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  1. This message thing is weird.

  2. Hey, Why you looking at my page? :]

  3. So when is the timer gonna reach zero? Wait this is a PSP game? It's not a Zelda game? I'm confused now.
  4. British accent evolved to Australian accent! *jingle*
  5. Nice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C5c6SB67nE&eurl=http://www.maxconsole.net/?mode=news&newsid=35075&feature=player_embedded
  6. OK here's some janitor from scrubs doing his evil eye: Last one: Another one for good measure: LT: The lack of contrast and sharpness are no good; probably wouldn't add it anyway.
  7. FR

    EGM is no more

  8. Every video game and comic book movie ever made.
  9. wow I've been hearing this song a lot on DI.fm...or at least I think it's this song. I'm pretty sure it is. Either way I didn't know it was from Mirror's Edge.
  10. Nobody better use my current avatar damn it. It's mine. You can use the other P3 one if you want.
  11. FR


    It's that good? Sweet. What clothing options are there? Lots I hope.
  12. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  13. I think I've played Raiden X too much. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.
  14. ......................................
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