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  1. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    I am guilty about not properly naming it.  I was planning on solving that and also working on some of the WIP issues and maybe give it a makeshift ending at lunch break but I couldn't get home in time, so sorry about that.
  2. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    I had to submit a WIP in the end, which wucks but it's something at least.  I will definitely finish it later on.
  3. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    Not gonna lie, spent the weekend playing Xcom 2 and didn't work on the song one bit.  I'll work on it for the whole night tonight and see if I can finish it.  I already had about 2 minutes of music but nowhere near what I would call complete.
  4. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    Man, I worked on m mix until 4 am yesterday.  a power failure messed up my project file and the VST states were all reset when I reloaded it so I had to redo every patch from scratch again.  Pretty shity but at least the mix is coming along well, gotta say this one will be pretty dirty.
  5. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    Geez dude, calm down, it's not a race. Wait, yes it is. I'll be working on my song now, and I'll be streaming the process so if anyone's interested you can tune in.
  6. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    I love Yamashita's work, but not her love for accidentals.  Makes it hard for me to weave in new ideas and even worse to mix in another theme. Anyways I've got some ideas going already.
  7. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    Oh, so there are overlapped mixing stages, I didn't notice that.  I guess that's a good idea to keep the compo going faster.  I honestly thought I was starting in february. Also it's fitting that I'm up against one of the classic tunes I chose for my top three.  An epic battle of classic tunes!
  8. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    uuuuh wasn't my bracket the 3rd?
  9. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    True, but you don't really need to transcribe the whole song.  Just the parts you want to incorporate into your mix.  Transcribing this whole 3 minute epic into yet another song will probably not work specially if somebody lacks experience.  So my advice is to listen to the song, find those bits you want to incorporate and focus on them.
  10. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    All you really need is the key.  If you have a keyboard then finding the melodies after you know the key is easier.  Or, if you already know the key of your song just use that and transpose Beth's song to it.  That's probably the easier approach.
  11. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    Just noticed wildfire picked one of the best songs Yamane has ever composed.  Good luck!
  12. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    I don't use Reason much lately, but I will do a Reason stream for the next one.  I see you followed so you should get a notification next time I go online.
  13. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    Sorry about the mic quality, I have a crap mic so i guess that'll have to do for now.  I hope people can at least understand what I say.  I'll try to do something about the volume levels.  I'll be going live again in a couple of minutes if anyone wants to tune in ( ), with the vst windows issue fixed so this should go better.  and the archived streams will be at  This will be the last time I post about it so I don't derail the thread any more (sorry about that MindWanderer), so if anyone wants to see subsequent streams just hit the follow button on twitch and you should be notified in the future.  I'll probably do a couple more before my holiday ends and then do it sporadically after.  If time allows it I'll try to stream the remix I do for this compo as well. This morning's stream (with better explanations):
  14. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    I'm done for now but I'll stream again in the afternoon, in around 3 hours or so.  I checked the archive and the stream has some issues.  I wasn't capturing the whole screen so the VST windows aren't visible, although I do explain what I'm doing.  Still I go about explaining a lot of stuff.  I'll go over it again briefly when I stream later. Here's the archived stream for this morning:
  15. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    Streaming now at