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  1. fightatron is full and no one is on this right now i am so
  2. if it is a new console zelda i will seriously cry in happiness
  3. That sounds awesome. Enjoy your 360
  4. cool story bro i'm actually playing through chrono trigger right now. when i'm done with it and if i'm feeling froggy i'll give it a read.
  5. Zombie

    Windows 7

    sweet i have my key i'll probably install on a computer at work this monday
  6. Zombie

    Windows 7

    I will download this tomorrow! I had no idea the beta was out until just now.
  7. EGM was decent i guess why read a game mag anyways when you can hop on the internet and get the same stuff without a fee
  8. I might. I'll take a look around... A friend of mine may have taken it, but i'll look.
  9. happy new years everyone!
  10. Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money Spaceballs 3: The Search For Spaceballs 2 also: i'm serious i loved that movie didn't read the comic at all that's probably why I MUST BE CRAZY OR SOMETHING
  11. I loved the spirit. All you haters is crazy.
  12. It's cloudy where i'm at. Wish i had ski boots, too... Merry christmas everyone!
  13. I gave: -Fuzzy socks to mom -Shirt to dad -The movie funny games to sister -THIS to a friend -The book the zahir by paulo coehlo to a friend -An assortment of pin buttons to a friend -A rorschach poster to a friend who loves watchmen n_n -bought another friend a vc game thats all i can think of I recieved: -headphones -various clothes -360 controller -dead rising from my sister -candy -stuff
  14. I just don't think i'm getting you at all. I've played plenty of games from this generation that look fantastic and play great. Cod 4 is an example of this.
  15. Graphics don't make a good game. However, they can make a good game even better.
  16. What's wrong with steam? I think it's awesome.
  17. sucks that the site is down. interesting blog though!
  18. i have taken two surveys and haven't been credited anything at all wdf
  19. i will do this and get something awesome
  20. i thought this was going to be about something regarding the games still cool though
  21. Congratulations zircon and pixietricks! :nicework:
  22. finally released! will download when i get home from work
  23. hey everyone i play this game these days my username is thatzombieguy
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