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  1. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA shit. Multiple tyrants is multiple "No!"
  2. I misread this topic resurrection as "International OC Remixers: Need Food Ego." and I thought we were doing a clever sequel to it or something. Sadly, this was not to be...
  3. I do have storyline issues with Resident Evil having a concept such as Nemesis and what essentially amounts to his "rough draft" being let loose in the same city at the same time, but as I couldn't handle Resident Evil 3 with Nemesis from a gameplay point of view (I've only played the first hour of Resident Evil 3 before stopping and now Nemesis shows up in my Resident Evil-themed nightmares) I suppose to me that's moot. I don't have any way to play the new Resident Evil 2, but maybe that's a good thing. I've seen some video of it and I don't think I could handle playing the game. Maybe a little bit scared (and this comes from a guy who has actual supernatural experience in his past AND present) but I also think the super-improved upon everything and huge everything else might be more than I can handle all the way around.
  4. It's not Nemesis, it's sort of his "proto-predecessor" of sorts. The idea of Nemesis surely came out of the creature referred to here in RE2.
  5. I'd always done my own album artwork, except for one re-issue, and I don't think I'd spent a penny on it yet. Use of places like, which is my understanding that almost everything, if not more, is all public domain, use of some free online graphic editors, sometimes GIMP, a little elbow grease and a modicrum of taste can certainly do an indie album cover wonders without spending anything resembling coin. I recommend you try some of that. And before you ask: unfortunately, I'm not available for work right now. I have no indication you were ever going to ask me for work, but I'm putting it out there anyway.
  6. Yeah, it's just a sine wave and a bunch of glide, and then you can tailor the other effects to taste. Most synth plugins will have some version of it under a lot of different names - but it's usually called "Hip-Hop lead" or something to do with rap music as it used to be used in a lot of hip hop songs from the 90s and early 2000s as a high pitch riff of sorts, and it's more generally what people might use it for now.
  7. Hello everyone, it's your favorite hyperbolic aspie ludditic depressive anti-establishment two-faced three-faced four-faced orthopedic quadropedic toxic bellicose dilatory histrionic intransigent platitudinous rhadamanthine spasmodic Overclocked music machine with a Kickstarter to throw your way: This is a high art, high concept point and click adventure game to which I am doing music, occasional text clean-up and some advertising for. I have been attached to this project for a while now and it is, to date, my highest profile professional effort to date. With a successful kickstarter, I will be able to continue my music services using a combination of: * Resident Evil-style dark ambiance with orchestral overtones. * Gothic organ, gothic choirs and leitmotifs. * Industrial percussion and synthesizer effects. * Silent Hill-style experimentation on the above. * Probably more! Please have a look and consider sharing it around if you feel so inclined. Thank you!
  8. Oh shit, that's pretty awesome indeed.
  9. There are companies that specialize in indie batches for indie artists. Start with Kunaki and go from there:
  10. Can you clarify a bit? I'm not quite sure what you mean or are saying here, and some added clarity would help answer your question better.
  11. If the somewhat patronizing responses here like the one above me are not serviceable to you, Misty, consider looking for and trying some older versions of FL Studio and see if they are easier for you to use. I've been using FL Studio exclusively since 2003 and have some accomplished some fairly incredible things on it while having some not-insignificant learning and mental difficulties (to be generous) and I've still probably not used 40% of what the program has to offer. It IS deep and complicated, but with time and patience, you will figure it out just like I did. I use FL Studio 11, myself. The limitations are the same as the ones you mention above but it has remained a reliable mixture of simplicity and powerful function to the point that I have never needed to upgrade from it. Some months ago I even found and re-installed FL Studio 11 on my laptop here, so finding an older version and trying it out should be a worthwhile venture for you. Don't go too old though, certain functions indelible to FL Studio now are not in the oldest of versions and lifetime license to use FL Studio only goes back to a point. Also, you do NOT need to spend $900 to get FL Studio and Poizone at the same time. Poizone can be bought and downloaded separately as opposed to a bundle. If money is an issue, go with a vst called Synth1, that thing is free, super easy to set up, and thousands of fan-made presets exist for it to give you all the synth stuff you could ever need.
  12. Why not? It's basically now an easy-to-mod PS1 emulator that comes with 2 PSX-style PC controllers for $60. If I didn't already have that stuff, that would be a deal sweeter than [redacted absurd sexual/food reference].
  13. I just found this and couldn't help but take a snap of it for the context applies.
  14. That's what I said about Heavocity. And the Coen Brothers. T'was but only a handful of years later when those accords were broke...
  15. I have two warning points. They will never go away.

    Eventually there will be a third, designed to make me go away.

    13+ years at OCR will go down the drain.

    All loss and no gain.

    But that's life so fuck you and get used to it, lol.


  16. I guess this was a surprise. There's going to be 3 different variations of it, with emphasis again going to make it an all-around virtual rompler as its always been. It's got a sizable pre-order deal going on right now for all three sizes where you can get it for as little as $100-$300, marked down from $200-$500. Piano and underscore-type music demos sound pretty good for an all-in-the-box type focus as the sound demos go. Could be a worthy thing for some of you to have.
  17. I still need to make more of a crack into serious orchestration with the EWQLSO library before I can consider upgrading up to the Hollywood ones... Kinda veering off-topic there, but orchestral libraries are hot on my interest these days - especially as a means to distract away from social drama going on my end. :O
  18. Cool beans, yo. I think you're one of the first people I've heard to use that library in particular in recent times. The Kontakt libraries out and about are so ubiquitous that I almost forgot about the Hollywood libraries.
  19. Doesn't seem to be hurting its rep at the register, in any case.
  20. Part of me suspects that Sony left it that easy to emulate on purpose given how much more useful these Classic systems become once you're able to load your own ROMs to it, though that idea is doused as I hear Sony totally rushed to bring the Classic to stores for Christmas. The Japanese set looks really intriguing to me as it has a lot more RPG material to work with, but I don't read Japanese and one of them RPGs is SaGa Fronter - a fun game that was similarly rushed and doesn't actually add up to anything once you finish the seven stories on it. That game is hard to figure out in English, much less Japanese...
  21. It's not bad - what brass library did you get to make this with?
  22. Hopefully NOW that subject is done and over with and I won't need that cover art again. This cover art is just a picture someone made of their email spam and put it on a T-shirt. I love shallow complexity that doesn't actually mean anything. <3

  23. Necrobumping this because I'm bored and was searching around Project Sam stuff. So, 3 years (really? holy shit) later, I ended up getting Orchestral Essentials 1. I like it and have had made use of it in some things, but haven't gotten too much further in my orchestration practice or using much more of it since (ironically because I'm too busy with music work). The quality in a lot of what I've played with so far definitely fits the bill, though I've found some instruments weird to work with and with certain murky or scratchy qualities to them. The patches and multis aren't well-labeled to give you an idea of what you're going to get with them. I still seem to have some weird issue with Kontakt's sound quality overall where everything still sounds "smaller", "harder", and in some respects of more difficult quality than even the old EWQLSO with PLAY (the composer field would likely call me insane and put me down like Old Yeller if I argued that too much). So I still haven't figured out how to make Kontakt orchestral sets sound as good as the demo tracks and such offer. That being said, what I especially like about this set is how low-resource demanding it seems to be. I've been keeping watch on newer orchestral sets and they are just getting way out of hand with size - hundreds and hundreds of GB and some patches that are more than a gigabyte themselves to load. You'll have to start doubling the costs of these orchestra libraries to include replacing the whole fucking computer for each one, which takes me out of the equation. ProjectSam's Orchestral Essentials doesn't do any of that. I can load some of what I need, of which OE has some easy-to-work-with strings, keyboards and even a lot of other sound design shit I wasn't expecting like hybrids and synthesizer pulsings, pretty quick on my years-old desktop. Plus they occasionally update it with more stuff every so often! For free! I'm looking forward to a 1.3 if one ever comes out. And Angel's right, they do post some not-bad video tutorials showing how to get more out of the libraries, so they take some good care of their paying customers. I probably would like to get OE2 the next time I have the money and opportunity to get it set up.