is it just me or I can hear a portion of the TMNT theme in the bruce lee c64 theme? o_0). I did a rough estimation while listening and I'm pretty sure the vg music usage isn't 50% in this. But I could do a timestamp later if necessary, though I don't think it's needed. The song itself was fun to listen though, although on production grounds it was flawed as well, with overcompression and severe lack of clarity hampering the mix throughout. Overall, a cool idea but it's breaking a few rules plus the production wasn't really up to par. NO
  6. *NO* Double Dragon 'Game Like It's 1988'

    The mix feels very muddy in general, leads are failing to properly cut through the mix, and the drums aren't strong enough to drive the song, the kick gets lost in the low end and the whole mix is lacking a lot of clarity overall. The drum sequencing is confusing, it stops abruptly when it starts to get going and changes pace and rhythm too quickly instead of giving the rest of the instruments the hook they need to latch on to. The arrangement does take the original songs into new places but the structure was confusing. I can't really pinpoint climaxes because sections like 1:57, which I believe are meant to be powerful or big main sections, are very lacking in energy, although I think this stems quite a lot from the unbalanced mix, but also the instrument selection and style of arrangement. Overall the mixing and sound design issues couple with some unconventional structure choices that don't work very well overcome the good aspects in the inventive use of the original motifs. Maybe I could see this pass but it requires further revisions on the issues we're bringing forth. NO (resubmit)
  7. *NO* Final Fantasy 7 'Chasing the Masamune'

    Gotta agree with all of Nutritious' comments. Really strong start, I was really wondering why this song had 2 rejections already! but the meat of the song is pretty weak sound design and arrangement-wise. Sounds lacked characterand performances weren't very interesting. Very noodly variations of the original melodies, and quite a few wrong notes that I can't attribute to flavor or intentionaldissonance. Very abrupt ending as well. This feels more like a Work in Progress than a complete song, if you manage to keep the same quality from your intro for the rest of the song and you fix the arrangement and get a better production going you may have a winner, but for the time being, NO
  8. Nice soundscape, but the performances here are lacking. The piano lacks humanization and emotion, the performance doesn't feel very natural or fitting for the somber and emotional ambience. Some of the drums feel very drowned and lacking presence, that may be intentional but it wasn't fitting. The overall mix feels slightly unbalanced in favor of low-mids and lows, lacking clarity and air in general. The drum sequencing was odd at some places (4:10 had a 4 on the floor kick... maybe it was a buildup, but didn't feel like it as it needed much more energy than that, or fitting). The arrangement overall is quite nice and I enjoyed the small details and flairs scattered through the mix. It is a bit medley-ish but it's not too exposed. Interpretation is ok, some of it felt stilted but ok for the most part. I liked the evolution of the structure and the tempo changes which brought some dissonance for extra flavor. The full stop at 4:24 was unexpected and as mentioned before will benefit from a much bigger energy buildup. I felt the last section after this meandered about for longer than it should and could probably be shortened, but it's not a big gripe for me. Overall this is very close and if the performances are brought up to par and the mix is cleaned up a bit more I'll be happy to approve it. For now, NO (please resubmit)
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one going for underremixed games. This is a very fun arrangement, lighthearted and uplifting, recommended!
  10. No time for intros, right into it, I like the way you think. The song is very close to the original. The background chords are replaced with arpeggios but for the most part the drums, bassand leads follow the original rather closely. The mix is balanced, the selection of sounds is fitting although not super rich, so not many qualms on the production side. I think the arrangement feels rather repetitive for a relatively short song. The song is begging for that guitar lead to be used in an awesome soloing section where some new material is introduced. But it's limited to playing the original lead melody with almost no variation. The drums are nice and bring power to the song but they feel on autopilot whenever they're playing, I feel like some fills accents could help it feel less stale. The ending is abrupt and uneventful. I enjoyed this but to get a pass it needs work in the issues mentioned above. This is not far from the bar so I recommend giving it the push it needs. NO (Resubmit)
  11. *NO* Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 'Epic Steps'

    Ouch, those levels. Right off the bat the arpeggio is very resonant around 1.5khz, you may want to make it less peaky. It's not only the arpeggios as throughout the mix it was a very common ocurrence to hear nasty peaks around the mid-highs. The overall mix feels too loud and overcompressed, to the point where I noticed some distortion going in the last busy section before the end, The pads need to be eq'd separately from the bass as they're obscuring it in the busy sections. I liked the arrangement though. Transitions weren't that great but I liked the feel and energy of the track, little details like the bending synth in the break around 2:20 gave this a lot more personality. The piano chords in the background helped give it a darker feel than the original and I liked that you tried to infuse some more melodic content into the track than what was in the original. This is a good start but the production issues are glaring and need fixing. NO (Resubmit)
  12. *NO* Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'Mettan'

    This track is fun. I REALLY like it. This submission, based on arrangement and interpretation alone is a solid pass for me, however the production is heavily holding this back. The overall compression is really harsh and brings the whole mix down, the mix lacks clarity and sounds a bit muffled, which means that perhaps the different elements aren't being eq'ed well and given their own space. This mix gets very busy at times, and proper eq is important there. Some sounds I wasn't a huge fan of, such as the woodwinds in the break and the piano which sometimes sounded quite tacky. The piano melodies in the background sometimes felt a bit disconnected, although I appreciated the dissonance introduced at times. The break at 1:50 needs to be changed though, as it pales in comparison to the rest of the arrangement. The break was needed for the awesome re-introduction of the theme later, but I don't think this particular idea works, as it sounds cheesy (in a bad way) and thrown together. You may want to try to change the instrumentation and melodies used there. I did enjoy that you articulated your pulse lead very well and it doesn't sound boring. This arrangement though, it's really awesome. Your style falls squarely between Halc and Protricity, a lot of 9-bit goodness and great interpretation of the original themes, while also having sort of an industrial rock feel driving the song in the beat, guitars and general soundscape. The usage of samples from the game was hit and miss though, sometimes I thought it worked great, such as near the intro, but other times it felt cheesy, as near the break. I think they could be less exposed and loud. I really want you to take the feedback at heart and work on this for a resubmission. This is a very inventive remix and it takes the original themes into territory I hadn't seen explored before. I encourage the judges to look past the very evident production issues and check the arrangement out, it's really fun and detailed. For now though, NO (PLEASE RESUBMIT)
  13. What games got better over time?

    Final Fantasy XIV was a disaster at launch. S-E changed it and over time became one of the top 3 mmos.