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  1. That looks really funny. Good luck, Dood.
  2. Is there anyone looking into the game creation contest The Escapist is hosting?
  3. Mostly with help from my friends, and using the candles/bombs on EVERY possible tree and walling until I found everything in every screen (As far as the original Zelda goes). Zelda 2 I never got very far in. Even when playing it now and days I find the game is still a GAWD DAMN BASTARD. Though in all seriousness if I got stuck in a game I returned to it later after playing something else for a while. Edit: Actually, I was wondering if anyone here was able to beat Strider back in the day? I couldn't get anywhere with that mess.
  4. Ashley Tisdale? Why does that name sound familiar? Additionally that is indeed a nice version of the song.
  5. Man a core piece of the Saturn experience this game was. I can't contribute musically, but I'll definitely be cheering this project on. When I listen to "Dreams Dreams" I find myself wondering if Pixietricks (correct?) has thought about doing the female vocals.
  6. Seconding Project Justice. Also power Stone 2 is a lot of fun.
  7. Me and my girl friend were talking about this exact matter the other day, about celebrity deaths compared to family/friend deaths or just people in your daily papers obituary. In the end I realize I was a little sadden over the thought of MJ passing. He was a big part of my chilhood being a kid of the 80s, even if I lost interest once the Singapore incident happen.
  8. I find Mountain Dew to be a good way to clean out my colon. Way too much sugar for me. If you want energy, go drink a sobe adrenaline rush. They be tasty. As far as the question on why pepsi and Blizzard would do this is as someone already mentioned, Mountain Dew and WoW are basically synonymous with computer gaming culture... At least from my observations.
  9. Man that was pretty sweet. I was in love when I heard the Streets of Rage boss music at ~4:20 or so.
  10. It's going to take more than a copy and paste light saber battle scene to impress me. That is nothing new. Lets see how they actually implement whats available to them into a MMO. Generic MMOs are fairly easy to come by.
  11. A liver performance? I like it. Though I personally was really hoping to advoid hearing the combat fanfare at the end, but not a huge gripe by any means.
  12. I'm diggin' this mix. Should stay on my play list for a while. I nearly fell out of the char in laughter when I saw the title. Though this had more to do with the thought of Chrono and the gang first appearing in the past and seeing a towering t-rex, then offending some peoples beliefs.
  13. I play 4th edition DnD as well as 3 to 3.5 back when. It feels like all the classes got a retribution pally upgrade. The campiagn settings as always are what really dictate your experience, however, I do like how they simplified the combat system. Allows more focus on role playing and not roll playing (yes yes, cliche, bite me )
  14. <- Me after most nights I get into my Sim city binge. I also love Sim City 4 w/ the rush hour expansion. Bought them several months back. Right now I'm making a bunch of smaller cities surrounding the very large city plot for when I really try to make a mega metropolus. As far as updates go, the only offical ones I'm aware of is the one from the EA/Maxis (whichever) site. The update however is a few years old I believe but I reccomend you picking it up.
  15. Haha two of my favorite things together. Space Channel 5 series and old school Sonic. EXCELLENT. Now if their is something like this available from the second episode...
  16. Me and my friends picked up the PC version from Best Buy for $10 a piece or so a month ago.
  17. You know what a friend of mine showed me a video of some guys who actually did this if I remember right. They set up some Guitar Hero guitars to actually play notes like a guitar, or something close to this. I'll have to ask him for the link to show ya.
  18. I always felt that franchise was over rated. I never got what the big deal was. As for the initial thread's post, different strokes for different folks. @TABLES: I lol every time I see that animated signature of yours. Reminds me of the old Road Rash 2 animations at the end of the races.
  19. Ah game boy... My traveling weapon of choice as a child... Final Fantasy Legend. Final Fantasy Legend II... Final Fanatasy Legend III... (Time travel before Chrono Trigger, yo!) My gateway into the magical land of RPG's. How I miss thee... The entertainment brick was also great as a suprise attack weapon
  20. OMFG that made my day. That bubble man part had me crying.
  21. I noticed someone mentioned the re release of the original Final Fantasies on the DS. I have FF2 and IMO is fairly boring. I've always been a fan of the shining force series, Chrono Trigger is always a classic but I don't think I could stomach playing it ever again (I played it 10 ways from Sunday when it first came out on the SNES)
  22. Filled out your survey. Hope it helps.
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