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  1. This is great stuff. I think it has a shot at OCR.
  2. Free FLAC can be found at http://kngi.org/mirrors/Theophany-TimesEnd-MajorasMaskRemixedFLAC.zip I believe MP3 links are coming. Crystal Flash was not sustainable as a free download via Bandcamp, hence the 50 cent minimum on both releases.
  3. Mr.Coneman, your comment makes no sense to me; this is a medley?
  4. Oh, very nice! Subtlety is amazing and is my favourite track on the EP at this point. Oh, incidentally, you have a typo in your post (EQ).
  5. Gave it a listen, very nice! P.S. I found your original post hilarious.
  6. This happened to me too! I have a feeling the panning has something to do with it...
  7. At first I was thinking 'woo, another Cave Story remix from RushJet1!' But you're right, this is hilariously unfinished. Still promising, though. Thanks! The others were great fun to listen to as well. Nintendo World Cup was my favourite.
  8. This... this is so good. I hope this thread causes more people to post awesome unreleased music. I'm pretty sure those were all made with GXSCC, a program that magically turns other people's MIDI files into your own original chiptunes. While the existence of a such a program will be a total pain if chiptunes ever take off on OCR, pretty much anyone with a good ear can pick out a GXSCC 'remix' within the first few seconds and I imagine none would make it to the panel. I personally don't think chiptunes should be discouraged just because bad, automatically generated ones exist. But hey, maybe it's OK, as long as legit chiptunes are secretly acceptable?
  9. But... but Clown Man's theme is terrible! I guess the heart wants what it wants, though.
  10. To be fair, most people have been saying 'jazzy' which I'd say means 'jazz-influenced' more than 'of the jazz genre'. Perhaps this is merely an extension of your rage at The OneUps frequently being called a jazz band (a complaint which I would conversely deem entirely justified)?
  11. This could become a good thing, like the absence of Concrete Man on the Mega Man 9 Album. Alone in the World EP, anyone?
  12. What a list of contributors! This is definitely something different (and amazing) for OCR. This album is so unique and varied. There's massive amounts of creativity on show here. I had a blast listening to it! The only think I'm not a fan of is the mastering on several of these tracks! Audible clipping isn't fun. Did one person do mastering across the whole album, or is it just the loudness war taking its toll?
  13. This has improved a lot since I last listened to it. I think it might still be shy of OCR's notoriously high standards, but given its progress so far I'm sure it will get there if you keep working on it! I think the new end part is the best section here be far, so maybe you shouldn't be afraid to keep adding new partss, rearranging parts and maybe even removing some stuff (not that there's anything I specifically think should go at this point) as the effect will probably be positive. P.S. reading the titles of all the different versions on your Souncloud is funny and a little depressing.
  14. This took a ridiculously long time to download for some reason, but it was worth it.
  15. Given that you only posted the Singularity demo reel a couple of hours ago, I'm guessing RDX was talking about the one for Age of the Stars. What's that?
  16. This song is AMAZING. I've been following the WIPs for ages and seeing it posted on the site now really made my day. However, I'm still undecided if I like this more than the last WIP I heard. The differences are small to be sure, but I'm unsure about the beefier synths and slight crackling that can be heard in this updated version. I do adore the new instrument at 2:50, but I think I'll keep the WIP in my collection too, even if it does have a little more clipping. Looking forward to Singularity hugely!
  17. Awesome! I have no idea what "Sound Programming: Game Genie" means, though. Can you shed any light on it for me?
  18. Here for 192 or here for lower-bitrate VBR. Hopefully Sam doesn't mind me posting this... I also find this pretty questionable.
  19. Out of interest, why didn't WillRock get Elec Man? No one else picked it as their first choice, so I'm a little surprised. There may be other instances of this, I just happened to notice this one. Apologies if the answer is somewhere in the thread and I just didn't find it...
  20. Strange, I never had trouble finding them online. Furthermore, in the original JJ2 release I believe the S3M files were just in the game folder, not encrypted or anything. Slightly more on topic, this is a great track and I hope to hear many more Jazz Jackrabbit remixes on this site in the future.
  21. From first hearing this, I identified 5.07-5.09 as a piece of the Chrono Trigger main theme (in addition to the other three obvious references). Haven't seen anyone else mention this, though... am I reading too much into it? I have some vague recollection that Vigilante had a habit of inadvertently 'improvising' pre-existing phrases of music, so perhaps that could explain it.
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