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  1. The Divine Spirit of Language from Star Ocean 3. It's the first time I ever heard a legitimate original rock track in a video game.
  2. 'appy birthday, pig. That'll do.
  3. I use impulses all the time but I like to use Red Wirez over Recabinet.
  4. I hear Figaro is where all the cool kids are.
  5. Lots of new stuff has come out since I made this thread so I'll probably be updating sometime soon. I'll probably also be making a new thread that talks more about setting up all the "virtual knobs" on these goodies so people just starting to learn this stuff (and all you Shreddage users!) can get a better idea of how to craft their own tones.
  6. Okay, I gave this thing a try. Horrible. Sounds as bad as the Gratifier model. Totally unusable low end, in my opinion. Keep your eyes peeled for Line 6's new POD HD, though. It might be pretty cool. 16 brand new amp models, designed from the ground up. Supposedly sounds even more realistic than the modelling in the AxeFX.
  7. Niiiiiiiiice! Thought you said you couldn't play lead guitar, you big, fat liar.
  8. DJP's GeroduInterlude and Prot's BrainsickMetal pulled me to OCR inspired me to remix.
  9. I *think* the way the increase works is that all the enemies are matched to your level.
  10. Sixto


    I've only read bad reviews about the game so I stayed away from it. Here's ZP's review of it. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/1703-Nier
  11. Getting a good bass tone is so hard for me, (probably because I use samples rather than record an actual bass) but I like using Guitar Rig for bass. I try to get that clean/overdriven layered sound but I never seem to get it juuust right. Drives me crazy sometimes.
  12. Chords and chord changes. Build up some strength. Take a song like Highway to Hell, Back in Black, or even something like Green Day's Good Riddance, songs with easy chords and easy progressions. Practice them over and over until you're able to fret chords cleanly and change them quickly.
  13. Yea, Reaper can use VST plugins. It's a pretty great DAW and not just because it's so cheap.
  14. There are instructions on the Beta forum, though.
  15. First I'd go here and buy the Mesa Rectifier 4x12 pack for $10. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Second, TH1 has its own impulse loader built in, so you don't need to use keFIR. The system in TH1 is even better since it allows you to load two impulses at once and you can have two impulse systems loaded letting you mix 4 impulse files. Third, just take your time. Crafting a good tone takes patience and lots of experimentation at first. Once you pretty much know what settings get you the tone you want, it's easier to set up new presets.
  16. The mic issue can be a pain to fix. Set your main microphone exactly where you want it, then move your second mic into place. If the second mic is even the tiniest bit closer or further away from the speaker, you'll be out of phase. Another way to fix it is in your DAW by manually moving the track left or right until the two tracks match up perfectly. You'll have to really zoom in and make the tiniest adjustments. The attenuator thing is very cool. THD Hotplates cost around $300-350 for 8 ohms. There is also something called a Weber Mass which is usually under $200. Both work very well.
  17. I saw that a couple of days ago but haven't tried it. Seems pretty cool, stand alone Dual Rectifier model. Looks like it actually models the older 2 channel amp. Interesting. I'll have to check it out. Also, I do agree that putting microphones on a good amp will sound better than a digital modeler but it's not as easy as Brandon makes it seem. If you don't have a good mic and a decent preamp in a good, treated room where you're able to push the amp hard enough to get the speakers to move air, you're not going to get a good sound. Brandon's clip sounds like a tube amp, yeah. It sounds lively and organic, but there are touches of comb filtering and phasing from using two mics and not taking the time to make sure they're in phase, there are bad reflections from the room, and the tone itself is very boxy like the speakers had no room to breathe. Sure, you can run it through a bunch of equalizer and compression plugins, but then your tone will just end up being as digital as any modelling software. What I like to do is run my amp heads into something like a THD Hotplate, which is an attenuator and a dummy load. This let's you turn on the amp while not having speakers connected without blowing up your amp. You take the line out of the Hotplate and plug into your DAW, then use quality speaker cabinet impulses like those from Redwirez. Then you get the organic qualities of a living, breathing tube amp, the ability to crank it to 10 without bothering the neighbors, and you get the benefit of professionally recording speaker cabinets in a controlled studio space using microphones and other outboard gear that you could probably never be able to afford in a lifetime.
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