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  1. Battletoads on the SNES with the hoverbikes...
  2. pu_freak

    I think someone stole the BadAss logo?

    Oh wow, that's lame. Nobody should profit from BadAss except we as directors ;P Have you contacted Polar Eclipse yet?
  3. I'm afraid I'll have to drop my claim on this... perhaps I'll rejoin if there's still something up for grabs in a few weeks. Sorry guys
  4. pu_freak

    Chrono Cross Remix Project - submitted!

    If my health permits me, I'll start working on something for Garden of God
  5. pu_freak

    Super Mario Galaxy Album

    Oh a new thread! I've got a slightly strange request: I've long wanted to do a main theme/good egg/gusty garden, but good egg galaxy is obviously done already would it be ok if I did such a combination for this project or should I just act normal already and just do a gusty garden mix? (assuming it's up for grabs again)
  6. pu_freak

    Secret of Mana

    Awesome guys, it sounds like we have a team then! I'll send you a PM
  7. pu_freak

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

  8. pu_freak

    Secret of Mana

    Does that mean you won't be able to do your collab? And I've put you down for A Curious Happening Jorito! Also: Hylian Lemon posted a WIP on the forums, so check it out! I'll give feedback next week
  9. pu_freak

    Secret of Mana

    Well don't let me hold you back, the project can always use more good mixes
  10. pu_freak

    Secret of Mana

    Great, thanks Alex! In some less optimistic news, it seems that my current medical situation (migraine/epilepsy-related stuff) will most likely not allow me to commit the time to this project I require as a project director. I understand this is quite annoying since I've just taken the lead on this thing - and believe me, I'm bummed out as least as much as you guys. I can of course still bug people about deadlines, but that's not nearly enough to manage such a big project. So, we really need a replacement if we want to manage this succesffully tl;dr: medical stuff, new management needed
  11. pu_freak

    Secret of Mana

    Ah right, thanks for the reminder On another note (I already PM'ed this to the artists), but we're looking for an assistant director to aid in harassing the artists by PM and help give feedback on the tracks
  12. pu_freak

    Secret of Mana

    Alright guys, I made a new project thread, since I can't update the first post of this one. The thread is here: Please continiue the discussion there Sent you a PM!
  13. pu_freak

    Secret of Mana

    Secret of Mana Project This is a continiuation of the SoM project thread by Bahamut. Since Bahamut has much less time on his hands to co-direct this project due to an awesome job promotion (congrats man!), I'm taking the lead on this project. Bahamut will be there to evaluate songs, but his role will be a lot smaller. That said: Welcome to the new Secret of Mana project thread! First of all, the basics: Staff: Directors: pu_freak, Bahamut Assistant director: Not found yet Mastering: Not found yet Site builder: Not found yet Art: keiiii, Odai Project Forums: http://SoMOCR.proboards.com/ Tracklist: Finished WAV (6): 08 - Dancing Animals (Guifrog) 11 - It Happened Once (Guifrog) 24 - The Legend (Devastus) 32 - Ceremony (Radiowar) 37 - The Oracle (The Legendary Zoltan) 42 - Now Flightless Wings (Mikeaudio) 43 - The Second Truth From the Left (Sir Jordanius) Substantial WIP (1): 09 - Distant Thunder (halc) WIP (2): 02 - A Curious Tale (Hylian Lemon) 20 - Calm before the Storm (PabloComa) Claim (21): 01 - Fear of the Heavens (Ergosonic) 03 - Phantom and a Rose (zyko) 04 - Together Always (Hakstock) 06 - Into the Thick of It (Ergosonic) 07 - The Color of the Summer Sky (Rexy) 10 - The Little Sprite (Audio Fidelity, bustatunez, DrumUltimA, Jeff Ball, Abi Coffer) 15 - What the Forest Taught Me (Harmony & djpretzel) 17 - Spirit of the Night (RebeccaETripp) 18 - Did You See the Ocean (Ergosonic) 19 - Danger (Sagnewshreds & jnWake) 22 - Flight of the Unknown (Sagnewshreds) 23 - Eternal Recurrence (pu_freak) 25 - A Bell is Tolling (Chernabogue) 26 - A Curious Happening (Jorito) 28 - The Dark Star (Darangen) 29 - Prophecy (Sbeast) 31 - Whisper and Mantra (RebeccaETripp) 34 - Leave Time For Love (GaMetal) 35 - Still of the Night (Ergosonic) 41 - Meridian Dance (Fishy) 44 - I Closed My Eyes (dannthr) Up for grabs (13): 05 - Fond Memories 12 - In the Dead of Night 13 - Mystic Invasion 14 - Secret of the Arid Sands 16 - A Wish 21 - The Wind Never Ceases 27 - Monarch on the Shore 30 - Steel and Snare 33 - Morning is Here 38 - A Conclusion 39 - I Won't Forget (als featured in SD3) 40 - One of Them is Hope Deadlines: November 1st January 1st - ONLY WIPS ACCEPTED (no more claims) March 1st May 1st - ONLY SUBSTANTIAL WIPS ACCEPTED July 1st September 1st - FINAL CUT-OFF DATE The deadlines are SET IN STONE. The project will not wait for a song to be finished; in other words: most likely, not every song on the soundtrack will be featured on the album. Too many albums have been delayed for far too long because of late addition mixes or slow mixers, which is damaging for the mixes already finished. You can miss one deadline, but otherwise, your song is up for grabs. This obviously doesn't count for the final deadline: if I don't have a WAV by then, your song won't be included on the album. FAQ: Can I join? Of course, if you're a posted mixer and want to mix a song that's up for grabs you'll get a claim. If you're not a posted mixer, you'll have to show me a good WIP. Can I mix a song that's already been mixed on the project? I'd prefer if everybody chose a song that isn't featured yet. However, if you can show me a really good WIP from which I think is in a completely new direction than the song we already have, you can. Is there a genre requirement? No, you can do whatever you think fits the source. I do, however, prefer the mixes to be more on the conservative side than on the really liberal side. What's the quality you're going for? OCR-level quality; I will be really strict (ask the mixers from BadAss 3 :P) and will ask for many updates if we (the staff) feel like the track isn't good enough yet. That's it for now!
  14. pu_freak

    Secret of Mana

    Sorry to hear that man, but thanks for the heads up! EDIT: I PM'ed all the artists that have a claim/WIP for this project. If you didn't recieve anything, please let me know!
  15. pu_freak

    Secret of Mana

    He'll send me everything he received so far shortly, but it would be faster if you PM'ed me