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  1. Did what I could to help at the time, sadly I'm not in a position to do so anymore. However, I'm glad you didn't gave up on that project, for it has a lot of potential ...I mean, come on people, it's Motoi-freaking-Sakuraba we're talking about here! However, you're gonna need to move mountains to get this show on the road. As I previously told you, it wouldn't hurt to gain the assistance of someone experienced to co-direct this beast. It's really a matter of getting the ball rolling and not dropping it halfway through, if possible. Lastly, and even though the play on words is justified in this case, you might wanna consider changing the album title, in light of some of the negative connotations that it carries. Your call though. Good luck with this project SwordBreaker.
  2. Nah, it's actually Maruyama jamming the Judges inbox. In reality there are hundreds of Dynamite Headdy remixes being sent to OCR every single day. @Trism: The remix you mention used to be part of an album, before the KNGI-pocalypse. @Eino: Thanks for linking to the thread via twitter. Would have missed it otherwise. Posting in this thread to reiterate my undying love for the People Remixing Competition. I've learned so much during the course of this compo, and some of my best works originated from it. Major props to Bundeslang for soldiering-on and pushing forward despite the (at times) lukewarm reception and modest attendance. I cannot recommend this compo enough, whether you're a newbie or a veteran. Just drop the mainstream stuff and step in the arena to challenge yourself at remixing some amazing under-appreciated gems. You won't regret it!
  3. Oh, I know. But as evidenced by the fact this thread was made in community instead of R&C forums: not everyone reads the guidelines.
  4. Upon seeing the "Capcom & OC ReMix announce..." bit, I kinda hoped this was gonna be 'Megaman 2 Powered-Up'. Gotta admit, a 2.5D remake of MM2 would have been a great way to celebrate Rockman's 25th. Not to mention, no one would have been more suited to remake that soundtrack than OCR peeps. Nevertheless, I'm still stoked for this album.
  5. ^This. Having small albums reduces the workload on directors, contributors and evaluators, while allowing better turnover and recovery for project jugglers. ^This pretty much. Especially since a Suikoden album has already been attempted this year, but never quite took off.There really should be a "Is this your first project? Here's what you should know" sticky in the Recruit & Collab forum.
  6. Thanks for all the wishes and kind words everyone. I'll make a proper post about the aforementioned album. It's FREE!
  7. This quote should be added up there, right under the OCR header logo, to go alongside the SNES gamepad. Joke aside, I do hope you get to play this gem someday, without our bias affecting your enjoyment of either the game or the music. Hearing this coming from a fellow Sega and Gunstar fan makes my day. Thank you for making your point in such a thoughtful way. Personally, I find that with remixes, even more so than with original music, the nature of the interpretation somehow makes it even more of a subjective matter. We did our best to preserve the feel of NON's soundtrack, and that of the game itself as a whole. As both the album's co-director and a fan, my only hope is that you can find at least a few remixes that represent the right balance between your undying love of the game/soundtrack and the musicians personal vision for each track. Reading the rest of your post, I see that you did, and to me this means that we've done our job. Thanks again for listening and sharing your thoughts. For the sake of your ears, pray that you won't. XD Thanks Bev. That's quite the honor. I'll do my utmost to join the fun at RS. And I'll be rocking your remix for a long, long time, sir.
  8. Happy 20th Anniversary Gunstar Heroes! Everyone onboard poured their hearts into this project, and we hope you guys will enjoy this album when it releases later today. Huge thanks again to the talented artists who joined our little tribute, and were willing to take risks on a non-mainstream game. Mad props to OCR for not only accepting/publishing the album, but also allowing us to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary. Be on the lookout for DusK's next album project, for some more Sega goodness.
  9. Most mainstream gaming sites already include columns on the subject, not to mention you'd still be competing for attention with outlets like OSV and SEM, unless your focus is on the VG remix/cover scene, in particular. However, you proly won't be able to compete with big outlets/networks in terms of promotion.Bottom line is: chances of an individual getting the kind of attention/success you're craving for are slim, regardless of your dedication/passion. There are ways to accomplish what you seek, and it's certainly possible to some extend, but super tough. Especially if you start splitting your attention in twenty different directions by wearing too many hats (musician, teacher, game maker, journalist, etc.) Nonetheless, best of luck to you Zoltan.
  10. Used to be an emcee back in the days, with a different name. During a radio show, I mispronounced a few words and it later became an inside joke. A good friend of mine dared me to use it for my beatmaker handle, and that's how Dj Mokram was born. Soon after joining the VG community, I was told by some folks that having DJ in my nick was hurting my chances. Against all odds, I decided to keep it. Now a few years later, I'm thinking of switching things up a bit, but haven't found a clever or not already taken pun yet. So I remain DjM for now. Oh, and since I was asked a few times: the green moon & star in my logo is actually a platform from Jumping Flash, a game dear to my heart.
  11. Last reminder for everyone to sign the OCR consent form if you haven't already. Otherwise your track(s) might be cut from the album. Once everything's been cleared up on that front, we'll iron out last minute details and proceed with the submission/eval process. We're hard at work behind the scenes in preparation for the release, and will keep everyone informed on the progress.
  12. Dj Mokram

    Remember Me

    Publishers initially rejected the game because, and I quote: "You can't have a female character in games. It has to be a male character, simple as that."The full article is here if you're interested: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2013-03-19-dontnod-publishers-said-you-cant-have-a-female-character
  13. If you enjoy classic chiptunes sounds and FM-synth goodness infused with a healthy dose of jazz/VGM influences and modern sound design, you're in for a treat. Very highly recommended.
  14. Great birthday to a badass album director and a badass musician.
  15. In most cases, project directors are given the option to pick what will constitute the mixflood, likely with some input from djp & the OCR staff. But submitting remixes to the judge panel opens the possibility for more tracks to get posted past the initial album flood. If YES'd of course.
  16. The VG moments that scared the **** out of me: First was in Zelda II, upon entering the last temple, feeling confident and waltzing around unsuspecting, before suddenly being greeted by a freaking giant blue Bot falling down from the ceiling. Not having seen this coming, I dropped the controller on the floor and remained there speechless, watching Link get killed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this sequence might be the first effective jump-scare in gaming history. Second was in Resident Evil 2, right after falling down from the dust-chute to the parking lot, and witnessing Ben Bertolucci getting his face mauled by mutated William Birkin. The sheer brutality of that scene (for the time), and the thought of what might happen to my character if I were to head in that direction, froze me. Took me days to find the courage to make that corridor. Last was in Dead Space, and it's dumb to say, but because the trailer showed an engineer with a necromorph head, for the entire game I thought Isaac was gonna face an old colleague of his as a reflection of himself. Spent the entire game cold-sweating for that fated encounter, but then the credits rolled and I realized, not only did I miss out on most of the game's actual scares, but what the trailer was showing was one of Isaac's own death scene. Yeah, the stupid is strong in that one. Amnesia the Dark Descent did a number on me, but for all the wrong reasons. As your character supposedly succumbs to panic, he starts experiencing blurry vision and aural pain. Being someone who lives with heavy tinnitus pretty much all day long, having to go through this in a video game just ruined the whole thing. Especially since the protagonist can't so much as take two steps forward or make eye contact with the furniture without cowering in fear on the floor. Phun thymes.
  17. Nicely done Txai. This would totally fit within the game/soundtrack. We haven't explored the idea of a bonus disc yet, but we might... In the meantime, the Empire has been defeated, Golden Silver has been sealed away and the World is saved. As DusK mentioned, press Gunstart and make sure to sign the OCR consent form. Or else... You're free to submit your remixes individually to OCR (and we encourage you do so). Just mention in your submission letter that it's for this project, so there's no confusion. Next is album submission and evaluation which can only mean rejections, broken hearts and people in tears. As we brace for that, please keep your project files handy in case the staff need last minute fixes. Thanks to each and everyone of you for jumping aboard, lending this project your strength and sticking with us until the ending credits. You are the true Gunstar Heroes!
  18. Shit hit the fan and couldn't even check-in this WE. PM box is full again and I'm going through it right now. As DusK mentioned, the bottom line is: Be sure to do that if you couldn't get through to/didn't hear back from me until now.1 day till cutoff, 1 track still open. Now would be a good time to BE AGGRESSIVE!
  19. Final Cutoff date has been set to May 30th 2013. Past that date, every unfinished remix will get obliterated by Golden Silver and vanish in the depths of space, forever.
  20. Can't process audio at the moment, so I'd really appreciate if you could go the extra mile by re-encoding/exporting it and PM me and/or DusK. Thanks Ivan.
  21. YES! Beautiful graphical and musical design for a game that screams Sega Genesis. The real console would weep with so much action/sprites on screen, but the 16-bit spirit or yore is alive in here. Only complaint would be the use of Sonic the Hedgehog jump SFX. Nevertheless, I'll keep a close eye on this one, for sure.
  22. Deadline is officially over and the hammer of justice will be coming down hard on those who missed it ...or something. Thanks again to each and every one of you for all the efforts, time and talent you've contributed to this little tribute album. As DusK mentioned, we're working with a mutual-approval system. Once we're both confident with your remix, we'll be giving you the green light for final in PM. Please don't just send a WAV and assume you're done.It's been said a few times already, but be aware that every finished track still need to go through OCR eval. Make sure to keep all relevant project files and plugins, etc. so that you're able to implement whatever changes are required by the staff a couple weeks/months from now. Oh, and WAV files must be 44kHz, 1411kbps, stereo. Please make sure to export/encode your track properly before linking it to us. We'll be needing everyone to write a couple lines about their remix and their source tune. Feel free to add a few words about the game as well, if like us you've got fond memories of GH. Additionally, include links to portfolios you're comfortable linking people to. This will all go in the "about" section of the project website. The album isn't listed in the OCR consent list yet, but as everyone needs to sign it, we'll be inquiring about that soon. Stay tuned. Seeing as everyone is super close to finishing their remixes, we'll be setting a cutoff deadline soon. Like ...VERY SOON.
  23. My PM inbox has been re-opened for business, so be aggressive with it. Let the final WAV showdown begin!
  24. Kanpai shimasho omedetou, chthonic-san!
  25. Now I'm gonna have to trademark this one eventually. Still can't believe this mix really made it to OCR. Reading djp's glowing praise makes me feel a tiny bit proud of my work, for the first time in a very long time. Huge props to Larry for giving me a chance back in 2011 despite my relative noobishness, and for never letting go of the project despite multiple setbacks. Thanks to DusK, without whom this mix would have only been ethnic-weaksauce with fake geetarz, instead of ethnic-weaksauce with proper shreddage. If anyone's interested, there's a music video for this remix: http://youtu.be/HzeMKaYxz8w
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