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  1. This is great stuff. I think it has a shot at OCR.
  2. Free FLAC can be found at http://kngi.org/mirrors/Theophany-TimesEnd-MajorasMaskRemixedFLAC.zip I believe MP3 links are coming. Crystal Flash was not sustainable as a free download via Bandcamp, hence the 50 cent minimum on both releases.
  3. Mr.Coneman, your comment makes no sense to me; this is a medley?
  4. Oh, very nice! Subtlety is amazing and is my favourite track on the EP at this point. Oh, incidentally, you have a typo in your post (EQ).
  5. Gave it a listen, very nice! P.S. I found your original post hilarious.
  6. This happened to me too! I have a feeling the panning has something to do with it...
  7. At first I was thinking 'woo, another Cave Story remix from RushJet1!' But you're right, this is hilariously unfinished. Still promising, though. Thanks! The others were great fun to listen to as well. Nintendo World Cup was my favourite.
  8. This... this is so good. I hope this thread causes more people to post awesome unreleased music. I'm pretty sure those were all made with GXSCC, a program that magically turns other people's MIDI files into your own original chiptunes. While the existence of a such a program will be a total pain if chiptunes ever take off on OCR, pretty much anyone with a good ear can pick out a GXSCC 'remix' within the first few seconds and I imagine none would make it to the panel. I personally don't think chiptunes should be discouraged just because bad, automatically generated ones exist. But hey, maybe it's OK, as long as legit chiptunes are secretly acceptable?
  9. But... but Clown Man's theme is terrible! I guess the heart wants what it wants, though.
  10. To be fair, most people have been saying 'jazzy' which I'd say means 'jazz-influenced' more than 'of the jazz genre'. Perhaps this is merely an extension of your rage at The OneUps frequently being called a jazz band (a complaint which I would conversely deem entirely justified)?
  11. This could become a good thing, like the absence of Concrete Man on the Mega Man 9 Album. Alone in the World EP, anyone?
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