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  1. I will definitely train either the grass one or water one. In the last two pokemon games i trained fire, time for something new. It would have been interesting to have dark/fighting/psychic starters for once. That would be cool. Instead we get the same 3 types as always, but no biggy. I'll just counting on 3DS pokemon for a major series overhaul.
  2. water pokemon honestly looks like it has a penis on him. hate to say it, but it just does.
  3. played today and had some decent games and some kind of meh games. really, i consider myself a casual FPS player, but when i go online... it might as well be halo. i'm mainly into them for campaign because i kind of get owned in them sometimes. some of the games i had today were good but overall my performance is just average in shooters, i'd say. i really dig the classes - i feel they add a new dimension of spontaneity to the game that really isn't in most FPS games. i can use a friggin' jetpack! how awesome. the two maps are pretty fun and balanced too, i feel. reminiscent of older stuff with some newer elements. good stuff.
  4. It was in highschool, probably 2005. I actually saw someone mention it in the pulse section in Nintendo Power. I had been looking for videogame music, so i checked this site out and instantly fell in love with some of the remixes. Wintermute - Lullaby Proximitus was the first mix I listened too... still love it.
  5. I will definitely buy Castle Crashers to play with you (have the trial and it's fun, but I can imagine it being better with other people!).
  6. Oh wow, I was going to guess like 12 or 13 lol.
  7. i am going to this on friday fun fun fun
  8. how old is this justin bieber kid anyway? never really hated him but i cant say that his music is good.
  9. It looks really fun. I really loved the first game so this should be a blast. Plus, it's on the DS. Awesome.
  10. I made a thread about this but looks like this one already exists... Game looks like it's gonna be a blast.
  11. It looks pretty cool, but I'm not sure if I'll play it. Might just rent it sometime. Save my gaming $$$ for Mario Galaxy 2 and other awesome stuff.
  12. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/108/1083142p1.html http://www.joystiq.com/2010/03/25/latest-3d-dot-game-heroes-trailer-is-predictably-awesome/ So the way I see it, we get Mario, Metroid, and Zelda all in the same year. This game is basically a clone of old-school Zelda with a new graphical twist.
  13. I watched the show Life on discovery last night and it was so much like Pokemon.
  14. i will definitely check these out at some point.
  15. I just beat the 2nd Barthandelus, and i must say, that boss was hard. The game really does get more difficult towards the end i find, though if you really put some thought into your party and paradigms, you can fare okay. I enjoy having both a saboteur and a synergist out - you can just rape once your buffs and whatnot are up. As for the first final fantasy game i'll be completing ever, it's pretty fantastic. I'm almost motivated enough to play through my copies of 7 and 8 and actually complete them this time.
  16. With FF13 out i am kind of on a JRPG kick so this thread could be great but Nostalgia for DS
  17. saw this on IGN or something this morning. 3d without glasses certainly sounds interesting... can't wait to see more this E3.
  18. Great remix! This was THE mario game that got me into videogames when I was kid. I love it.
  19. I really liked this movie. Spock was a badass.
  20. i think it's sweet that they are remaking them, but i prefer playing the originals more... i have the remakes of the previous ones just to get the pokemon on my diamond/platinum carts also i see lots of new things they could do to the series to freshen it up
  21. Yo dude, i want your kidney. I'll give you an offer of $10,000.

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