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    Dark Souls

    Yea, same as it was with Demon's Souls. They didn't really advertise either game much so most people around here found out about it from a couple of people who picked the game up.
  2. Sixto

    Dark Souls

    It. Is. AWESOME. Harder than Demon's Souls, even. Soooo good.
  3. Ohhh great. Now he's gonna go off on one of this famous birthday tirades.
  4. Just finished Dance. UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.
  5. Is everyone ready for a birthday?!
  6. Definitely. Since you're recording your amp and you'll be using that for tone and not a digital amp plugin, you don't even have to worry about latency since the RME 9632 also features zero latency direct monitoring. That means you can have your project up with all of its plugins and samples, set to a high buffer (even higher than 512) to conserve on CPU usage and still get no latency while recording your amp.
  7. Well I don't know what your budget is like, but I just installed a new PCI audio card in my tower and it works brilliantly. It's an RME 9632 with the optional XLR breakout cables. I have a tube condenser microphone connected to one XLR in, an instrument DI box connected to the other, XLR outs feeding my powered monitors, headphones connected to the TRS out, a POD HD500 (soon to be a POD HD Pro) connected digitally through S/PDIF in, and the S/PDIF out will be feeding back into the POD HD Pro for reamping dry tracks. Plus, the card has an 8-channel ADAT input just in case I ever need any more inputs. When I record at 96kHz I can do so with a 64 sample (1.45ms) buffer. When recording at 44.1kHz I can use a 32 sample (0.725ms!) buffer. That is some crazy low latency. And to top it all off, RME's AD/DA converters and drivers are some of the best in the business. I noticed a huge difference when I connected my monitors and headphones. This might be a somewhat pricey card, but you'd definitely be getting your money's worth. If it is too expensive but you're set on getting a PCI card, look into the M-Audio Delta 1010LT. Same basic idea as the RME 9632, just cheaper.
  8. Yea, analog formats are pretty volatile. You gotta take good care of your records. That's a really cool amp, by the way. I'm with skrupnyuk. I feel like hunting down a nice record player now. Been meaning to since I got a few albums as gifts (Foo Fighters' One By One, Master of Puppets (old record, not a remaster) and Thriller, of course, printed in 1990.)
  9. These things are not an issue with quality components. To get back on track, I don't know how many newer pressings will be the same as older records since most (if not all) music these days is either tracked, mixed, or mastered in the digital realm. As far as quality goes, well, this is where things can get complicated (and potentially expensive). Since you want to listen to records for their pure audio quality, you want to make sure the audio signal never converts to digital otherwise you defeat the purpose. This also means that you now have to take every component into consideration, from the stylus and needle, to the record player, to the pre and power amps, the speakers and even the cables connecting everything together. Then again, you could always just get something like this and only have to worry about what speakers to use.
  10. Because vinyl records have the purest sound. Back then, anyway, before anything was digital. But, like the guy said, to get the best performance you need the best equipment, which is crazy expensive. A CD is to vinyl what a DVD is to 35mm film.
  11. The Sword of God Source (Youtube) So this is a remix of the main theme in Jeanne D'Arc, quite possibly my favorite PSP game. I wanted to have a sort of live sound and feel. Even thought of adding some audience noise but I felt that might be too cheesy. I also had some rhythm guitars recorded but they weren't fitting very well so I got rid of them. Still needs some lead and guitar solo sections as well as some mixing and EQ work. Any comments or criticism is much appreciated.
  12. FL Piano roll all the way! It's actually the only reason I still use FL. Its delicious piano roll.
  13. I used to click in my drums completely but now I use a lot MIDI grooves and make changes where I have to. My go to samples are Superior 2 and its expansions, namely Metal Foundry.
  14. I always throw a limiter on the master track just to protect my monitors. In fact I'm pretty sure most people do it. I wont add the compressor or mess with the limiter functions until the very final stage of mixing, though.
  15. Incredible, just incredible. More vocal remixes from Sir Jordanius!
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