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  1. Double Dragon 3 music is bloody good and needs a little LOT moar luv. As does the Double Dragon serie in general, so good call Will & Larry.
  2. Then let's make it better! I've sent you an email. We can pick this up early January if that's cool. Your call.
  3. Hoping to get back into PRC in 2016. Maybe this round. Oh, and Bundeslang always deserves a Bonus Point.
  4. Oh, but there is a website. Though as mentioned earlier, I was having a hard time IRL and couldn't keep working on it. Rozo was happy with it at the time, so I don't understand the silent treatment. Here's proof Gildervine didn't eat the site:
  5. Life got in the way, sorry about that Rozo. If anyone wanna pick up where I left off, I can send them what I've made so far. But you're proly off redesigning this thing from the ground up. Lemme know.
  6. It's been a while and I'm rusty as heck, but I really wanna contribute to OCC again. Will be in touch The Coop.
  7. While I fancy a few western artists (Alan Silvestri, Sean Callery, Marc Mancina), my inspiration comes pretty exclusively from Japanese composers. Too many to name but standouts be Yoko Kanno, Yuzo Koshiro, Yuki Kajiura, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Taku Iwasaki, Kenichiro Fukui and Noriko Matsueda. When it comes to OCR, I favor the old school/guard: Vampire Hunter Dan, ABG, Harmony, Marc Star, Rellik, Protricity, analoq, Tweek and Nutritious.
  8. Despite my best efforts things didn't pan out, so Ima let go yet another game I adore. Should try remixing games I hate next time. :/ Anyway, no point in sitting on this so close to the finish line, when so many talented OCR folks could do FFT some real justice. Would love to contribute to this project, and if I'm able I'll send a mix your way before the deadline. But for now, my claim is void.
  9. Happy b-day Alex! Have good one. :)

    1. HoboKa


      Thanks Dj Mokram I'm starting to feel old now...also, I can't seem to find your RL name on this new OCR thing lol.

  10. This is great news. Though if I may ask, will this come with any kind of restrictions on the user-side (size, resolution, sharpness)? Props to Larry for all the hard work on quality control that helped maintain OCR's avatar consistency across the aeons.
  11. Just to clarify, I'm only planning for one remix here. I say this in the interest of transparency, because last time I took on a request, well, it turned into an entire album. ;P
  12. Preview looks pretty snazzy. Looking forward to this long awaited leap of faith.
  13. The real issue here, is that this makes you look insecure about yourself and your craft, which saddens the fuck out of me for a simple reason: a musician as good as you should never, ever need this kind of validation. Experimenting with styles you aren't familiar with means having the balls to take risks and stepping out of your routine/comfort. Whether you like it or not, you cannot make every listener happy or be loved by everyone. You might have involuntarily (and temporarily) dug yourself into a corner/niche due to peer/fan pressure. But the truth is: you never were the kind of guy who had to work his ass off to make barely listenable music. What you have is a gift, a real talent for what you do. And I sincerely believe you always will have that. My only hopes, is that you won't lose it to statistics, likes and viewcounts. Make music that makes YOU happy.
  14. A few robot-themed game series with great music: Front Mission, Assault Suit Valken, Zone of the Enders, Armored Core.
  15. 'Mirror and Transparent' by Rellik: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR0147
  16. Devil May Cry 3 You can skip the second one, but DMC3 is an absolute must-play if you enjoy challenging action games. Not a ninja game per-se, but it was made by the team responsible for MGR Revengeance, back in the days. Strider 2014 While not equaling the original, the 2014 reboot of Strider is a solid action game with a steep difficulty curve if you're into that kind of thing. It's a solid mix of action and exploration with some challenging platforming/combat mixed in, and some truly intense moments. Mark of the Ninja If you enjoy a bit of stealth, with no less gruesome ninja action, then I wholeheartedly recommend Klei's Mark of the Ninja. It will test both your wits and reflexes, while providing a decent challenge and make you feel like a proper ninja.
  17. With 3 days left and no partner/star in view, Ima have to sit this one out. Looking forward to listening to the entries though. Good luck everyone.
  18. Heck yeah, Chakan! Always wanted to try and mix 'Water Dimension 1' with 'The Four Portals'. Maybe now is the time. If I may ask, and since you didn't specify, what musical genres are you interested in / looking for with these requests?
  19. But if you just tack the name of a posted remixer on top of a mix you completed all by yourself, this pretty much defeats the whole purpose of this compo, doesn't it? Still don't understand how/why this begins before the sign-up process is even completed. Unlike PRC, this one pretty much relies on people pairing-up. Plus, being late to the party incidentally puts you at a distinct disadvantage, time-wise. Then again, maybe I completely misunderstood the rules. Well, if someone finds the kindness in their heart to mentor/assist me on a remix, I'd like to sign up as a novice. (GMT +/-1 and Sonar ideally, but not necessarily).
  20. Forwarded you the votes, sir. Life happens guys, no worries.
  21. I admit it's a little daunting. Wanted to enter, due to the theme resonating with my current predicament, but I'd have had to sign as a novice since I haven't produced music in over a year. From what I read, there are generally more novices than stars. Then, I would have needed to find someone with the same DAW, in the same timezone, with the same availabilities and willing/kind enough to lend me their help/ears. Not to mention the usual time constraint associated with compos. That's a pretty high barrier of entry, imho. But then again, maybe it's just a matter of timing/scheduling, to give everyone the chance to get together and collab. So don't get discouraged MindWanderer. True. It's hard to get a grasp of what's going on without a clear overlay of who's involved and/or paired with. ^ This. Hopefully the sign-ups will be more plentiful, and the timing more favorable.
  22. Proly should mention that the whole... ...isn't working too well. Tried it for the last PRC but ended up having to ask Bundeslang for assistance uploading my track over there. Still can't access my account or vote. Hoping this can get resolved somehow, cause I don't wanna be anymore of a burden for you guys. Much appreciated, sir. Thanks for being understanding and for letting me join the fun.
  23. Sent my track to HoboKa like 10 hours ago, so hopefully he can still somehow add it to the compo.
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