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  1. there's nothing wrong with that. if anything that's what it ought to have been all along. but Nintendo did give in to the pressures of the rabid fanbase for a timeline and there is a canonized one so it's a hard sell to simply write off the new game as a standalone unless it is specifically said to be. they've canonized the timeline and so there is one i'm 100% with you though; i thought they nailed it with Wind Waker when they suggested that, every so often, a hero would have to rise and save the world by playing his role as one third of the eternal triforce with the other two major players, Ganon and Zelda, in a timeless battle between good and evil. they should have just kept it that way, fanboys be damned. oh well.
  2. BotW is most likely in the Third Timeline where the world falls to ruin after Link's defeat... mostly due to two strong pieces of evidence: 1) the location of the master sword. 2) Ganon having ravaged the land many times That said... I'm willing to bet that BotW is actually the re-convergence of all three timelines far into the future and that the next Zelda title will reveal the reforging of a single timeline happening some time before the events of BotW. They could be taking a Star Trek approach to temporal incursion in consolidating their canon to salvage what they can from having had to retcon so much of the early content into fitting into the fanbase's ardent obsession with timelines. Just a thought.
  3. now that my studio is fully set up properly and works flawlessly, i can promise my track won't suck donkey nuts this time
  4. i want teh zelda i want it now.
  5. guys, i didn't have nearly enough ocremix in my magfest this time around guess i have to go again next year
  6. i sadly only be bringing my kazoo (again) but i will very gladly grab whatever's layin around and play that too
  7. hey let's jam again this year - and do some of these standards i'd like to also offer terra's theme, wily's castle from mm2 and DK jungle japes to the list and icecap??? lolol jk jk (or AM I?)
  8. A HARMONIUM???????
  9. well the good news is i'm probably going to be doing most of my sleeping in Jamspace so i likely won't miss any of that
  10. meh i think i'm more of a maybe?
  11. if you have it all arranged and notated and just need a performance and recording, i might be able to help you
  12. aw hell. i dragged my feet, got distracted with the World Series and haven't worked on it in a couple weeks lol my bad i'll get you a finished track by this weekend.