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    • As someone who loves the Killer Instinct soundtrack with all my heart, I truly enjoyed this ReMix. Funny enough, the breakbeat style of jazz here made me imagine this as what The Instinct would sound like under a 3rd Strike lens, and that was cool. Smooth and still recognizable, this is hands down one of my favorite tracks on the album. Great work guys!
    • Loved the spooky sound effects that really set the mood for a mix like this, but it really shines when the beat picks up and the electronica flows fully. An excellent rendition of Lavender Town and perfect for any Halloween season.
    • What a fun town theme, should be a blast to work with. For clarification on the poll, are the double votes in question those of the winner of the previous round who chose the source?
    • I'm going to trust Prophetik for his explanation about the notes that don't work.  I hear it but I lack the knowledge to describe it like he did.  The arrangement has a tremendous amount of unpleasant disharmony.  One reason for the dissonance is the fact that you chose to use an 808 trap-style bass.  In actual trap, the 808 bass often is off-key in comparison to the other instrumentation and vocals, and the 808 bass bends all over the place, and it is expected in a trap song and usually works well.  In this case you have such a melodic arrangement with so many melodies and countermelodies, that this 808 bass just makes it sound more messy harmonically.  Also, and this is my personal opinion and certainly not a dealbreaker for this track, but I don't feel that a trap bass and drums work well with the much more bright, melodic synths you have going in this arrangement.  But the biggest issue is all that dissonance. NO
    • https://youtu.be/bO0ZfoGJ5RQ Since my new job assigment started I've had 2 hours less time per day for doing this, hopefully 3 weeks won't be my new upload frequency. This song, however, didn't speak to me like most songs usually do, and by that I mean I can always hear new and extended parts in my head before writing it. I had to fight this one to get the composing going which also affected the time before completion. Hardest part of this remix was the intro, yeah really. Not sure why, I think I wrote 3-4 different intros before just picking one, maybe I'll use the others for another remix who knows! Another hard part was the drums, which is quite the fast beat but it's so chill at the same time, something about those drums in the original. I chose to half the tempo and also rewriting the bass line except for some buildups in my remix where I think the bass line fits perfectly. Oh, and the ending chill synthwave also got that fast original bass line, gave a special atmosphere to it which I definitely will try in many future remixes! Other than that I felt like this went into the category of remixes that could be remixed and rewritten in so many different verions. I'm not sure if that's a good idea for a project sometime, doing the same song in like five completely different versions. Could be interesting! Might try it when I get back my 2 hours a day (that goes to driving to work right now).
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