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  1. 1-Amaterasu (Okami) 2-Joe Musashi (Shinobi) 3-Sieg Wahrheit (Chaos Legion)
  2. I'm back, but please keep sending your updates to DusK. I'll explain more about this soon... We discussed this a while back. No prob Mike, do your thing. So long as you make it in time for the deadline, it's cool. This goes for everyone.
  3. Sounds good Ruku. I'm definitely hyped for that one. A few more finished tracks, things are coming together nicely. Three weeks before the final deadline.
  4. Hey Greg! Could you please get back to me about the Gunstar Heroes project. Thanks. :)

  5. ^ This, 100%. Nintendo has one job: making LttP2 look, play and feel like LttP. Sanitized polygons and horrible controls be damned. :3 Fixed.
  6. Hopefully you can relocate all the pieces before may 12th. A bunch of new wips received and a bunch of feedback sent. Keep 'em coming folks.
  7. I used to run mostly survival-horror games (Biohazard, Silent Hill, Cold Fear, DeadSpace, etc.). Can't do that anymore though. Speed-running requires a lot of planning, a ton of free time and the willpower to sit through countless failures and experiments. ...oh, and also a system to run the games on. :/
  8. This Metroid Prime/Tron crossover has little to do with the Rockman universe/aesthetics, and was proly canned for that reason. For those interested, there's already a Mega Man FPS out there that's true to its source material: 8-bit deathmatch.
  9. We're only one month away from our proposed final deadline, so unless everyone suddenly clamors for it, we're going to proceed without. Once the album has been evaluated, we'll let each remixer know whether their track needs tweaking to meet the OCR staff's expectations. Giving everyone feedback is not a burden, it's our responsibility. And I always do my best on this front, even in dire times.
  10. Image host deleted it a while ago. Sadly I do not have that picture anymore.

  11. Happy birthday to OCR legend Malcos! Make sure to check his awesome new EP.
  12. Tracks released so far are available for streaming on Eidos Montreal's Soundcloud. @mods: feel free to remove my post if this breaks any rules.
  13. Final deadline is in a little over a month, and we've been seeing good progress on many of the remixes, with some nearing completion and a few WAVs. However ' Theme of Golden Silver' and 'Good Night, Baby!' are still open, for all you bold remixers out there, who aren't afraid of anything!
  14. I'd love to remix something from Sōkyūgurentai when I come back, hopefully before 2014.
  15. Remove every single on-rail, gun-turret bullshit section from games that forced them on players for the sake of gameplay variety.
  16. Gametrailers just published an interview with Mr Kojima himself that should answer everyone's questions.
  17. Both are part of the MGSV arc, but as I posted before, Konami contacted Joystiq after Kojima's tweet to confirm that GZ and TPP are separate games. Did so in my last post. Talked about the phantom-limb/phantom-pain condition, and how this could help tie in with Liquid-Ocelot's arm. Btw, did anybody notice that Ishmael was voiced by Kiefer Sutherland (or the best Kiefer Sutherland impersonator ever)? Rumors has it, he might be (or already have been) voicing Big Boss as well. If true, this would means that Big Boss is having a split-personality disorder. Judging by the fact Ishmael says: "I've been watching over you for 9 years" when Big Boss asks who he is, I've reasons to believe the validity of all this. Or at least that Ish and BB will be voiced by the same person, whoever he is.
  18. Most likely a thread bump with OP edit, as well as some mixposts on the front page to let everyone know it's been released in full here.
  19. Just noticed that when Big Boss gets on the bike at the end of the trailer, he has the exact same red prosthetic hand Zadornov had during Peace Walker... Also for those interested, the Phantom Pain (or phantom limb pain) is an illusion created by the brain to cope with the removal of a limb, making the person feel as if their missing limb was still attached. The patient can also manifest aching and burning sensation, meaning the hospital in flames and the fiery unicorn chase could all be happening on a subconscious level during Big Boss' nine years coma. This also appears to tie in quite neatly with the whole "Liquid-Ocelot's magical arm" plot point from MGS4. EDIT: Konami apparently confirmed to Joystiq that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are two separate games. !
  20. All that matters is that Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain are both MGS5, and that they take place after Peace Walker in the timeline. I thought so too, but judging from , it seems the game might begin in the hospital. Maybe the gameplay we've seen in the previous trailers for Ground Zeroes will take place right after that sequence. Or maybe the game will actually alternate back and forth within Big Boss' memory, which would be quite interesting. Also, is it me or this latest demo looks a little too pretty to be running on current gen consoles?
  21. For those of you wondering: yes, playing Peace Walker would help tremendously, mostly because MGS5 appears as a direct sequel to that game, and plots elements are gonna carry over. Having played (and loved) Peace Walker, I was shocked to see Outer Heaven up in flames in the new Phantom Pain trailer. Especially after spending so much time building the complex from the ground up alongside Miller and the Mother Base team, which is the core experience of PW. It'd be cool if The Phantom Pain / MGS5 was split between classic MGS gameplay and more psychological phases, playing on Big Boss' PTSD state, leaving him powerless, maybe even delirious, as he faces the demons of his past head on. This new trailer seems to suggest we might.
  22. Not yet. The 8 tracks will first be unveiled on Eidos FB page, then the album will be released normally on OCR.
  23. Holy crab, done in the style of the anime with the theme song and all. This is a recipe for nerdgasm! Smart move from Capcom.
  24. Don't worry, once all tracks have been unveiled on Eidos FB, the full EP will be released normally on OCR.
  25. Awesome, I'm stoked for this! And so is JC Denton: ...well, as stoked as he'll ever seem to be anyway.
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