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  1. You get around it by focusing on composition, arranging and mixing. Video game composer professionals have had to work with mediocre samples or worse for 20 years and that's still the most beloved era of videogame music, so sample quality is almost sort of a given that it's not what makes the quality of a song most of the time.
  2. I am so jealous of Switch owners right now that I can feel my armpits turning green with envy. They will rot, fall off, and disconnect my arms along with them. Curse you CAPCOM! I will spend the remaining days of my blighted life in constant prayer for the abyss to rise up from the putrid bowels of hell to take you screaming into the devil's nadir! A pox to your exclusive releases! Nay, a miasma!
  3. Ehh, they don't really need to capitalize on much now. They have more than enough in-house talent to do Mario justice. The Sonic franchise is a whole different beast because it seems no true Scotsman can ever get past the 2D Sega Genesis titles.
  4. Well, you, apparently, since you seem to identify with it here...
  5. Hold on to your taints, folks, or it will explode with excitement like mine did when I discovered this: Holy unshaven eyeballs, does this game look crazy awesome! This is exactly what I hoped to see in the future of gaming from my heyday in the 90s. I can't wait for this to come out and you shouldn't either! Come join me in his vanguard to launch an attack on the programmers and force them to finish it immediately!* * - No, not really, just hyperbole out of excitement. Here is the demo:
  6. This topic further adds evidence to my theory that OCR folks from across the epochs and such really do keep visiting OCR, they just keep lurking for whatever reason until a topic like this shows up.
  7. I still have plans to remix singles - my reason for not doing nearly as much as I could have is I've largely said I wouldn't do any more until the SD3 project got released so it didn't look like I was not committed to the project (yeah, hindsight) and then by the time it got to be where I felt like that no longer applied, I got entangled in a brand new long-lasting web of indie game work that keeps me super busy to date. Thankfully, my experience and skill and tools have REALLY improved in that time period and I'm just busting at the seams to do some new remix work, but now I don't have the time and opportunities I would like. Ever hear a composer complain about having too much paying work? Well, I don't want to do THAT lest you sumbitches respond wanting to take my jobs, but the bottom line is its 5:20AM, I'm still up working and yes, I'd love to still be doing remixes of other game music right now.
  8. That's a strange way to spell "awesome!".
  9. Free or $1+ copy of Ozone 8 Elements (depending on your point of view on it) Need to buy something at least $1 worth on Pluginboutique to be eligible here.
  10. Site question, not issue - wasn't sure where else to ask. How long do warning points last on accounts?
  11. We're getting off topic here, but I think Nintendo and some people STILL use the Roland Sound Canvas for their Nintendo games. Like retail or higher than indie level virtual releases.
  12. A Roland JV2080 is not "something like" a Roland Sound Canvas. It's a higher grade instrument tool that was marketed to professionals at the time. The Sound Canvas, useful though it turned out to be in a professional setting, was geared more for hobbyists and PC gamers. "Something like" a Roland Sound Canvas would've been a Yamaha XG unit or an MU box, or Korg's 05R/W or X5D. Sorry for the pedantry, I'm still pretty high on my ancient ROMpler kick.
  13. There's no Roland Sound Canvas on any of them. The second one uses is most likely a JV-2080. The first one is a much, much higher quality song (or rather two songs, they definitely don't like a single composition) with a much higher quality piano and orchestral instruments - maybe even the real deal. I personally think the orchestral set from the second part of the first track is Kenji ito, no idea who the first part is. Yoko Shimomura is again the best guess for the second one, or possibly Alph Lyla/Capcom Sound Team from some of their mid-90s arrange output, but that song never came up. I don't even think they're from the same soundtrack. I think they're all random songs from random soundtracks.
  14. After searching around some more, I start to get why this particular music mystery seems to be a bit more infectious than usual - both recordings really do sound like you can ALMOST identify them or find them easily... until you try to search for them and still come up with nothing. Interestingly enough, from the OP's Youtube videos on the same, it's kind of like a weird music rorschach test where it seems to inspire a variety of suggestions as to what they could be, from Falcom to some non-existent Japanese composer called Ryuji Kawamura (sigh...). Unfortunately, since all we have to go on are some 12kbs MP3s and nothing else, it will probably forever remain a mystery since we'd definitely need more clues before solving it. I think the trail here is long frozen cold.
  15. That's no amateur. Yoko Shimomura is probably a really good clue there, like SquareWave said, as those sound like higher quality samples she used in Super Mario RPG (I think those were JV2080; fairly common in those days but her actual sample selections less so). Of course, the recordings are so muddied that even trying to identity it as a famous song could be obscured.
  16. Not a software or music deal in the same vein as others, per se, but I highly recommend someone pick this up all the same: This is seriously probably the best ROMpler Roland ever made and DEFINITELY the best you can get for $100. This thing has JV1080, JV2080, D50, XV, GM and Fantom sounds in it. This unit alone has 1,000+ sounds with samples that are still very usable today AND all of them come out in .WAV quality sampling, which is actually a step-up from its more popular predecessor the XV-5080. If I didn't already have one, I'd scramble to get it. I can't say enough good about the XV5050. I love this machine so much that I'd probably have sex with it if I thought I could.
  17. I was going to post on this a while ago but I got sidetracked by work and a lack of sleep, so I'll do it now before I forget: This is an awesome looking new game for the NES that's basically a horror version of Punch-Out!! It's not a rom hack (I'm pretty sure it's not at least), it's just built to really look and act like Punch-Out!! but with the horror gimmick to it. There's only 11 fighters, according to a review of it, but it doesn't progress the same way Punch-Out!! does. It looks like you get to choose your fighters similar to Mega Man and they all have several different fighting scripts each to flesh out the experience in a different way. I'm not involved with the development of this game in any way, I just thought it's one of the most interesting homebrew games I've seen in a while and wanted to share it.
  18. Native Instruments MASSIVE - 50% off. Expiration Date: September 3rd
  19. I think it's still about 70 minutes per "musical" album (as though there'd be confusion as to what kind of album it would be) as the maximum and seemingly the choice for many who can really output at a prodigious productivity. My opinion is that putting down $9.99 for music should net me at least 2 virtual albums of music, or one physical disc I really want (like from a retail game OST). If you're someone who needs to ask how long they should do an album to attract people to pay $9.99, then I don't recommend you do a 70+ minute album or price it anywhere close to $9.99. It loses accessibility needed to build you up to the kind of artist who can better justify those parameters. Instead, I recommend breaking up such a hypothetical project into smaller releases, maybe 30-45 minutes, and charging $3-$5 for them a piece. I think that would make your starting releases much more accessible to people scouting around for new things they might like.
  20. I know a lot of people aren't super into royalty-free sample-phrase based libraries, which I think is ridiculous, but this is worth posting: Black Octopus - 8 packs for $8.00 Sale Expiration Date: 24 hour sale, though I'm not entire sure what hour it started.
  21. I'd be interested in shouldering up the last track at least, but again I speak from pure speculatory interest rather than what I've got going on in the real world. It would definitely be a nice break in my routine even if it still meant more music work. Do Touchstone's themes direction from the first page still apply? Or as long as someone turns in an OCR-worthy mix of something on the list?
  22. I know what I'm buying later today: Soundspot - Glitch - $5.00 (marked down from $50.00) Expiration Date: August 31st
  23. Ok, so we've been merged back to the original thread. Not really what I had in mind, but whatever. Deals continue now that I have some time for it. 8DIO - New Rhythmic Aura 1 - $28.00 (marked down from $198.00) Expiration Date: August 6th, Midnight. Big Fish Audio - 50% off loops, 30% off instruments. 1654 products (!) eligible. Expiration Date: August 13th
  24. Most of that may not be necessary at a junction like this. It's a question of how many finished tracks are available and accessible and whether or not proper permission can be granted for someone else to take it over. Ambitious though I am, it's neither my place nor my habit to just jump in the captain's chair without getting Star Fleet approval to do so.