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  1. I've been following this since... Episode 5 or so came out. Don't really remember. I just know I almost tuned out after the first episode being it was fairly slow paced from what I remember. Anyways, the Axem Rangers battle was probably my favorite by far quickly followed by the Yoshi/Mecha fight in.. Episode 2? EDIT: Okay, just watched episode 8. Where does this guy come up with these fighting combination? I know I recognized some of Ken's Street Fighter special attacks, but beyond that I'm simply in awe.
  2. Wow.. that was... Incredible o_o.
  3. Final Fantasy Legend I on the Game Boy got me into script writing, creative writing, and comic strip drawing. Sonic I on the Genesis got me into physical fitness, especially running.
  4. Anytime I hear politicians debating, I quite often end up thinking of boss battles in Ogre Battle.
  5. That's kinda funny actually. I'm probably going to pick this up myself in the near future... Once I finish Prinny that is.
  6. Think I've been downloading since sometime between 1999 or 2000. Don't really remember when I signed up for the forums exactly. Either a 2001.. 2002? Edit: Guess, the top of my post says September 2002 was my forum sign up.
  7. Eh... At best, Mtv may start showing Dirty Dancing in between thriller videos.
  8. From the picture I'm seeing, he may not need it anymore... Congrats on the marriage dood.
  9. That was too funny. I was on the verge of tears at the air ship part. Epitaph ftw!
  10. Eh, review didn't do much for me. Not too sure why.
  11. "Need"? No. Though I really want a 2-d HD version. Eh, I was perfectly happy with Sonic Jam on the saturn looking back on things.
  12. Okay... /hides from Nekofrog I suppose in theory just about any game can be speed oriented depending on how it's played. Super Mario Brothers, basket ball, and even chess. I'm sure everyone at some point has watched at least one speed run video of some kind? I find my beloved console hedgehog games to indeed be platformers at their core, but in many cases laid out to be played as speed runs with little effort. If that made sense... I'm making myself sick by eating this stupid gummi sour starburst right now. Can't stop eating them. EDIT: After looking at that silhouette again, what is
  13. This song is really fun. Makes me want to pick up some old school pokemon goodness.
  14. Now this is some sexy shit right here! If Magus were to own a upscale gentleman's club, this song would be the theme music for it (don't ask). And that 2:29 mark leaves me wanting more, but instead I'm left crying as the end rolls in and cleans up the drool hanging off my mouth.
  15. Tales of Monkey Island http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/901-Tales-of-Monkey-Island
  16. LMAO, alright now THAT was funny.
  17. I didn't really laugh too much until 2:53 or so, but found it entertaining. Honestly it makes me want to watch the "There will be brawl" episodes again.
  18. Elex Synn


    EGADS! Directed by M. Night? Guess when someone makes the Avatar: Air Bender thread I'll have to mention being disappointed about the absence of blue furries. Though with Shayamalan that may be "the twist". Ang is really a blue furry.
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    I feel let down. This has nothing to do with air bending... I do feel a bit confused though, is this movie based off something well known? I watched the trailer but didn't see anything special about it.
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