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  1. FUCK YOU JAMES. Also, needs more me/less Jeff, Icy.
  2. Heh, this shall be grand, no doubt.
  3. Yeah, I can see that. Still exudes a little bit of an OLR vibe to be, but maybe that was just on the first listen.
  4. Ahha, that's got to be the best out-of-the-box type sig I've ever seen.
  5. Congrats for lasting at least one more year, Taucer. Keep up the living.
  6. Y'know, the opening bit of the song made me think it was an April Fools-type thing, only in July. Then, the actual song started. It was epic. So I'm not sure how I feel about the opening, but once the REAL music starts, this song's awesome.
  7. WesPip

    Xbox 360

    Yeah, that's the main reason I'm after an Elite instead of just a "Premium" or "Pro" or whatever they're called. HDMI secks.
  8. WesPip

    Xbox 360

    ...Hm. So apparently the 360 Elites are kinda tough to find lately. Funny, considering how long the 360 has been out, and the fact that Ps3s are lining shelves everywhere now.
  9. Well..your last album was good, but despite that, we'll call my buying your birthday present.
  10. Mazedude. God of War. Stir together until melty and thoroughly mixed. Eat and enjoy the deliciousness.
  11. If nothing else, this gives me a few more ideas for games I wanna play, as I'm sure it does for a bunch of people. So all was not in vain!
  12. We played last night Icy, BUT YOU WERE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. It was just me, Jeff, Deimos, and Fang/Sliver...but still.
  13. WesPip

    Final Fantasy XII

    OHHHHHHHHHHH. I was wondering why the large ones seemed to just randomly appear. Heh, shame I've already finished that bit, then.
  14. This is the problem with posting LATER. Most everything has already been said. I look forward to the full version too. Nothing against pixie, but this version seems to have a little more going on in my opinion. Yeah.
  15. Ooh, downloading. Will comment uh...sometime not-too-far away
  16. SOME OF US DON'T HAVE 360'S YET SHUTUP. Also, I just started a new job, so my hours are all fucked up. Might be a while til I get on again. =\
  17. WesPip

    Final Fantasy XII

    This is the lower levels of the Pharos, or am I misunderstanding? 'Cause for the Pharos, you need to "light" the pedestals in each "corner" [right in the "main" part of the corner, ie: the first room] with varying numbers of Black Orbs til it says you can't put anymore on/in. Once you do that in all four corners, you can take the elevator to the next floor down.