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  1. i think the beginning needs something more to it than just the piano. I mean, a short intro is fine with a piano soli, but it sounds like the piano is just playing background to some other instrument's solo/soli. You mention the abrupt entrance of the strings; I agree. Here, in the beginning is a good spot to put them, to introduce. Don't have them just regurgitate the theme, have them play around in the the chord progression's ballpark. Improvise and wing it, essentially. The part that begins around 1:30 is pretty good, to my ears. I wouldn't change it, but hey, that's me. I think, personally, that should be the 'climax' of your song, so to speak. Throw in a few supporting instruments in there, and have what comes before and after being variations on what comes at that moment, where the theme comes in full force. That's just my opinions on the song, so take them as you will. The main thing is the beginning part is seriously underwhelming. That's the part to fine-tune, if any. But mainly good, though. OCR-worthy, well, that's for the judges to decide.
  2. I'm going to be the Devil's Advocate here and say that Sin and Punishment is NOT worth your money. The gameplay is indeed fun while it lasts, but the game is criminally short, and if you run out of continues (that are used every time you load a save file), you have to start the game over, which in the later levels, really pisses you off. On top of that, the ending sucks, pisses you off, and resolves absolutely NOTHING. I'd go for maybe Sin and Punishment 2 as a more rewarding experience, but I haven't played it (nor do I know if it has even been released, haven't checked). But ultimately, it was not worth my time and money. I heard from a few sources that the whole "keep on buying shit to complete FFIV: the After Years" has a way of pissing you off. Games you want, then? World of Goo. Probably one of THE best WiiWare games, and it's a perfect fit FOR the Wii, as well. It's a whole lot of fun, and has a whole lot of charm. It's 1500 points, so I'll let someone else fill in the rest.
  3. Then there is Magmoor Caverns, which is a remix of Lower Norfair in Super. And Tallon Overworld Beginning, which is a remix of Blue Brinstar in Metroid NES.
  4. Hm... Cool beans! I still need to figure this darn thing out... but with a bunch of cheap Steam games I've downloaded, I've been busy...
  5. I think a less adventurous and fantastical Zelda, if it had very good writing, would have been an even better approach.
  6. Cukeman is quite obviously referring to secret codes you have to enter in a few random caves (found only through the select-map glitch) in order to see Marin strip in front of you during the seashore scene. I've been able to pull it off, but only twice. Those caves are a bitch to find. There's one near Tamaranch off into the sky, there's one in the desert off into the sea (I think... it was in that general area), another by the Waterfalls, and the last one is around Catfish's Maw. The strip scene is totally worth it, though. Hot.
  7. Rewrite all ya want, but this movie sucked stony Goron dick.
  8. Do yourself a favor and get the Space Quest and King's Quest anthologies. 13 classic Sierra adventure games for 10 bucks. It's really a steal. Sierra, back in the day when Adventure games were still popular, made the absolute best of them. Check one set or the other out. The best ones, in my opinion are: Space Quest 1 Space Quest 4 King's Quest 5 King's Quest 6 (the best of all of them, imo) Check it out folks! Don't let those shiny new toys distract you!
  9. What are you talking about? Their portrayal of Ganondorf and the GEAROODOO should be the the standard for all future installments of the Zelda franchise. WHEN I GET THA TRI-FOSS OF POWWAHHH I WILL OVABEAH THEIR CRAFFTY SCHEEEEEEEEMES
  10. A bump to see if there is any assessment of possible talent. Probably not, but lol. As I said, these are the best of the bunch, but I think the whole set is pretty nice: Inconstant Madness Organ Grinder And I honestly like Tears of a River more and more as the album ages: Tears of a River Provided links in this post to make it easier... FOR YOU TO LISTEN AHA!
  11. I think you can cut out the first four bars, and tone done the bass a smidge, while at the same time bringing out the melody a bit more. Or rather, the 'theme portion' a bit more, because it takes a bit too long to become recognizable. I say an instrument here or there on top of the game midi you placed in, toning down the bass, and removing some extraneous repeats (like the first 4 bars and similar cases, though not ALL of them, of course). It ain't bad, all things considered.
  12. Well, the VST .dll is there in FL, but then it says I installed something wrong (won't say what), and when I open EW it doesn't play back a single sound, saying that some files are missing. I'll figure it out later, but it looks like it's still squidfont for me!
  13. Hope ya'll enjoy it (also check out the Kontakt link too!) , because I can't for the life of me get this thing to work, despite uninstalling and trying myriad options.
  14. Thank you for your contribution to the community; although I've only been an 'official' member for a very short time, it's hard not to feel the inflluence of a respected remixer such as yourself. See ya around.
  15. Gotta say, I really liked this one, though it DOES leave some things to be desired. I have to say that i really like the direction this piece is potentially moving in, and contains a nice familiar remix with a fresh take on it. You need to take those ideas down to their natural ends, and see where they go, because I think you can find something pretty cool down that path, with the help of your own creativity. However, I think you need to have a bit more bass support; it feels like everything is just floating in ether. Sometimes, that's pretty cool, but I think this could use a bit more grounding, myself. However, that is my only major qualm from a pretty decent electronic mix.
  16. A lot of the songs in CV IV don't get a lot of love. I bet you the sunken ruins theme would be a bitch to try to work with, with its off-beat tempo and weirdness. But that would make it so much fun. The ending theme is really great though. And the treasure room song...
  17. Got more of a techno-dance feeling than a boss feeling. It was too early to kinda distinguish a flavor to the song; I mean that it didn't develop far past the electronic portion, so it just sounded like a dance song. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's in its early stages, no doubt.
  18. I was going to suggest TFM, but it seems the very first reply to this thread beat me to it. It's the closest you'll sound to an old Genesis, I think. I found out about it through these awesome Megaman 9 reduxes with Genesis sounds: It's really cool, despite me not knowing anything on how to work it. I think it might be free as well, but don't quote me on that.
  19. Frustratingly enough, I'm still not being able to access this, despite downloading the whole darn thing. I didn't think it'd be this difficult to get this working on my computer of all places. No matter how many times I modify the install to save in either the VST or VSTi folder, refreshing the More Channels on FL doesn't bring them up. Very annoying. Is there a step I'm missing? Here's what I do: I go to part 1, and modify the installation In a choice between RTAS plugin and EW Silver Library, I choose RTAS Plugin In the location to save, I choose either Image Line's VST or VSTi folder. However, when I go to those folders, the Library is not there. Anything I'm missing?
  20. There's a topic I made in Community that has a few free offerings, and I don't know how long they'll last with Christmas being over... there's a symphonic one, and a good amount of KORE/KONTAKT stuff as well. Should be helpful. Also, aside from the very helpful link to DarkeSword's site (where i got a LOT of my stuff from), try looking up on Google Poprockband-233. Great Steel Guitar, fucking awesome drum kit, and the best Grand Piano soundfont I have heard out of all of them. Look for it.
  21. This is embarassing, considering I made the damn topic, but as it stands, i'm very unsavvy when it comes to my as-of-now DAW of choice, FL. Someone wanna key me in on how I get this darn thing onto there? I know it has to do with VST plugins, but I'm not seeing them in the list on Channels, even though I installed them. I believe I am supposed to save the VSTs somewhere, but I do not know where. Was there something I'm forgetting here?
  22. You forgot one part... 12 'free' instruments. I've been needing a good brass sound anyway (squidfont's brass SUCKS a lot of the time. At least for trumpets.)
  23. http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/producer/powered-by-kore/holiday-selection-2009/?page=1235 Oh yeah and Kontakt/Kore is releasing a bunch of free shit. Me-e-e-e-errry Christmas!
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