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  1. These were mentioned in another thread a while ago... It's where I first discovered the series. Quite entertaining. I love what this guy does with fight scenes.
  2. Hmm... My favorite 2D RPG types were Shining Force 2, Chrono Trigger and Ogre Battle (Not sure Landstalker counts as RPG)... The first thing that comes to mind for me was the music in all of them. I can still remember the heroic music of my characters attacking in shining force and the dreadful enemy attack tune when I know my healer has been singeled out and destroyed. Ogre Battle and Chrono Trigger the same thing. They had different boss music for different epic levels that I felt fit really well and really got my palms sweaty. Though most importantly to me an interesting but not TOO D
  3. Zelda 2... Yikes, it definitely kicked my ass as a child. I actually wouldn't mind taking another swing at it now as I sit here thinking about it. I'll have to give this fan fic game a chance too while I'm at it.
  4. All of this Street Fighter talk reminded me of GEN from SFA2 when I had it on the... Saturn? Dreamcast? One or the other (thinking Saturn). I couldn't actually get a hang of his multiple fighting stances to save my life, but I ALWAYS had the worst damn times fighting the bastard no matter who I chose >_<. He gave me a ton of frustration. Actually it would of been cool to learn how to play the last boss guy on Project Justice who's name I can't remember. I just stuck with my little Momo and her crew :3
  5. Well the short review on their was definitely right. It looks better then the Street Fighter game based off the Street Fighter Movie... Which I owned >_>...
  6. I... Didn't really care for it (Yes, I caught the sarcasm ) I'd suggest giving Patapon a shot. If you like rhythm based games at all it's a real treat. More of a Space Channel 5 gaming experience than a DDR, or Parappa run IMO.
  7. Definitely sensing a rental here. Though I don't really want to judge before trying it. Looks like co-op should be a big part of it y'know? Though more importantly their is one thing I'd wanna know... Will they let you cross the beams?!
  8. Haha amen. gotta love trying to kick someones ass with a girl who jumps out of a chopper . Though I have always loved Ayane from DoA series. I have a thing for really quick players even at the expense of little damage per hit... Now that I think about it I'm always using toons like this in every game I can think of o_o. Yuffie, Rikku, Selphie, Meru... Back on topic, I could never get a good grasp on Leon from the Virtua Fighter series, so I settled on Tokyo from fighting Vipers (or the fighters megamix collection on Saturn).
  9. That would be kinda interesting. On that, I would actually be giddy-as-all-get-up for a Pokemon MMO. Seriously though, remaking the game where your guild hall was a pokemon gym and you actually need to FPS aim the pokeball to catch the little bastards? Though a bit on topic. I'd also like to see a Primal Rage revival. Anyone remember that game?
  10. Y'know I almost forgot I'd also love to have a new Ogre Battle, not so much based on the tactics Ogre series. The sky islands.. Prince Gares.. Prince Tristan... Damn, not I gotta replay it for the N'th time. Additionally I don't feel Land Stalker had an appropriate successor. Alundra was 'okay' I guess, but didn't have the same feel - I miss Friday. Nigel's small part in Time Stalkers wasn't all that great either.
  11. I would absolutely LOVE to see a new installment of the Shining Force series. Shining Force 2 was a lot of fun to play IMO. Also I believe a updated or simply new installation of Gunstar Heroes would also be a lot of fun to play. Gotta love the laugh from that one boss dude in the red.
  12. Yeah I'm in the same boat as you. It's definately a pretty game, but eh... I am however very interested in seeing how the combat system will play out.
  13. Lol holy crap, my long lost twin! I was actually using my TMNT bed sheets through high school, and I've ALWAYS been about Raph. I hope this new TMNT game features the 'evil' April (grrrrowl).
  14. Most gaming projects I work on lately involve using Game maker 7.0. http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/ You can either doing drag-n-drop or programming scripts referred to as GML though. Check it out. Free to use. Lots of games made by it can be found here http://www.gamemakergames.com/
  15. Okay I'm actually working on a gaming project right now. Nothing big or anything just something I'm doing in my spare time... When I finally have all the programming, spriting, and debugging done you're saying I can hit one of you guys up and you'll help me get some music for the game? It's not anything I'm doing for profit, just a fun project I spend some time on. Secondly, for how long are you guys offering this service? I probably won't be done with all the major programming for another month or two, but I find having the main background music playing helps me stay focused in the long
  16. I don't remember any commercials off the top of my head besides that Mario land 2 commercial... BUT, does anyone besides me remember the move "The wizard"? "And a debut of a new game.. SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 3"! *Sighs* Childhood memories.
  17. Huh. I was feeling fairly Final Fantasy burned out but this looks pretty sweet. Combat system sort of reminds me of a Ehrgize/DBZ budokai fusion...
  18. Shadow from FF3/6. He can learn F*ck'n ULTIMA, and has a doberman for a pet. I win.
  19. I have two that I can recall. First was when I was playing Friday the 13th on the NES.. In a dark room with my cousin... At night... And the first time we went through a house looking for Jason and not finding him after some odd minutes. We decided to try and leave the house and the bastard shows up right inf ront of the door. Scared the hell out of the both of us. We damn near flipped the table the TV was sitting on. Think this was when I was... Early teens I guess. Second was when I first got Super Sonic in Sonic 2 for the Genesis. I believe I had got the SS code from a gaming mag
  20. You wouldn't like to see Katamari Damacy as a movie? What if it was directed by Hayao Miyazaki? Though I do agree with the sentiment about MGS being an easier movie adaptation. Starring Vin Diesel as Solid Snake (JOKING). I really can't think of too many video game to movie successes... Actually from what I remember, I did really like the resident evil movie.
  21. I was one of the people who was expecting something resembling something close to a Final Fantasy game to be honest. At the same time I knew to at least ATTEMPT to separate myself form this line of thinking.
  22. This song is very fun. Not sure I could listen to it 'all' the time, but when I do I enjoy it.
  23. Gawd damn! This mess is hot. Got me shaking sand out of my clothes hearing it.
  24. Elex Synn

    Game Damage

    Huh... Fairly indifferent about it. did get a good chuckle out of the master chief walking around and scaring the kids though. Personally it really felt weird watching Yahtzee in a live recording and not his fast past Microsoft Power Point slide shows of sarcastic delight.
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