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  1. It will still be some time for the album to go through evaluation, but my best guess is Q1 2014.
  2. None of those are real projects. Especially this one.
  3. Oh hey, this project is done. Sooooooooo... Yeah.
  4. SEE WHEN THIS AIRS IN YOUR PART OF THE WORLD HERE: WHAT: WillRock's "Welcome to the Real World" Album Release Party! WHERE: WHEN: Thursday, December 8th, 2013 at 8:00 PM US Eastern Time WHY: Because you <3 WillRock TRAILER: FACEBOOK EVENT: ABOUT THE ALBUM: "Welcome to the Real World", inspired by 80's synth rock and infused with chiptune elements with plenty of crazy solos. It's the 73rd release from chiptune netlabel Ubiktune, and is WillRock's first full-length album. ABOUT THE ARTIST: WillRock is a British video game music composer and remixer who has music featured on YouTube and OverClocked ReMix. He has also been a part of compilations released on 9-Bit Records. ABOUT THE SHOW: GameFuel is a music-centric show hosted by KyleJCrb, featuring a regular dose of hard-hitting video game-inspired music, as well as original soundtracks, chiptunes, and other original works. You can check out more information and previous episodes at! ABOUT THE STATION: Arecibo Radio seeks the odd, the strange, the outlandish, the unknown, and the oft-disregarded. We focus on underground and niche programs dedicated to certain cultures, communities, and forums that often have deep roots and ties with such communities. Check out the station at
  5. Awwwww yeah. Congrats on getting the most thankless job on the internet!
  6. My problem with this new song is that it's obviously an intentional parody of the original. 'Friday' tried to be so serious and sincere despite its awfulness that I couldn't help but be amused by it, but this one is just trying too hard.
  7. OCR actually has a generic flyer-style business card:
  8. Buying new will support the original artist in some capacity most of the time, but buying used will not.
  9. Oh, nice. I actually thought it would be bigger than those. The pictures make it looks enormous, plus the giant power brick doesn't help at all.
  10. I wonder how much bigger the XBone is compared to the Philips CD-i or Atari 5200...
  11. Yeah, most, if not all, of the plugins used in Chipamp are hosted on third-party sites rather than Winamp proper. I would love to see an update to Chipamp but I'm assuming it is extreeeeemely low on the to-do list (probably below forum avatars, if that's even possible.)
  12. If you are a project director and are submitting songs to the panel on behalf of remixers on your project with permission (which as far as I know from talking to Larry is something that is allowed), does the three week grace period still apply or can you submit multiple remixes from the project (in separate emails of course) at one time?
  13. It's cute how so many of you think this is actually a project and not just an elaborate ruse to get you excited for nothing.
  14. It will be recorded, but the archive won't be available for download until after the album is released (which should only be a day later, so you won't have to wait too long.)
  15. Sexy rig is sexy. "Rig" is a really funny word for a computer.
  16. It gets pushed back a week every time anyone asks.
  17. It's the perfect time for ULTRA-LAST-MINUTE ADDITIONS to the project, right? It's quite literally THE due date today and Prince of Darkness has hopped on to help out with Neon Night Riders. Seriously though, I've already received a substantial WIP and he'll be done pretty quick, so don't be worried! And really, if PuD came to you and said "YO CHECK THIS FUCKIN' SHIT OUT" and sent you something incredibly badass ("incredibly badass" being his default musical state, by the way,) would YOU say no? No. No you would not. Because that would be dumb. Yeah, I should really go to bed. EDIT: Oh yeah, other tracks are wrapping up and sounding fantastic. The Shell Shockers are definitely gonna rock your face!
  18. Oh man, Twisted Metal and Jet Moto had such good music. Really glad someone brought those up because those were definitely soundtracks that bring back a lot of childhood memories for me.
  19. If you have the time to revisit it, you should do do it!
  20. I distinctly remember leaving Super Mario Kart running just to listen to the music. A lot of games from even earlier than that still stick with me though, this song from Yoshi's Cookie being a prime example that I still hum to this day:
  21. I'm listening to disc 1 of the album in full for the first time. Guys. GUYS. This gon' be gooooood.
  22. I'm still confused. Does the Xbone has super pixels or not? I NEED MY SUPER PIXELS