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  1. I start with the drums. I try to get a nice balance between the kick and snare, then I'll bring in the overhead, hat and toms. Then I'll bring up the rest of the rhythm section and add the drum ambience (room mics). Once I get a good balance there I'll start to bring in the leads (vocals, guitars, whatev) and continue to play with the drum room tracks since they tend to disappear when you keep adding instruments.
  2. I mouse everything in! Use only patterns! Then I export a MIDI file and do the rest somewhere else.
  3. I'm using the older Volumes 1 and 2 Slate samples, back when they were in Kontakt and GOG formats. For the crunch guitars I just used a quick Overloud TH2 patch using the Rectifier model, channel 3 in Vintage mode with low drive into a couple of 4x12 cab impulses. For the driven guitars, same thing only channel 2 in Modern mode.
  4. My quick mix. Used Slate on the kick and snare, put a high pass on the overhead, comp'd the hell out of the vocals and EQ'd pretty aggressively. Re-amped the DI guitar tracks and compressed and EQ'd the bass track. Also, didn't use the double vocal. I just feel like it didn't really fit the track too well.
  5. Sounds like a bright bridge pickup (could be single coil) into a bright amp like a Marshall or a Vox with a small amout of overdrive.
  6. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=31018
  7. I like physical CDs. They're just cool to have.
  8. Hendrix's cover of All Along the Watchtower. SRV's cover of Voodoo Chile. SRV's cover of Little Wing. Pendulum's
  9. Sixto

    Preset Hate

    I love Nexus because of the presetssss. I use it more often than even Omnisphere. I don't like using drum loops, though, unless I mash them up a lot. I hate when I can hear a loop in a song and know that's it's the same loop I've heard elsewhere before.
  10. That's a lead guitar technique. Shreddage is mainly for rhythm guitar.
  11. I could try to master a few if people would like.
  12. ocr: zircon, snappleman, nekofrog, norg, stemage, danimal cannon, djp, xRisingForce other: steve vai, andy timmons, joe satriani, eric johnson, stevie ray vaughan, DIMMU BORGIR, metallica (yes, i still love them), and j-rock bands like abingdon boys school
  13. AREEEEEEEEK! Happy birthday, sexy man.
  14. Kick some ass, Wes! Learn to be a badass sniper or somethin!
  15. Oh, didn't read the pickup part. There's this one though it's $50 above your $500 budget. Still, mine has the most amazing action I've ever played on a sub-$1000 acoustic guitar. Same model just no pickup since I don't play live and I prefer to record with a condenser mic.
  16. CarvinCarvinCarvinCarvinCarvinCarvin! I REALLY love mine. So does Taucer. So will YOU!
  17. YESSSSSSSS, can't believe I forgot about that one. Such an awesome sequel.
  18. Uncharted 2(Uncharted 3 soon!), Mass Effect 2(HUUUUGE improvement over the first and, of course, Mass Effect 3 soon!) and God of War 3 are my absolute favorite sequels.
  19. Favorite part was "You were my new dream." "..and you were mine." Favorite musical moment is the dance in the town. So good. The whole movie is soooo good. Definitely getting the Blu-ray later this month.
  20. Is THIS why you came back?!
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