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  1. 192 is fine! I can't wait to hear this... and play it of course.
  2. http://www.ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=9671 and http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=18883
  3. Man it's been so long since i have played street fighter. Hopefully i have a few extra bucks to get this.
  4. Sig'd it. Nice work on the thread, prophet.
  5. Showed it to some friends not registered here and they loved it!
  6. Preordering right now. Looks like it will be an awesome experience, and i haven't really played my ds in a while. Plus i get cool bonuses if i preorder, and i like me some bonuses.
  7. Zombie

    Halo 3

    i haven't played it in a while. i might buy it when it becomes cheaper. i used to play like all day with my friends and got kind of burnt out on it...
  8. I feel i should buy it, play it, and love as i have never played chrono trigger before. I've been RPG crazy lately.
  9. I must say GT, after listening further this may be the best Public Address yet. I may have to pay beatport a visit and get some of these individual tracks.
  10. You shoot things up... I DON'T UNDERSTAND What genre does it fall under then? Edit: Okay, I get it now. Biohazard Battle is way fun.
  11. Any Contra game is amazing.
  12. Zombie

    Xbox 360

    Are you calling me a kid. I need to upgrade to a bigger hd, it seems... only 7 GB left? Not good.
  13. i believe i have exactly 400 ms points left over from the last ms points card i bought... so yeah i have no reason not to buy this.
  14. Zombie

    Xbox 360

    cool i'm making my mii right now. this new update is pretty cool so far.
  15. so this is what the ken song is. awesome.
  16. World of Goo is fun imo. Lost winds is short but awesome... I liked defend your castle.
  17. i wish there were tournaments around where i live. gaming just isn't big enough around here i guess.
  18. Haven't played halo 3 in a long time, but i remember it taking awhile. :\ I <3 bow. EDIT: I love it when i can hit shit with it. EDIT 2: I need a headset again.
  19. Started playing the demo again today. I like it, and want to get it eventually, but that damn font size...
  20. Multiplayer is AWESOME when i can actually find people to play with. This matchmaking system is terrible.
  21. This looks interesting, i'll have to check into it.
  22. Zombie


    WHAT?! (spoilers) This whole "no-squid" thing makes me really sad. It seemed to be going so well too...
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