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  1. Especially in tf2, the whole "bodyshots need no skill" thing annoys me. As a sniper, people who complain when you kill them that it was a body shot, therefore not "valid" is just dumb. Who cares where I shot you, YOU ARE DEAD. (Not Surprise.) Though on that note, yes, especially in the case of snipers, some of them do trash talk, but I've found cases where if you just treat them like they are "better" (mainly by replying with some modest praise to their petty boasting), some of them aren't total douche bags. They are playing to have fun, its just that the definition of fun is subjective. I'm not advocating this method, I'm just saying this is what I've had experience with. In the end, who cares what other players think of X player, play to have fun, whatever makes you happy. Worrying about other players just ruins the experience for others, leading to CSS levels of rage.
  2. With ever increasing power being made available in ever smaller spaces with our digital devices (laptops, netbooks, ipods and all flavours of handhelds), it is becoming more and more common to see media creation, editing or generation functionalities made available on a wider range of increasingly portable devices. While it is obvious that "true" media workflows (software like Protools, Final Cut, Adobe Photoshop and so on) will always have a place in society, portable tools such as those found on handhelds (like the Korg DS-10 for the DS, as well as the multitude of iPhone apps) are becoming both more complex, more common, and more powerful. What's your opinion on this 'new' trend. Will there be a time when someone can complete a soundtrack while on the train? Will it perhaps serve as an addition to our current techniques? Or will it take some other pathway? Have you used some of these yourself? Discuss.
  3. OBJECTION! You assume that all gaming is done online; there's plenty of games where local multiplayer (or arguably even single player, though to a lesser extent) is a part of video games still. Indeed, when you can see your foe face to face, sportsmanship is much more dominant (however this is probably from a smaller sample size as well; there is a greater emphasis on online play these days). Even so, the internet never really "killed" anything with video games. Like any media, the nature has simply changed, not died off completely. There is plenty of sportsmanship in online gaming. Unless you play CSS. So. Much. Rage.
  4. -Learn FL Studio better (which I kinda do now that I have to use it for what I once used audition for, courtesy of me being unable to use Audition on my new computer) -Create some ORIGINAL music for once, as opposed to the endless remixes I seem to make -Find a song I can remix to a suitable, ocremix quality. Not necessarily make one, but at least find one. And above all: -sticking to my goal of not releasing anything until I finish university! ^^ Should I be worried that this sounds like me when uni is on?
  5. I almost fall into the category of people who cried when aerith died. Though, in reality, it was more rage, as there was a battle straight after (revenge kills FTW!). Though, I'll admit that the opening of FF10 pulled a few heart strings. The music nearly did it, but I am clearly too manly to admit to that.
  6. I full opened this thread thinking you were after, like, game decals or something. I blame the SourceSDK.
  7. I imagine after buying one, they wouldn't have any hands left
  8. This is quite possibly the most frustrating game known to man. I bought it when it was released (and got a very impressive mario hat with it), and played it with friends that night. I've never seen a group of people go through lives that quick. Ever. Still, we spent the whole night basically saying "one more go", so I guess we must get some fun out of it. Some masochistic fun.
  9. Female, though I dislike playing MMOs as female (in those select few cases where I do play MMOs; too many dumbass boys hitting on you). Although I have many reasons, in the case of mario kart, I play as Peach because it annoys the hell out of my friends. Apparently nothing is more embarassing than taking a blue shell from Peach? But really, a lot of games actually adapt the story to accommodate the choice (for example, Bioware games like NWN or Mass effect). And thankfully its sometimes more than just "major character X" falls in love with main character.
  10. I'll admit to the same, though pretty much every remix of FF7's One Winged Angel I've heard thus far seems to be similar to what your after. I'd recommend the one from Voice of the Lifestream, as its probably my favorite. Though I'd be a little curious to see what's around; I'm not totally familiar with a lot of what ocr has to offer. I swear, ocr needs a tagging system. Wasn't one in the works at some stage?
  11. I've got the wii port, and its quite good; never played the original, but I a friend of mine who had said the port was slightly better than the original (courtesy of controls).
  12. Shame my computer died, otherwise I might have entered this. I entered last year, and had something planned. Ah well, you get that. Next year perhaps. Looking forward to seeing the songs this year!
  13. @nintendo Remind me again why I preordered your DSi? I mean really, a few months later, and they release a really cool blue one! Damn you nintendo! (this all assumes there is truth to the rumours, of course)
  14. Yes, I often find myself imagining entire "movies" based around the song. If the song doesn't give me some feeling/picture of a "story", I know the song has failed in some way. It also makes conceiving music videos much easier
  15. 1337 1

    Tokku Box

    Bahahha, awesome! On a slightly different note (see what I did there ), anyone else heard about the Korg DS-10 plus? Apparently it'll have some DSi only features, and it sounds like a marked improvement over the original. I'd wager the guy in the vid will love it.
  16. 1337 1

    Free Music

    I was just thinking "hey, I haven't seen this thread for a while". For those after some rock game music remixes/arrangements, try the red wings. Some of their songs are kinda bad, but for the most part, they are solid recreations of their source material. http://www.redwingsmusic.com/
  17. What worries me is that you have replied to pretty much every post in this thread. Ohnoes, someone isn't doing something the way you want them to, you hate it even though you haven't tried it yet, and you are arguing on points that are either baseless or flawed to begin with. Here's a nice thought for you; what about those places that don't have decent servers local to them? But they know 15 people who want to play nearby? Doesn't that benefit them? If you are going to argue that something "craps" on something, try and do it in a rational, logical way. Blatantly denying any point a person makes, and ridiculing them for it is how flame wars start. If you disagree, be nice about it.
  18. I thought something looked a bit odd. Even more so considering my browser had loaded half of the new theme and half of the old one. Huzzah for cached sites...
  19. Agreed, but nonetheless, its not that bad most of the time. Still, would be nice to be able to have that alternative - I can see a lot of levels being much less tedious this way.
  20. Yes, seconding that you don't need a mac. Also, please tell me you've put some thought into the room where this gear will be going. I swear, if its tiled or something, I will cry.
  21. Look up the center panning section on the audacity wiki (Audacity is an open source sound program FYI). Like it was said, its far from perfect, but your best bet.
  22. When I was doing some work on a relative's roof, I had someone telling me some completely obvious statement like "don't step on the structurally unsound parts". I had to refrain from asking "how to turn off the tutorial's in this dumb game".
  23. Sins of a Solar Empire is a great game; I often have a game running in the background while I'm doing work or assignments
  24. I came here around...2004/5? I think? Anyways, I found this place by watching a music video for this remix: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00465 Signed up later on after discovering the site was about more than just the music
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