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  1. Sweet lord, Kaijin, when's the last time we saw you here?
  2. I'm definitely a private business discussion kinda guy, so I done sent you an email to that there email address. But I'm not so private that I won't say publicly that I sent you a private message, because sometimes I like the public to know publicly that I'm a private person who discusses things privately with private messages that I talk about publicly. Because reasons!
  3. I've been told I've inspired many people... to leave/quit Ocremix. I'm so anti-charismatic, I've gotten offers from several prominent astrology labs in Europe to study my personality as a potential gravity field. Oh well.
  4. Putting new people on point is not one of my many bad habits on Ocremix, but I do feel a need to address something on this particular new arrival. Today I received a message from this user asking me if I need a composer (???) or know anyone that would be willing to pay $10,000-$30,000 for sound quality alone (!?!?) because they are unable to get a normal job and pay for their mom's health bills. As I have not met or talked to this person before, nor do I think I've posted recently in a conversation shared of interest, I can assume I'm not the only one this person messaged. With the very out-of-the-blue request and its high intensity of baffling methodology, a red flag of sorts based on experience is going up here. I'm not willing to full out call this person a potential scammer or someone to be suspicious of, but the fact that they are messaging people they don't know like me, ignoring the very clear signs that I'm a composer myself and am not likely to give out super high paying jobs to random strangers for "audio quality alone", giving the old song and dance about being disabled (at least I hope that's what "not being able to work a normal job" means) and having to care for an also disabled mom who can't pay bills, and attaching a photo of what appears to be a professional Asian woman model that I highly doubt is the user him/herself (which is a classic Asian spam/scam thing on social media) all rings out as more than just a quirky newbie or misguided "near-professional". No one who is even close to a professional does these kinds of things. I withhold more serious judgment and alert for now, but this I felt was just a bit too... questionable to ignore.
  5. This is pretty much my thoughts exactly. I wasn't sure what to expect, but this is definitely better than whatever I was thinking it might be.
  6. Good lord, SaGa Frontier. Have fun figuring THAT game out, folks... (It's a fun and less unforgiving game than others in the series, it just doesn't really make any sense or is unfinished)
  7. It sounds like Mr. Bean gave you his answer already. Short of a fan orchestral album, it's probably not going to be feasible to happen. Good orchestra music costs money and Jet Force Gemini likely isn't a property that could justify it the way orchestras performing Mario and Final Fantasy music (the "honey money", as it were) could. Ocremix people probably could pull it off, but same problem: lots of time and effort for not enough non-monetary payoff; and that's before we get into the potential legal redtape that game companies might get into once they find out (and having composers themselves give support isn't enough to cover that). On the other hand, who knows? Maybe there will be a full HD remake of Jet Force Gemini sometime in the future where the soundtrack will get the appropriate update as well. That's a not-too-bad chance of happening in current era.
  8. While I do think the Gamecube does have some sort of internal audio synth chip for such an occasion that someone makes a game that doesn't stream its own music, which at that point in time would've still been possible but much more rare, it's not a VST or soundfont. Therefore an accurate recreation of it does not exist without generating the terrible soundfonts you're referring to. The closest answer you can get to achieving a "Gamecube sound" or whatever is probably going to be just getting a hardware rompler from the early 2000s and recording them with FL Studio. I'd personally recommend my favorite rompler, the Roland XV-5050. It's literally a JV-2080 (which was all the rage for a lot of games for a while and still was used in Gamecube stuff), Roland Sound Canvas (the most ubiquitous game soundsource ever) and updated XV sounds AND even some Fantom sounds all in one box. It's got some limitations and issues, like being difficult to figure out at first and only have 64 voices polyphony (which means you need to carefully plan out which instruments to record), but aside from that, it generates its sounds at .WAV quality and takes Roland SRX cards (some of which are pretty cheap and useful) plus all the rest for under $300.00. It really is one of those items that should be a lot more expensive for the kind of awesomeness it generates, but for some reason is kinda relegated to being in the beginner rungs of affordability. Those who choose it get a rather rare combination of quality and affordability at once. Other than that, Gamecube games used much the same kind of tracks that we all make today with the big, fancy VSTs. Either of those methods is what Gamecube game soundtracks were typically created with.
  9. That would be the extremely obvious action to take. Problem is I haven't heard back from any of the direct messages I've sent him here or on Facebook in 6 months. My gut tells me it's one of those things I'd have to see if they decide to designate me on it based on the interest I'm expressing here for something like that to work, as opposed to me bugging them privately to be put on it. So we'll just need to wait and see for now.
  10. Very good. I don't really know what the process of transferring directorship is, though. I think that designation needs to come down from the top brass, and then after that I have to be given all the relevant files and content that's been generated by whoever has it. I'm up for it (I think), but someone from above has to authorize me for it and green the light.
  11. I've been popping my head in and out of high profile derelict projects like this in recent months offering to take up the relevant administrative mantles in getting the work to a worthwhile state of release. I have the same interest in seeing if I could do the same here.
  13. The best game of the decade was No Man's Sky. Bottom line, no argument.
  14. I just meant the PSP would be more worthy a modified console for PS1 stuff than trying to hack something like that. As the PS Classic is on its own, it's a worthy item to have.
  15. It'd probably be easier to mod a PSP to do that. That thing is the best PS1 emulator ever made, you can get one cheap and it's relatively easy to mod. I likely won't have a need for a PS Classic, but my mind could easily change under the right circumcisions.
  16. Yep. Took Sony long enough to jump on this bandwagon. Says 20 pre-loaded classics or more, but only 5 are advertised for now:
  17. I've had the Gold cartridge version since it came out (Nintendo Power deal) and I remember the chanting from being stuck in the Fire Cavern for so long. I was more shocked to learn the other versions of this game didn't have that in there. Still am to some degree.
  18. No one said tools don't matter, they just don't matter the way you're arguing here. It's common sense discovered via experience, not romance. Buying a Roland sound canvas sure didn't get me laid at any point in time, that's for damn sure.
  19. Talking about success and how to get successful still falls in line and relevance with why one remixes or not. So many trai... err, former remixers who no longer come here do so because their remixing skillz now pay billz, while others still look to find out how to become successful with their own remixes. Both of those things would easily answer why someone would or would not choose to continue remixing.
  20. Sure thing bro. Orchestral tracks are $275.00 per audio minute plus mastering costs and Paypal's fees. Do you prefer a paper invoice or a virtual one?
  21. I refuse to believe professionally made "budget" libraries suck, especially since musicians are more than well known for being zealous about sound quality, since the chaotic nature of composing, arranging and producing eventually mandates that songs will require "that" kind of sound that could be anywhere in anything. I routinely have to deny top-quality samples and instruments in the tracks I'm working on simply because they don't work or flow inside the track I'm working on - this is why I still keep almost ALL the extremely outdated soundfonts and VSTs I had before I got good at this. Sometimes I still need a shitty flute or violin or choir AH sample because that's what turned out to fit the spot I needed filled in. Funny Yoozer mentioned the ancient Roland orchestral card. A few months ago I bought the Roland SRX-06 card so I could have access to the Final Fantasy Tactics and Zelda 64 sounds as needed for my ambitions.