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  1. I recorded a boatload of pinch squeals for Shreddage. They're very pinchy and very squealy, so go buy Shreddage for sure.
  2. [18:11] <Brandon> Studio Devil and TH1 are my top-shelf amp sim things, but they still dont beat out a properly mic'ed half stack [18:12] <+sixto|cubase> i'd put any of my th1 tones up against any of your mic'd amp tones Sorry to hijack your thread, Luiza! Anyway, here's my take on that riff using Overloud TH1. Funny you should say that because that's pretty much how tube amps react. That's why alot of metal players like to stick an overdrive pedal in front of their amps.
  3. Okay! I've tried them all and I like each one for certain things. Guitar Rig 4 has my favorite JCM800 and JMP sounds as well as really spot-on Fender Twin and Vox AC30 models. This is my go-to software for clean tones. Simply hate the higher gain amps like the Gratifier and the Uberschall model, though. Guitar Rig 4 also has the coolest tape echo model I've ever heard. I love using it in full stereo. Amplitube 3 has great Fender models in them, perfect for clean stuff. I also like the JCM 900 and 800 models pretty well. Really dislike the other high gain models. They do have really good pedal models, though, especially the overdrives and distortions. Waves GTR? Well, they have really nice clean sounds but most of the overdrive/distortion tones sound really bad like they're focused around the 3-4kHz area. Good quality Waves effects, though. Revalver MK III has really good Peavey amp models if that's what you're into. Especially the JSX model. The non-Peavey models are pretty mediocre to me, though you can do a hell of alot of tweaking to find a good sound. That's probably what Revalver is best at. The endless amount of tweaking you can do. Pretty good pedal models, too, but what I like most is being able to add your own VST plugins anywhere in the signal chain. Very useful. Line 6's POD Farm software is neat as well. Tons of guitar AND bass amps and effects, easy to dial in a fairly good tone, pretty good mic preamp models, too. The Line 6 tones sound too digital to my ears at times, but it's pretty easy to cover some of that up in a full mix. My favorite software by FAR for high gain tones has to be TH1 Overloud. Best digital high gain amp models I've ever heard, especially the Mesa Rectifier model. They model almost EVERYTHING from the amp. All three channels and every mode available on each channel. Its 5150 model is also pretty terrific and the effects are top-notch. This is probably the only amp sim software that includes an EQ with low and high pass filtering. Anyway, tl;dr. They're all lovely!
  4. If you're not plugging into an amp and speakers or using a digital amp sim plugin you're going to want some kind of high end roll-off or a lo-pass filter otherwise you're going to have nasty, uncontrollable fizz. If you want something cheap take a look at Behringer pedals. Here's a Tube Screamer overdrive clone and here's a distortion/feedback pedal.
  5. Weeeell, not too many guitars come stock with the kind of switching that's available on the Guthrie Govan Model (Fishy was just telling me minutes ago about the "Blower" switch and it sounds really cool) except for some of the Carvin guitars. You can get phase and coil-splitting switches installed. You might be interested in this model here. That model with a mahogany body, maple through-body neck, bookmatched flame-maple top with a ruby red stain and blackburst edges, Floyd Rose tremolo with a locking nut, abalone dot inlays on a maple fretboard, 2 coil splitting switches and a phase switch, including a form-fitted hardshell case will go for $1,299.00 (£835.14). I've never tried Carvin guitars myself but I only hear good things about them.
  6. Torchlight with gamepad support (which is actually coming to consoles!!!). Also, Brutal Legend with less RTS-based and more action-based battles.
  7. what is the rape ape?! щ(゚Д゚щ)

  8. Hip Tanaka says "Happy Birthday, Yngwie!"
  9. Niiiiiiiice! I loved the 3 PS3 releases. I'm ready for more!
  10. I woke up maybe 20 minutes before 8am and right away I was thirsty as hell. It was grueling but I MADE IT. 12+ hours with no food or water or getting pissed or any of that stuff. Soon as it was 8:14pm I must have drank close to a gallon of water and ice in less than 5 minutes. All in all it was a good experience. Self control is eggsellent.
  11. Happy birthday from your friend SIXTO.
  12. I just watched this MINUTES ago. Soooo awesome. Would see it again and again and again.
  13. http://www.theartsmusicstore.com/lespaulstylerestring.htm Took me 5 seconds to Google that.
  14. Idunno about the Satch combo. That bridge pickup is pretty much what makes Satch sound like Satch. Almost like a wah pedal stuck halfway up. The typical Seymour Duncan setup is a JB in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck. Good setup for all styles of music. I liked it in my old Les Paul.
  15. Studio music. Too many bands get help from the "ProTools" treatment and it becomes painfully obviously in a live show.
  16. Oooooookay, I'm in for Saturday.
  17. Sixto

    My Farewell

    Good luck, Wesley! You'll have a bunch of grunts saluting you in no time! (Oh God, don't make Brushfire a mod!)
  18. Back in the day I don't think games took up to 40 hours to finish.
  19. PS3 Games 360 Games And here's what I mainly use my PS3 for!
  20. I hate rap. HATE IT. But I like this remix. It's fun and it makes me want to party all night with some...bitches? Nice work, JOECAMNET. (BTW I don't hate rap, but I DO like Nickelback. )
  21. There's lots of ground bone in the cheaper burger joint meats. This is what my friend tells me, anyway. He and his wife work in meat.
  22. This was never made specifically for DoD. Somebody, I forget who, just convinced me to submit my wip to DoD since it was free month. Anywho, thanks for the comments guise. You make me blush.
  23. Hard game is HARD. But I loved every minute of it. Was pretty addicted to it for a while.
  24. I do all the piano roll stuff in FL, but all my recording and mixing in Cubase 5.
  25. Sixto

    Dragon Quest IX

    Started playing today at work. I love it! It's everything I liked about DQ8 with none of that silly random encounter rubbish. You get to design your own character and what's cool is that all of your equipment changes are visible. Haven't tried any of the multi-player yet but it sounds like fun. Best DS game I've picked up yet.
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