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  1. What skills does one need to become involved with these projects? Im pretty sure that I dont have them yet.
  2. Shoot, bub, Im going to have to have me a hear at that source. This song was fine. I am going to give you some life advice. Just as overusing cymbals happens too much, so does the general use of clapping. I know you didnt use clapping and thats great, but if you are ever making a non-symphonic song and think to yourself, hey this song would be better with clapping, then you will be sorely wrong. The only song that didnt fail with clapping was gerudo valley, for reasons I cannot explain. Just remember, clapping=gay insecure noob
  3. Sorry bub I know Im critiquing your critique but how could you call this conservative? The melody is the SoS melody only about half the time and the chord progression is totally different from the source. Aside from that, Im annoyed that the SoS is 3/4 because it makes for bad techno, always having to add these corny extra notes. Putting aside my own purism, this song was pretty dern good, though theres room for improvement.
  4. It sounds great, but I barely picked up any of the main source melody, just at the beggining with the guitar and some of the chord progressions... cant you add steel drums?
  5. This is great, seriously something I'd listen to. If it was my mix (which I have none to speak of so dont take this heavily) I would intensify the drums, add snare or something else. Also theres lack of reverb in the main melody, like I know what Im talking about:|
  6. In terms of schooling, approximately jack shiot. But that will change when I go to school. Right now I know a lot about music, HTML code, and just enough visual basic to screw up your computer. I should probably learn myself some animation and C++ stuff, correct?
  7. http://metalfrog.org/music/chronotrigger/ctbattle-138.mp3 Dude this is great. When I beome a game designer 10 years from now and I am remaking chrono trigger, I will use this song as the battle theme. Promise
  8. Same here, bub. I'm taking four years of software engineering at FIT and then Ill be a communications officer or some bull in the Army for four years after that because of my ROTC scholarship... so do any of you guys think Ill have a good shot at becoming a game designer or something like that 8 years from now? Im looking for actual professional opinions.
  9. Doesnt change the fact that I almost piss myself everytime I see it.
  10. The entire movie would need to be like this:
  11. Hey, bub, that trailer was terrible. Im tired of people saying it was good. Link looked like Michael Jackson for gods sake. It was terriblr in a funny wy, because it had us thinkinkg, wow theyre making a zelda movie... holy god in heaven its terrible!!! Zelda looked like just some guys sister.
  12. This is hilarious because what hes saying is true.
  13. Well Methuselah had started it in 2003, its not done, and its 2008. Say he made it up to when link becomes an adult, which is more than I have evidence to say in the first place. If he kept working on this, which i believe he is no longer, it will take another 8 years or so.
  14. Shia LeBeau needs to get his ass back on Even Stevens.
  15. Well this is obviously a videogame of monumental proportions.
  16. Haha gotcha. Theyre not making one, at least not now. Would it make a good movie, though? I mean, having Link talk, doing an entire Zelda adventure in under 2 and a half hours,who would play Link, Zelda, should they be Japanese or not, what plot would it follow? I say if they did for mario bros, they sure as hell can do it for Zelda. EDIT: The entire movie wold need to be like this GOLDEN!!
  17. Good music adds to the replay value, for one thing. Half of what is great about games like Zelda, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy, and Sonic is that music playing in the background. If its the right stuff, it adds to the mood a lot. Basically, music is another form of scenery. And yes, Metroid Prime 3's BGM was like elevator music. Kind of ironic that its initials are MP3. To solve problems like bad bgm, have your gothic roomate blast death music instead, that sets the mood nicely.
  18. Not much to do. You just walk around throwing boomerangs and planting bombs. If you kill yourself the game freezes. Like I said, very gay.
  19. Brilliant move man. NOBODY OPEN THAT CRAP!!!!! I sent a reply from whoever sent the email and he sent one back saying that Dampe was using his account to send these links out and told me not to download it in all caps. The thing is retarded anyway. I guess dampe wants revenge
  20. Today I got an email from god knows where saying that Daniel Barras has released the final version of Ocarina of Time 2d and it provided me with links. I downloaded off one of the mirrors I was supplied with and I cant play the game because of some gay error, but I did play the debug mode or something like that, it was pretty gay. Has this happened to anyone else, or does anyone have news? EDIT: SHIT if any of you downloaded from that link plz dont open it. At least thats what the guy said for me to do. This is all very confusing
  21. I know theres about thirty remixes already but I want a project godammit. This will probably get no replies but I want to put it out there anyway.
  22. I want to be a ninja. Thing is I live at military school. So all expressions of individuality are pretty much shot down.
  23. My god, now that the novelty of owning a gamecube has worn off, I realize what a stupid idea Luigi's Mansion was. A vacuum. Almost as stupid as a talking tank of water.
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