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  1. Happy birthday, POD HD!
  2. BRODERLAAAAANDS! I am so ready for this. I have 128 hours clocked on Borderlands 1. The co-op is soooo much fun.
  3. The giant circles are even bigger now! Happy birthday, Jimmy.
  4. I just started reading the first book. First book I've read in 17-18 years. Really good stuff.
  5. Think you can share that in 1920x1080? Would make a cool wallpaper.
  6. Interesting. I'll have to check it out after the update.
  7. All Line6 amps are digital. That's software. Even their tube amps have digital modelling in the signal path.
  8. This just sounds like sloppy timing. If you care enough about your music that you want to record it, don't take any shortcuts. Just record it twice. You're also going to end up with phasing issues when you do this copy/paste/delay thing.
  9. Awesome trailer. Es muy bueno.
  10. Could look into this Line6 interface. It's what I used before I was able to get my Firewire interface to work and it worked great. Also comes with Line6 Pod Farm software. Lots of very cool effects to play with. http://www.zzounds.com/item--LINPSGX
  11. YEEEEEEAH! I love this track because playing through SO3 was the first time I'd heard original rock music in a video game. Then this song track came up when I had to fight a DRAGON. So awesome. Oh, and this song was actually the inspiration for my Tales of Phantasia remix "Sumnoned Without Reason."
  12. Sixto

    Witcher 2

    I've played through it twice on hard and a third time on a sort of god mode. So good. Weird bugs, though. Lots of conversations with NPCs end with me standing in a campfire, covered in flames.
  13. Sixto

    JJT releases an EP

    It's reeeeeeeeeeeally good. JJT's such a hip guy.
  14. The sex scenes are some of my favorite parts! They help make the show seem so raw and violent along with all the rawness and violence.
  15. Such a badass show. Fire cannot kill a DAGORN.
  16. Ugliest headstock and inlay design I have ever seen. Edit: I like the sound of the snare, just probably wouldn't have chosen it for this kind of music. Transients are too soft sounding. Needs more stick crack.
  17. Oh yeah, I used a bit more compression on the vocals and then used a de-esser. Also used a short delay just to give it some room.
  18. That's...pretty ingenious. I'm going to give the mix another shot later, this time using Drumtracker so I can use a Superior 2 kit. Edit: Mix B Converted the kick, snare, and toms to MIDI and brought them into the Superior 2 Metal Foundry library for a more natural sound than the Slate samples. I had also tracked the crashes and ride, but the hihat was a bit trickier than I expected so I used the original overhead track with a high pass.
  19. Ohoho! Then wow, you did a pretty great job.
  20. Sounds good to me. Your kick and snare choices are way better than mine were.
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