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    Wait... So you don't want to read it just because one of the characters is naked in some parts of it?
  2. Zombie


    hands down the best movie i have ever seen. might see it again today.
  3. Fuck yeah. I've been exited for this for a while now. Awesome to see it's finally out!
  4. - make sure homework is always done before class (this is basically every day) - get the rest of my djing stuff (i am almost done with this) - see watchmen on the 6th - purchase RE5 when it comes out - make sure i apply for scholarships soon - fill out the fafsa again - tax refund stuff edit -watch lost
  5. zombie

    you are new here and kind of weird but w/e

  6. Zombie

    Xbox 360

    As there is all this blue dragon talk i am currently selling it in the sell/want thread (i put it up quite a while ago). it says 25 bucks but i'll sell for 20 or maybe 15 Also Star Ocean: The Last Hope, anyone? That game looks like it is going to be a pretty sick rpg.
  7. i really need to add this to my zircon collection. i'll try to purchase within the next few days.
  8. Sounds like a decent game but not something i'd want to pay $50 for. Too many other better games out there at the moment.
  9. that is the best cake ever happy birthday man!
  10. Zombie


    It looks so awesome. I recently just got a great deal on the absolute edition of watchmen; i should be recieving it in the mail any day now.
  11. when you say play do you mean like cover it on an instrument or like open up itunes and click a song and play it
  12. Zombie


    I seriously need to read this again before the movie comes out. I was stupid and gave my copy away...
  13. Zombie

    Xbox 360

    I am down for SSF2THDR anytime
  14. Zombie

    Metal Slug

    I have the wii version and it is fine. Got it for only 10 bucks.
  15. seriously considering slapping down $30 for some uranium ore
  16. I would take this class every semester.
  17. Is this the same demo as the japanese one released months ago? Anyways i'm exited. It may be RE4 on steroids but that is all i want. I'll have to preorder the special edition... it looks pretty sweet.
  18. Seriously? I'm exited for tons of games this year.
  19. dude that song is sick
  20. oh dragon avenger hi happy birfday!
  21. My entire wall behind me is covered in posters, some of which are videogame related. I am kind of considering subscribing to some magazines just for the posters, lol. I plan on having my whole room covered at some point.
  22. I agree with zircon. Though using abelton for djing is awesome.
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