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  1. Much better than the source in some ways. TES music always leaves so much to be desired in vanilla form for me. This works. I actually hummed to this.
  2. late reply. But I agree with this. There are some really interesting tracks in it that are overlooked
  3. I never quite cared for the guy or shared many of his opinions. But no one deserves cancer. Hopefully he'll beat it and it's not a horribly painful process for 'em. GL
  4. The Lead could've been improved I think. And I appreciate how you improved on the stock EZD/Superior samples. Other than that radical
  5. I never knew default FL could actually sound so good.
  6. Can't believe how old this mix is now. It's really awesome and even feels period accurate to the game almost. Which I am currently playing through for the first time in over 10 years. :nicework: Gonna listen to this on loop like a million times
  7. Man, I'm glad this is finally here. This song always blew my mind. And glad there are more out there who have an obsessive love of FFV Norg, I <3 you as always.
  8. Haha, i've never heard the music to that game before. But I definitely hear the resemblance.
  9. Thanks man. You may be surprised by my FF2 songs. They are somewhat different ;)

  10. :shock::shock: This guy has made better use of EWQL libraries than i've heard in a long time.
  11. Oh hah, well it's no big deal , I think I had asked Emunator(can't remember if that's how he spelled it) or something once on FB but never got a response. But that' was a long time ago. I digress it's no big deal honestly! I'm grateful for it getting on the site at all ! (And it IS better than the initial version I submitted originally! Which was horribly over compressed hah) Thanks guys.
  12. Well that certainly took a while. I had almost forgotten about this hurr I made an updated version early last year, wish it had been the one I had submitted But this doesn't sound as bad as I remember either ha
  13. Lead was a bit too loud in the mix for my tastes but I really really liked this!
  14. Happy Birthday! ALSO: Legend of Dragoon Remix on that album? YEAH! <3 <3 Too bad i don't have any money
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