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  1. If it helps, I have an issue that's plagued me for a while, which slipped my mind until just now. Whenever I use more than one Steven Slate plugin in an FL project, it does spike and make FL behave similar to what you're describing. I solve this issue by not using more than one Steven Slate plugin in each FL project, and forgive it for now since they're (meaning Steven Slate) using a beta Windows client to make 'em work on PC. I'm just waiting for an update is all. Could be something similar with Sampletank or another plugin in your lineup, though--that's not out of the question.
  2. To be very precise, you haven't said anything about whether or not the things we've been posting have been helping, or whether or not you've been following the advice given. The only thing you've been doing is insisting that there's a problem with FL Studio, which is a claim that is not corroborated by anyone else who owns the software here. If you've been investigating the things we've posted, you haven't acknowledged that fact, and we have no way of seeing what you're doing on your end besides what you post here. The people posting in this thread (all of whom have a long history of giving very good advice in this forum) have been giving you very sound advice, and you appear to have been ignoring it completely. Do whatever you like in whatever software you like, dude. It's your life. Just don't bother us anymore, please. This thread is no longer a productive one.
  3. Judging by your reading comprehension in this thread and the quality of the tracks you've posted in the past, FL is not what's holding you back. Come back when you're willing to take advice from professionals--we'll still be here.
  4. dude, calm down -- don't post three times in a row, give people time to respond!
  5. I still think you need to look into 1) multithreaded processing (you haven't addressed whether or not you've tried that fix), and 2) a better drive for your large sample banks. If it's the latter, switching DAWs will not help. Maybe try the demo of another DAW and see what happens? The issues you're describing are just not matching up with my experience in FL Studio, though. Yes, of course I've had to deal with pops and such before, but I've never seen it ignore multiple cores. Something's gotta be up.
  6. This is what my settings look like in FL right now. The big ones to pay attention to are probably "Multithreaded generator processing," "Multithreaded mixer processing," and Resampling quality. Bump it down to 6-point Hermite if needed, don't know if that's usually a default or not. You'll also benefit from getting a good external audio interface, as that will ease a bit of the load off your CPU for audio processing. Also, check and see what your animation settings are at. Lower them if needed, as that will free up unneeded CPU usage. Finally, unless you're using an SSD for your big samples, that's also probably a huge issue. Streaming stuff off a mechanical hard drive will bring even a supercomputer grinding to a halt, and it's generally better to run your DAW and your samples off separate drives. My C: drive is where I've installed FL Studio (and all my VST plugins), and it's a Samsung 840 SSD. That D: drive is a mechanical hard drive, so it only houses things like short samples (individual drums, breakbeats, etc.) and stems that don't get used often. The E: drive is where I've installed all my EWQL, Kontakt, Omnisphere, UVI, etc. libraries to. It's a Crucial MX200 SSD, and does a fine job keeping those libraries from being a bottleneck.
  7. 1. Which version of FL Studio are you using? 2. Is it pirated? 3. What are you using for your audio? (built-in, USB box, etc.) 4. What kind of CPU usage are you seeing? That's going to be a big killer right there. RAM isn't as much of an issue if you're hitting CPU bottleneck. 5. What is your actual CPU? A quad-core processor from five years ago is not going to be anywhere NEAR as efficient as a brand-new one. Clock speed doesn't matter, but CPU efficiency does. 6. You say you're using things like Sampletank, etc. Where are your samples located? Are they on the same drive as your DAW? What speed is that drive? That is also another huge potential bottleneck, and definitely WON'T be solved with another DAW. I'm running the latest version of FL Studio on a new computer with a current-gen 6-core i7 processor, 32 GB of RAM, and using SSDs to stream my Kontakt / EWQL / UVI / Spectrasonics libraries. Zero issues for me, even in a project using several instances of multi-instrument patches. It's incredibly unlikely that the issue actually lies with FL for you -- more likely a combination of your CPU and hard drive.
  8. That case in the build pix above -- is that a Fractal Design R4? Looks awfully familiar.
  9. dude you handled that Lover Reef thread with WAY more class than I think I would have had. mad props.

  10. I use the Fruity PEQ2 on most stuff, but if I want more flavor I'll break out the Slate Digital subscription (they've got some gorgeous vintage-modeled ones) or Leftover Lasagne's freebie Pushteq EQ. It's just about knowing your tools, mostly.
  11. I feel like this is actually a fairly conservative arrangement, and a lot of the backing instrumentation doesn't really change up as much as I'd like, but there's just enough variation there to where it doesn't get old before the song is over. The chord change halfway through was a welcome addition, and helped the song avoid overstaying its welcome. It's simple, but I'm hearing plenty of source in there, and it's nice to see a Tiny Barbarian mix up in here. Great soundtrack! Mix is clean and nothing is harsh or grating, per usual HL standards. I'm sold. YES
  12. Kung Fury: best movie, or BEST MOVIE?
  13. I don't know if this will end up being helpful, and as I recall it's still 32-bit only, but this might be worth looking at as well: http://www.fx-max.com/fxt/product.html
  14. Emu already stopwatched this one, so can I just please say HELL YES and get this over with? TBH, I'm surprised this one's even being submitted to OCR, that's how good it is. Can't wait to see this on the front page! For anyone else: in case you haven't seen the sweet awesome music vid, here that is, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4BRC0obexg EDIT: I'm not going to give this a NO vote, so I'll just retract my yes.
  15. Awesome! I was a bit nervous since I hadn't seen a post here yet. Super glad these help your collection out properly! The Chemical Brothers album is honestly a bit of a left-fielder, in that it (like most of the breakbeat albums of that era) relies on sampling techniques, chopped breakbeats, and interesting sounds to carry it, rather than melodies and more "musical" content. The Chemical Brothers undoubtedly influenced me highly, though, and I can pretty much guarantee you that Rob Swire of Pendulum would name them as a big influence as well. Cheers!
  16. What Emu said, basically. The album I directed was the fruit of a year and a half of hard labor, and wouldn't have been possible without the many relationships I'd built over the course of my tenure here at OCR. Mine was a short album, too, by OCR standards, and it was still intense enough that I'm being very careful about how I approach my next directorial effort. The Undertale OST is certainly a fabulous one, but just gauging interest isn't going to get it done, and you don't want to lock up people's time if you're not deadly serious about following things through. Definitely don't direct more than one album at a time, either.
  17. Yeah, this song is basically a clinic in "how to make dancefloor-filler material 101." Wanna know how a song should be structured for EDM? This is one you should study.
  18. Bandcamp is great. Loudr is great, especially since you can use their service to sell on iTunes, Spotify, etc., as well. Why not use them both? It's not like you're paying anything extra, and you'll theoretically get your music in front of more ears that way. 'Course, you have to be good for anyone to care, but hey, that'll happen with enough practice and luck.
  19. I promise it's stupidly loaded with source. If this is in fact too many sources for an OCR track, might as well be me that we start drawing that line on, since I won't be offended like other potential submitters could be, haha.
  20. This is a longtime standby for my wedding DJ sets. Played it yesterday and saw this in the recent reviews and had to share. Brilliant piano piece!
  21. Yeah, Omnisphere 2 is just the same program (even the vst file stays the same, so all your projects will open O2 instead of O1 no matter what), just with upgrades and tons more sounds. No issues from upgrading for me. And definitely +1 for Harmor! That's a brilliant synth and the sound design potential is HUGE.
  22. To my secret santa recipient: I sent you some music, but I went straight from the place I purchased it to the post office, and didn't have the ability to include a note to explain each CD in there. Post here when you get it, and I can let you know why I picked each one!
  23. Overcompressed in the midrange, doesn't exactly scream "holidays" to me, repetition is close but not too big an issue. Overall soundscape is really nice, the pads and vocals combined with guitars works nicely. Source-heavy. Good to see some Aquaria love here! Worth passing. YES
  24. Dat stereo field got me trippin', boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii er. anyways. I literally just posted a vote on another track where the dealbreaker was the stereo field usage, and this one is really close to that for me, but I think what makes it stay on the side of tolerable is that there's always something going on BOTH sides of the headphones. I really wish you hadn't hard-panned certain things, but whenever there's something hard-panned there's always a counterpoint on the other side. The arrangement is conservative but the added instrumentation (guitar, etc.) puts it into proper arrangement territory for me. Mix is a little dry and compressed but honestly it feels nice that way, sounds like it's live in a small bar or something. Overall just a "fun" sound, too! I'm sold. YES
  25. I'm gonna second Liontamer and push for a re-think of the stereo field. Let your lead instruments take center stage, with backing instrumentation balanced around them. I've got no EQ issues (okay, maybe the low mids could use a *bit* less), and the drums sound pretty cool to me--yeah, super compressed, but it works. Wouldn't hurt to back off a bit on the comp but not gonna kill my vote as-is. Should be some really simple fixes, honestly. I look forward to seeing this one back soon! NO (please resub!)