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  1. Congratulations bLiNd and Jade! :nicework:
  2. Zombie

    RE5 demo

    i want to download and play this fill me in how as i am kind of a noob here and don't live in japan EDIT - Nevermind i got it.
  3. being fucking amazing (killer 7) this is for multiple reasons
  4. Zombie

    Nintendo Wii

    i found metal slug anthology for ten bucks at blockbuster the other day and just had to get it. the wii is pretty disappointing, but i keep for a few good games... and wii ware is pretty cool i guess.
  5. i will try this edit - wow, i didn't think it would play copy-protected music i purchased (it was back in the day and i didn't know any better) but it does. hello new media player.
  6. Zombie


    this game made me sad inside
  7. that song is catchy i kind of like it... i've actually been playing melee lately, i need to work on re-unlocking all of the characters again...
  8. I know... i know. Still awaiting checks to be mailed to me. It is beginning to aggravate me.
  9. So i have been thinking expanding my old gamecube collection lately and am looking for some essentials that i missed... here we go: Super Mario Sunshine [zombie] Pikmin 1 and 2 [zombie] Cubivore [zombie] Beyond Good and Evil [zombie]
  10. I may have a few of those lying around somewhere perhaps... i'll check. I definitely have Tom Sawyer. Also, i really wish the bank would hurry up and mail me my checkbook.
  11. Ya you can sell other stuff i think.
  12. Happy thanksgiving everyone! Am i the only one here who doesn't like turkey?
  13. Playing my DS makes me tired for some reason... I only played for like an hour and felt way sleepy. :\ Really fun so far. This game is awesome.
  14. I wish i had another controller so i could beat down my little bro in this game.
  15. dude thats awesome! :nicework:
  16. want. i'll see what i can come up with.
  17. Just came across this and it made my night. Oracle of Ages was among my favorite gameboy games as well. I can't wait until this is finished. Keep it up mr. hylian lemon.
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