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    Safari 4

    Opera has this feature too (and had it LONG before these browsers copied it), but unlike Safari, it lets you SET which pages appear, instead of automatically adding any site you visit a lot. Use Safari! Show your visiting friends your favorite porn sites every time you open a new tab, without even telling Safari you want to!
  2. Nobody responded to me? >_< Guess nobody on OCR plays both Street Fighter and Guilty Gear. So I got to play SF4 for a few hours. Guess what? It's great! My strongest observation on the differences between SF4 and GGXXAC is that SF4 relies really heavily on strategy and mindgames, whereas a GGXXAC player needs really good reflexes on top of good mindgames to be good. This is not poking either game, but it seems playing smart is more important than playing fast in SF4. Focus attacks are cool. It looks like they make great anti-airs for everything except really quick jabs. With no air blocking, jumping is really dangerous - a huge change from GG where double jumps, air dashes, and air faultless defense keeps players airborn quite a bit. Looking forward to playing more SF4. This is one of the few fighting games outside of GG and BlazBlue that I can really get into. It looks pretty deep too, with a wide variety of characters and strategies. ====== Concerning the Mad Catz SF4 pads, it's a huge improvement over the 360 pads. Having a good D-pad is really important if you are using a pad. I still haven't found an answer as to whether I can get a converter or something to plug my ps2 arcade stick into a 360. Any ideas? I've got an HRAP 2:SA
  3. Hey, I haven't played Street Fighter since Super (Yeah, not even Super Turbo) in the mid 90s, but I'm an avid Guilty Gear player. I've seen SF3 played, and from what I've seen, I don't like the direction it's taken. It looks like SF4 is at least in part a return to the past, with virtually every SF2 character represented, but also a new and quite interesting looking game mechanics. it also looks like in the 10+ years I haven't played SF, the movelists really haven't changed much, just supers added, and a few tweaks here and there. How are the game mechanics? I hear the focus attacks are pretty neat. Any GG players here? Care to shed some light from that perspective? Oh, one more question. Are there PS2->360 converters available? I've got an arcade stick for PS2 I've been using for Guilty Gear, and would like to use it for SF4 as well instead of shitty 360 d-pads.
  4. Yay favorites thread! Lode Runner: The Legend Returns Megarace
  5. Wrong. This is correct. Also, In my experience, Slayer is one of the easiest players to be good with in GG (as of Accent Core), along with Potemkin, Axl, and May. Here at Georgia Tech we've got like 5 slayer players, one of whom just started playing GG a week ago and is already kicking ass. If you want a hard character to be good with in GG, look at Johnny or Bridget. I primarily use Baiken and Robo-Ky.
  6. On windows? XMPlay for audio. CCCP + MPC for video. On *nix? audacious for audio mplayer for video On Mac? iTunes for audio VLC for video
  7. Whether or not it's legal, it's definitely unethical.
  8. Arrangements, covers, remixes, or original soundtracks? Here are some good OSTs in my opinion, and in no particular order: Castlevania series Okami Mega Man series Ace Attorney series F-Zero series (GX/AX in particular) Metroid series Skies of Arcadia Sonic series, genesis era Donkey Kong Country series (Aquatic and factory themes from DKC1, just about anything from DKC 2, some good 6/8 meter songs in there) Chrono Trigger Beyond Good and Evil Final Fantasy series Guilty Gear XX There are tons more I could list. Just look at what songs have been remixed on this site: Well represented games tend to have good OSTs.
  9. Drack

    Left 4 Dead

    You can tell that closets are one element of balance in multiplayer. As of the last time I played L4D, consider this about No Mercy. The closet near the elevator is still there in multiplayer, but the one in the building in the finale was gone. Valve knows about the strategy. Now, I have seen what looked like an exploit - hiding under the metal ramp (close to the helipad) at No Mercy finale - and I bet Valve either will or already has removed the ability to go under there. It's obviously not an intended closet.
  10. Found the page at http://nitouhei.blog42.fc2.com/category11-10.html I'm only intermediate in Japanese so someone else can probably do a better job, but here's what I make of it: Video Game Music 2006/10/01 23:59 Legend of Zelda Heavy Impact Today's tune is the familiar music of Lon Lon Ranch. OLRina of Time OBTAIN YOUR SONGS Sweet Horse The remixer's name is Txai This music is Epona's Song from Ocarina of Time. The original song has a calm, peaceful melody. The music is just one minute long, but listening to it you can tell it was well-made and carefully done.
  11. See http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=496342&postcount=82 Necrotic has moved the site to http://ocr.anarchygaming.com/ I've updated my sig and the first post of the ClanOCR thread to link there.
  12. Oh snap! Send me a PM about adminning it (unless you want to take over and can understand how my PHP scripts work). I'll update my sig and the top post to show the new url. By the way, any games anyone wants added?
  13. Yeah, it wasn't unique to the Dreamcast, but that was my biggest exposure to that style of saving games. I wish all of today's consoles did that.
  14. The Dreamcast had the best memory card system. instead of each game saving their fixed size data - holding, say, 3 savegames - in one fixed size block, each savegame had its own block on the card. Unlimited saves per game, and they only took as much space as needed if you only had, say, one save per game.
  15. Most Definitely. "An Empty Tome" needs a remix
  16. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core. Edit: Yes I know it wasn't released in 2008. But I didn't play it before this year.
  17. Gave: Laptop (a nice one!) and some other hardware to go with it like a mouse Shoes Got: SDHC Cards Night Vision goggles Books Bluetooth portable keyboard/mouse
  18. Drack

    Left 4 Dead

    It seems half of your posts here are aimed at making me look stupid. Seriously, this is not the first time you've tried. I used to be a fan of your contributions to projects like devkitPro, but you keep making an ass out of yourself on OCR acting like everyone here is an idiot. Stop. Of course infected cannot set off the alarms because of balance. Everyone already knows this. It's just not realistic that only survivors set the alarms off.
  19. Yep. Noticed it, and took for granted everyone else noticed it.
  20. Any gameplay differences from the SNES version? Bonus dungeon?
  21. Drack

    Left 4 Dead

    I played a legendary tank today. Snagged ALL 4 DEAD achievement. How'd I do it? 3 incaps in one punch by punching a car into the survivors. By the way, a tank punching the alarm'd car 20 yards through the air doesn't activate the alarm like a survivor brushing up against it does. Hmmm.
  22. iPhone is a terrible gaming device. This effort is wasted.
  23. Drack

    Left 4 Dead

    Odd indeed. I played single player - Just AI with me - The time I used grenades I didn't get the achievement, but the second try I melee'd, and threw&shot gas cans, and got it.
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