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  1. Such a funny guy. And he never drank....wine. RIP, Leslie Nielsen.
  2. I had the HD500 for a while then I returned it. Not that it was a bad device. It's a GREAT tool with incredible sounds. It literally is what it's named. A POD but in HD. Huge leap forward from the PODxt's tones. The HD500 is also the only one of the 3 that allows you to run two amp models and cabinets at once. The only things I didn't like about the 500 were the complete lack of a power switch and the headache-inducing patch editing. Even using the editing software on a PC is cumbersome, not as streamlined as POD Farm or even the Gearbox software.
  3. I would place that condenser a liiiiittle bit closer, maybe only an inch or two away from the grill and I'd put that 57 right up against the grill to where it's touching. I'd also maybe angle the 57 a little to get a warmer, darker tone and I'd aim it to the point where the center of the speaker meets the cone instead of aiming it dead-center.
  4. Thanks, everyone! You guys are the best.
  5. Finally got around to getting a McRib today. Ate about a third of it and a few of the soggy fries they gave me before I felt like I was dying. It was pretty painful.
  6. Happy birthday, little Darke.
  7. Hmmm. XBL points would be cool! I also love candies like Sweetarts and Runts and it's been oooooh so long since I've had Nerds. I used to love those so much. Also just got into comic books again, sort of. Read some of the Superman stuff (Last Son and Red Son). Wouldn't mind more. Been meaning to look into the Scott Pilgrim stuff to be more specific. Other than that, idunno! Guitar accessories, fantasy-themed stuff (Star Wars, LOTR, anything with DRAGONS!!!) and Coily Cables are all gooood. Surprise me!
  8. Oh, should we write out a list of stuff we'd like to get like in last year's thread? I thought it was pretty convenient.
  9. Happy Birthday to Doulifffffee, the one and only merovingian! A French cake for you!
  10. Character name, NeoForte? And are you gonna be on tomorrow?
  11. Was anyone other than Douli, Edge, and myself on Figaro? We need a bigger OCR linkshell!
  12. Signed. First time I've heard about any of this.
  13. Felíz cumpleaños, starla!
  14. Great googly moogly! There are people that level already?!
  15. YEEEEEEEAH I finally got onto Figaro as Professor Sixto! Where's the OCR linkshell?!
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