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  1. I saw someone mention ninja scroll. The series is pretty decent too.
  2. Kinectimals is freakin' creepy. Seriously give the kid a real cat.
  3. That new 360 model sounds and looks appealing. I can't really say that about Kinect. Nor can I really see Kinect having a huge appeal like the Wii does, especially at that price. D: Anyways, just under 4 hours until the press conference. Lets see some sick games M$. Really though, I am more excited for Nintendo's show than anything.
  4. i keep dying in super mario world
  5. This album is seriously blowing me away. I love this. Your track in particular is probably one of my favorites, mr Zircon.
  6. Zombie

    Zelda II FPS

    zelda 2 made me suffer as well\ i may try this
  7. Haven't heard of it. Will look into it though. Got all 120 stars in Galaxy 2 now, and will probably ease off a bit (but definitely not stop playing). Awesome game and all, but there are other awesome games out that need to be played. Right now, I've revisited Baiten Kaitos. Never beat that game, but besides the horrendous voice-overs, its a great JRPG...and the music is awesome. Also played a bit of Mass Effect today. <3
  8. Might try it someday but with all of the other great games out right now it kind of sank in game-priority for me. Looks fun though.
  9. Mmmmm. Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the Pokeymans. EV training my shiny Jirachi. Also planning on cloning my shiny eevee for an all shiny eeveelution team for the Kanto-half of SoulSilver. When I'm bored at work I have been playing Meteos and Advanced Wars: Dual Strike. But besides that, I'm planning on either picking up Red Dead Redemption or maybe Mass Effect 2 in the future.
  10. Not really big spoilers or anything, but... Yeesh, some of these prankster comets can be tough. Namely been block and that giant mario in the S world. I've died many times on them. Got past beat block though, still working on that giant mario. I'm at 110 stars exactly. Can't really be sure I'll go after the greenies much, in fact I may just try to get all the stars in Galaxy 1 (only ever got like 80ish). But DAMN was this game good.
  11. im listening to signalrunners right now and it's awesome. also, ummett ozcan, jochen miller.
  12. Hey man. That sig is cool, what's it from?

  13. Idk man, I love my precious Mario Kart. It does look fun, but I dunno about dropping $60 on it yet.
  14. this is fantastic Okay, I am seriously buying this album as soon as possible. Sharp, euphoric, catchy melodies, and rolling, oldskool baslines. This is awesome! edit: okay i bought it.
  15. I personally really enjoyed 13's story. Maybe it isn't the strongest story, but it was still one of the better and more original RPG stories out there IMO.
  16. huh they aren''t working for me for some reason. but wow that's a lot! i don't think i ever watched those transmissions, only really gameplay from ign, joystiq, etc. remaining spoiler-free = easier said than done lol. anyways, i want to be a luma. a fat luma. life would be amazing as a luma. i giggle each time one transforms, every single time. it's awesome.
  17. That's what I thought right before I got the game actually. I was watching gameplay and reviews, and then was like "why am i doing this when i can get the game and play it and be even more in awe." with zelda wii, i don't plan on watching much stuff about it either. official trailers and that is all.
  18. So I decided to cancel my Amazon preorder in order to get the game earlier. This game is unbelievable. So far, a bit easy but each level is just fucking awesome, and it's just getting better (and slightly more challenging as I progress to each new Galaxy). I have something like 14 or so stars in the 2nd world. So Good I'll also say that the few tweeks to co-op play is awesome. I was playing with my little brother and I think he was actually having fun, unlike Galaxy 1 co-op. The addition of Luma may not seem like anything huge but it definitely spruces it up a bit than just having a pointer. Very tempted to just not go to work tomorrow and play all day.
  19. Mass Effect had an awesome soundtrack. Definitely glad to see some remixes up here. Very atmospheric, and it definitely sounds like there is just a lot of stuff going on in the track - which is awesome. I agree with the length though... It's too short! I just wanted it to keep going, perhaps including another buildup and drop, but it is still great as it. 4/5.
  20. Zombie


    I love champloo! I have all the DVD's except the last one. But yeah... what I've seen Bleach was okay but kind of "meh" i thought but hey maybe I'll give it another shot. I was going to devote my evening to some games but hey maybe I'll go ahead and watch some stuff.
  21. Zombie


    Well i can't say I am too well-versed in anime but i have been craving some lately, so... Can anyone here who knows there stuff give me any recommendations of anything that has lots of swords? I have a thing for swords.
  22. preordered. unfortunately i wont have it until 25th (hopefully 24th), but whatever. $20 towards another game at amazon is worth the couple days of waiting. but i am hyped for this. great music and creative levels, but that's really just mario for ya. playing through sunshine right now for the first time - it's fun, but it's just not the same as galaxy. G2 can bring it.
  23. What? You sir, are crazy. This game is still awesome. I popped it in the other day and it was a blast. Humor and story is fun and great too. Personally I love those old PS1 and 64 games everyone seems to think are now terrible. I love blocky polygonal graphics with jaggies everywhere on top of dated prerendered backdrops and terrible voice acting. The Resident Evil series will always have a special place in my heart. <3
  24. I will definitely train either the grass one or water one. In the last two pokemon games i trained fire, time for something new. It would have been interesting to have dark/fighting/psychic starters for once. That would be cool. Instead we get the same 3 types as always, but no biggy. I'll just counting on 3DS pokemon for a major series overhaul.
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