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  1. alfredofreak
    04-20-2011 05:51 PM
    Arrogant? HELL NO. I hear ya. You also quickly realize that several members are much younger (age-wise or mentally) than many of us can stand.

    I fall into the former category. I'm studying computer science and I have no formal music experience. Combine that with work and it makes it quite difficult to make progress on anything. I have numerous partially-finished projects and I believe not a single quality finished product to show for it. :/
  2. Salluz
    04-19-2011 10:26 PM
    Well, I found out about Overclocked Remix through a former judge (Antonio Pizza) and his brother. I knew them from within the same city. After years of listening to the music, I joined the site. It's a great site, but the loser population wastes my time on here, so I shall show up every now and then, instead of often.

    I know that it sounds arrogant, but if you pay close attention, quickly, you'll realize that some of these chaps have lives while others do not.
  3. alfredofreak
    04-13-2011 10:30 AM
    Heheh, thanks for the clarification xD

    Interesting. You've been here for a while even though you're a year older than me. I only stumbled across OCR a few years ago. How did you come across this EPIC site?
  4. Salluz
    04-09-2011 07:44 AM
    Sup? And no, I am not Black Mage.

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