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  1. True. In MP3 I was like who the hell is this pink woman I want to be alone. They should make a Metroid RPG, without other people. That would break the mold.
  2. Nohbody


    damn you must not stop playing this, oranges. ive got news, video games eat your soul dont play them ever
  3. Most things by Children of the Monkey Machine are crazy indfucks if youre in the right mood and you have a good subwoofer.
  4. my roomate is hooked and wont stop until he gets the high score list... its kind of funny actually. his best is 2000ish
  5. True. Ever read Tolkien's the Silmarillion? It is a book entirley made up of the background of middle earth, just a bunch of notes that his son compiled. Its a fricking book too. and does anyone else passionately hate CC? combat was ass retarded
  6. No. My PC can barely handle portal on lowest specs, and its a laptop, so not much room for improvement. and wacky, bewbs are still kewl.
  7. How about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? I heard its going to be pretty good. Its for every funcioning console still in sales, not exclusively for Wii, but it should still get some use out of the damned thing, aside from Brawl. Plus, hand motions=force attacks omg.
  8. oh my god three days left. Wikipedia: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I refuse to play this game on anything but a next gen console, for optimum awesomeness. Man the physics will be fun. Physics gets me hard, to tell the truth.
  9. sinh means hyperbolic sine. Instead of the unit circle, sinh values correspond to values on a unit hyperbola. the value of sinh(x) = (e^x - e^-6)/2. Which would make for a very odd sounding tone, if any. EDIT: damn golagh why so lazy? i remember the days when there was not a webpage for every concept ever concievable.
  10. you know its shit like this that outclasses the majority of recent console games being shoved up our asses.
  11. all i have is a webcam that takes 4kb pictures, so i just have one pic of me staring at a computer, never actually smiling. Its funny how people have 500 pics of themselves, im pretty sure that in my 18 years of being alive I have had maybe 300 pictures taken of me
  12. does gamestop have a monopoly in used games and consoles?
  13. can someone provide a link for this reskinned project google fails me today EDIT: Ok im an idiot found it. for all noobs like me: http://www.ghosteo.net/tex_hack/
  14. Nohbody


    1500 say 1 star, 20 say 5 star, that is hilarious. thanks for the recommendation atmuh ill get on it
  15. Sega rocked the shit why did it have to die?!!?
  16. hey atmuh gets what Im saying. And how would one go about editing the skins like that? it looks like fun
  17. why must you arbitrarily collect the stickers?!! theyre just a bunch of 1s and 0s and getting them all will not make you a cool person. dwell on this please
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