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    • Something. Like, any style. This trap style remix was nice to hear on Newgrounds, but the user is no longer active, unfortunately, so I can't encourage him to submit it: He considered it in the past, but decided not to do so because it's so different from the original, he thought it was too different. Here's the source tune for reference, if you haven't heard it: If you're wondering, yes, I had a hand in the making of that remix.  I sequenced the MIDI arrangement and sent it to the user who then used it to make that remix. The midi sequence can be found on somewhere. If you can't find it and would like to use it, hit me up. Just a heads up, it kinda sucks, but it is usable.  
    • Ring out clearly? Just how clear are you talking anyway?? I love high gain rhythm guitars and if you are planning on picking up an actual guitar and playing the parts then you are going to need a decent DI box to get the more refined professional tone.  Rule of thumb: if you play with active pickups use a passive DI box and vice versa.   If you are using midi guitars like Shreddage or Heavier7Strings you'll want to make sure you know how to correctly output your sampler to seperate faders loaded with the amp sims.  i.e. Left channel is one guitar and right channel is another.  You'll want to out those guitars to 2 mono faders panned left for the left guitar and right for the right guitar.  If you don't look into this step you may very well be panning the exact same guitar to the left AND right channels and even if you use different amps it will not sound nearly as wide as your vst is capable of. 
    • I use free stuff for mastering (actually, in general). Broadcast for Compression and default Mixcraft stuff for everything else. I also use cheap equipment. $20 SONY headphones and some cheap GPX speaker set I bought at the local dollar store (it does pump some nice bass, though, even the rumbles, shakes the floor). Good equipment is great, but I get by without it. I wonder how much of a difference it makes. How much do you hear the difference between regular headphones and high-end studio headphones? Speakers? I'm curious to know about this.
    • It certainly feels a fair bit more alive and less stock-like. I'm noticing some jarring notes here and there, especially during the first minute and a half. I'd suggest looking over where you are putting the emphasis (extra velocity) and balance it out ever so slightly. I'm still an amateur at the craft myself, and there are a LOT of subtle nuances to figuring out how to make a piece like this feel living. But I think you are on the right track. Try making the emphasis variation a bit more subtle to avoid those blaring parts (EX: right at 38, the high note, right at 44, right at 49.) If it still feels like the particular part needs some emphatic statement, try making it a chord or some other ornamentation. Study some piano solos for ideas. I'd suggest a few: JJT's The Flood Plain, Jormungand's Dark Star Scherzo, and jdaster64's Cocoa 'n' Cookies. You're getting somewhere with this, keep at.
    • Thanks Seth. I didn't have a particular sound I wanted to achieve with the detuned synthesizer it just needed to provide variation, so I might look into redoing/ replacing it. It is indeed DnB for much of the track, also future.  Currently one of my studio monitors is in the shop in a nearby town for repairs, so I'm not sure I'll be able to finalize the mix without it. Also this is the -6 dB mix, and mastering should smooth and balance some things out. Going to go with LANDR for mastering for the cheap but passable option as I've used them before. That is unless there is someone on this forum that does the mastering for all the ReMixes free of charge... Not going to count on it though.
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