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    • This is a good post. Unfortunate you weren't here to make it earlier  Regarding your point about holding off on composing for fear of sounding similar to something already out there, never let that stop you. Especially where harmony is concerned, it's truly impossible to come up with something that hasn't been used before. But these are musical devices: chords, scales, structure, etc. are established tools of the trade that allow you to create an infinite variety of combinations, of which something — a tune — emerges that, despite being stylistically similar to something else, is the result of your unique utilization of the craft, and results in something that is purely the product of your work that they will know long after you're dead, is your tune when they hear it. Why some musicians, especially those who are composers themselves (and this site doesn't accept straight cover tunes), would rank this as being no different from and equal value to simply adapting another composer's piece to fit their style, is something I just don't understand and to be honest — find really depressing.  
    • Look out here - this remix just overflows with goodness, and tons of ways to catch your attention and deliver across all kinds of effects. But it's not a one-trick pony; I really love the variations in both sound and mood here, with 2:35-3:00 being an excellent example of how divergent this remix can get. Intriguing and interesting - really an impressive piece here!  
    • Awesome album, gotta say, there is not a single remix I don't like.
    • Oh, Boy... Here we go.   O.K. first off, you all have some good, valid points. Some of these points though, I'd still like to address. As a Fan. Not as Musician, not as ReMixer, just as a Fan (of remixes and music in general). I feel like my english skills are already dropping because I'm nervous as hell (social anxiety speaking) but I'll try to keep this as professional as possible. I've been lurking on OC ReMix since about 2013, I think. I was looking for Deus Ex Style Music and google was like: "Dude, there is some Deus Ex remix stuff right over there!" So, here I am. (Please note that I said "Deus Ex STYLE Music", not remixes, important distinction. Obviously still decided to give those remixes a chance, after looking into the "legal stuff" explanation on this site)   I do not (not really) compose or remix anything at this point in time. Even though I have a boatload of ideas, I'm keeping them inside my head for now. The reason for this (as in, "Why I haven't even started to remix OR create any kind of music?"), is precisely what is being discussed in this thread. You Know? What is REALLY original? What is enough of your own "seasoning"? Questions like this! Because I fear, as soon as I do something original, there will definitely be some guy being like: "Dude, you totally ripped this off of composer XYZ!", that I literally never heard of. Or maybe I did, in fact, rip a composer off without realising it. Might actually happen to me. >_>   My Brother has a more or less professional musical background, so I do have some experience in general, with me helping him compose and arrange things for his orchestral activities. Well, sometimes, it's more or less a rare experience, also do not take credit for it. It's basically just some creative input, not much to brag about. But I DO tend to help him out, if I feel like he needs help. Point being, I do kinda know how it feels like to actually compose and arrange and/or remix. Even though about 80% of it is just "theoretical knowledge".   That all said, I remember a tiny discussion about people coming to OCR not for the ReMixers, but for the work of the original composer. A few pages back. That, at least from my personal point of view, is not true. I personally am, in fact, here for the ReMixers. Many of my favorite remixes on OCR are from games I never played, soundtracks I never heard. No nostalgia attached. Just me wanting to witness different visions from different artists on different songs (or sometimes even the same song). Maybe I am the exception to the rule? I don't know, but... The appreciation of video game music is what I am here for. The philosophy of OverClocked ReMix, so to speak. However, it is kinda true, that I may not want to check out the original stuff (from ReMixers, in this case), I admit that. It depends on what kind of music it is and what kind of mood I'm in.   And I also admit, I do favor the: "Your remix belongs to you, even though the original song does not!", argument. It's a complicated topic, with lots of different and somewhat controversial opinions. Of course one can always fall back on the typical: "but legally speaking..." stuff... But I don't think this is healthy (not always). Especially considering that, just because something is law, doesn't really make it "right" or "just". There are many laws that are "unjust" in this world. And considering laws CAN change and are man-made to begin with... >_> Of course, there SHOULD definitely be laws, I'm NOT an anarchist, and composers (or in general "content creators") should definitely be protected from straight up piracy or plagiarism. It's just that I'm wondering... Is a remix really plagiarism? And what about "original content" that is... let's call it "heavily inspired"? Isn't that the popular description these days? How much leeway should we give artists? Should we only care if someone admits to plagiarism? Essentially turning a blind eye to everyone just because of an "original name" or (maybe) one or two actual original things in something? Example: I create a game. I call it "Final Dubstep 'n' Dungeons Fantasy Quest". I clearly use large parts of the DnD-System, let's say 75%, then continue to copy the basic story of Final Fantasy (about 60%, with clearly Final Fantasy "inspired" character names, like Sid, Yuppie and Skwall), but give it a modern, highly Dubstep/Cyberpunk inspired setting (and with that I basically mean a Neuromancer-like setting with generic, Skrillex-like sounding dubstep), with the DJ being an actual mandatory party member that "plays" the music in game, all combined with a nice 16-Bit graphics style, of course. Original enough? Would it be any more original just because I call it "Hideous Dubstep Dungeon Day" or tag it as "Parody", you know, just in case Square calls me? I suppose this example is slightly out of place (slightly because this IS a site about video game music after all), but still, you probably all get what I mean, right? The Idea is my own, the name somewhat original, but everything in this game is "heavily inspired". You can all hold on to your own opinions, I am not (not even trying) to force my opinion on any of you. Just making some statements about my personal point of view, how I think about some of these things and what kind of questions are circling in my mind. I find this thread to be very interesting, if somewhat toxic at times. I mean, hey, you got ME to write something, that's a big Achievement. Since I usually don't engage in discussions, english not being my native language and in general thinking people probably won't care about what I have to say, especially if things get heated.
    • I know. I mentioned them.   It wasn't meant to be anything other than a statement regarding a con of remixing in terms of building a portfolio. Sure caused a lot of butthurt, though. I didn't start telling others that the way I think they view it is wrong until they started flipping the table about it in the first place. I think it's his version of the song. That's different than saying it's his song.  
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