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  1. aaaaand, I just really don't want to see a bunch of "Sir Jordanius" 's everywhere.

  2. trust me, dawg... I've got everything planned out and I've thought carefully about how I want to approach my music endeavors for the past 3 years now.

    I got dis! =)

    If anything (and I've mentioned this in recent submissions) if it's an extreme pain for the staff to tag stuff with my multiple names, then I'll stick with Jordanius, but I do prefer to roll with the whole package if it's not too much of a huge problem.

    plus, my secret track for Sonic CD is using another alias, sooooo.... hnnnnnnnngggggg! YYYYEEEEeeeeaaaaahhhh.

  3. ^ try listening again with your speakers turned on. For real though, to each his own. Hip hop like this (well, hip hop in general) isn't always everybody's cup of tea; but there's no need to kill the vibes and poop on the party so suddenly like that.
  4. http://music.angrysons.net/album/minus-world The "Angry Sons" project consists of a duo collab between emcees and producers 'Psychosis Abstrakt' and, OCR's very own, 'metaphist.' Despite the perceived amount of few tracks, the entire album is packed with smooth beats, crafty sampling, extremely intuitive wordplay, and of course loads of fridge brilliance for casual and hardcore gamers alike. If you're a fan of fresh, forward-thinking hip hop and/or an aficionado for witty video-game influenced rapping, you will thoroughly enjoy this album. With a diverse melting pot of hilarious Kirby Horror-core, encyclopedic comic book allusions, and gritty 'Dragonborn!' hype chanting, this album is overflowing with replay value; a very sick debut album, indeed, by the Angry Sons, and hopefully more great tracks will be coming from these dope gentlemen. If you enjoy what you've heard, please be sure to name your price. *NOTE - I, Jordan 'Sir Jordanius'/damashii!!/whatever Etienne, am not affiliated with the production or anything about this album at all, whatsoever. I just think it is incrrrrredibly sick, and some of you heard me talking a lot about this album with pm's and a thread a while back here in the community; so I felt inclined to boast about it and share it as much as possible (and metaphist said he's perfectly fine with me making a thread to promote them)! XD
  5. Oh man oh man oh man! Thanks a lot! I'm still immensely surprised that everybody seems to enjoy it somewhat (was a bit unsure how people would feel about schizophrenic katamari funkstep).

    on a side note... I have been eyeing your Shinobi III project thread like a fuggin piece of juicy ass bacon, but I've gotta clear my plate a bit before I take on some more projects. T_T

    thanks again.

  6. signing in only just to say that you guys had better calm down with that kind of talking. O_o don't EVER even joke lightly about OCR disappearing soon. I can't rest in piece until I get some waaaaaay better mixes posted to avenge myself from the embarrassment of my earlier stuff.
  7. pm'd you a mini dissertation breakdown of ebonics and weaboo speak.... :

    but the tl;dr is essentially:

    satirically speaking 'that nizzle went ham with dat kawaii swag' should roughly translate to 'that funky yet socially savvy dude exceeded my expectations with his presentation of confidence and bravado [in regards to the art of cute and amusing emoticons].'

  8. @the offtop emoticon thingy

    lololol, dude, I'm totally joking. Anytime I use horribly painful ebonics IRL or online it usually means I'm just fooling around or being sarcastic. I most definitely do not talk like that or use that kind of language in my personal vernacular. ^_^

  9. and I counter your move with the super rare trap card: Tidal Tempest is now a joint collab between HoboKa, Xenon, and SirJ! But is it effective??? dun dunn duuuuunnnnnnn!
  10. *looking through Wikipedia to refresh my memory of some of the stuff he's been in since all I could remember was Daredevil, Pearl Harbor, and the Boiler Room.* This dude was the voice of Joseph?! Aaaawwww yyyeeeah, now you know this Batman is going to be tight.
  11. Is that calm rage speaking out, or you stating that this is a fake article? Yeah, I agree with the Heath Ledger point; it could be very interesting, but of all the possible actors they could've chosen for The Batman.... meh, I'm just excited about a possible Justice League movie later on down the road, so we'll see how this turns out. As long as it doesn't end up along the lines of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan (once again a pretty good actor, but seriously wtf were they thinking ).
  12. This, QFT. I love the huge albums, and not to veer offtopic much, I found the Deus Ex EP to be very enjoyable as well. Would love to hear a few more bite-size albums in between all these mammoth full-course meal albums every now and then. =) LEGIT. Having a very hard time moving on to the rest of the album because this is stuck on replay for me right now. send help. Also, looking at that roster it's obvious that the entire album is super dope, but I just want to go ahead and throw down some IMMENSE props for the album art (as well as that trailer design). Seriously, the site design and that album cover is just oooohhhhh gawd, too good.
  13. imho, VideoPad = Windows Movie maker 6.0 and 2.6 with much better usability and slightly more powerful effects. Windows Live Movie Maker on the other hand is a waste of time for any kind of editing that is higher than basic family gathering home video type stuff. Just throwing that out there. I'd also like to vouch for Final Cut, Vegas, Premiere, and After Effects. To answer your question, I don't think you can go wrong with Vegas and Premiere for the best all-around editing, specifically geared towards Youtube/Vimeo/etc. type videos. But when you do want to take that next step there are a lot interesting things you can do with After Effects, I just would not recommend it for the types of videos you're asking for because it's kind of like bringing a Fire Truck to a water balloon fight. (most definitely not downplaying Youtube videos; just pointing out that massive video soft-wares like After Effects are capable of doing much, much more than most amateur consumers really need, imo. like-wise, After Effects isn't really something to consider for efficient time-line based editing at all. after Effects is mostly what you'd want to use for creating lots of fancy visuals and effects, hence the title, and like Coop said, it's pretty good for basic animations as well). I'm most certainly not a pro on this subject (yet ) because I mostly just dabble in video editing from time to time when I don't feel like asking others to make videos for me, but judging by what you're asking for I think Sony Vegas should be a pretty nice fit. and screw all you students out there... you have no idea how ridiculously awesome these student discounts are becoming nowadays. >_<
  14. Hey everybody, just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you all. I pm'd Final Kingdom about these ideas and she's cool with it, so let's hear what the rest of you have to say about it! Firstly, I think it'd be much better to represent ourselves more along the lines of 'Voices of OCR' instead of just an a Capella group; obvious reasons being that, yes, we can keep a particular flair for the a Capella stuff, but then lend our vocal assets to any arrangements (regardless if it also has other instruments or not) that specifically need vocals. ie., if Brandon Strader's looking for an ominous choir thing for an intro to a metal song or something, we could do that. Or if Tuberz is looking for indie vocal chants, 'ooohs' and 'lala's' throughout a more contemporary song we could do that, too. All in all, let's keep the a Capella stuff, but not restrict ourselves since there's always plenty of room for little tidbits of vocal stuff in plenty of arrangements, at least in my opinion. XD Next, probably goes without saying, but we certainly should tackle this with a revolving door approach. For one thing, there's plenty of excellent vocalists around here (a lot of them are in hiding, or haven't had much opportunities to contribute vocals on this kind of level),and for those instances when life happens it'd be great to know that we've got more than 1 tenor/soprano/etc. in case things come out and some of us have to disappear for a while (*cough cough* *ahem* heads up...) Plus, for those of you who got FinalK's email with the prayer demo? yyyyeeeeahhhh.... that low Eb just isn't going to work for me. I try my best with a lot of things, but there's no possible way for me to be the 'bass' or only low 'baritone/tenor' vocalist. so what do you ladies and gents say? sounds like a plan?
  15. gtfoutta here, Brandon. that specific track is supposed to be a special surprise for you. Pretend you didn't even hear any of this.
  16. just signing in real quick to say that it's not a problem. The 29th is much sooner than I, too, had expected, but I'm about to be free of other [ocr] projects. Had some good and some bad stuff the past few days that kept me really busy. Bad: some family IRL stuff where way too much shiz has been hitting the fan, so I had to take a break from everything to think clearly. Good: I overhauled/revamped my recording set up these past two days, and I think the feng shui is pretty dope so far. long story short, I'll be recording and catching up like crazy all day tomorrow, so I'll send something to work with to G-mixer by the end of the day. However (you'll see what I mean once you get my 'stuff,' G), I can tell you right now it's going to be one hella rough draft.... like toy Casio quality.


    [/come at me, bruhhh]

  18. aaaawwwww shiiiiieeeeettt... guess I should've read this before hitting up the thread again. =(

    I might be changing my mind about what song we do, but either way, Garrett and I are going to be bringing all of those lovely shamone's and WHOO!'s and "ahh" and all those cheesy MJ smack-you-in-the-face horns and synths...

    you ain't even ready, maaaane.

  19. Ayy, I was going to pm you DusK, but I think it'll be fine if I just go ahead and ask everybody publicly (especially in case somebody is eyeing one of these other sources). After this I'll stop being wibbly-wobbly with choices. Since we're going for a straight-up legit late 80s/early 90s MJ approach, do you guys think G-Mixer and I should stick with "Violent Breathing" or instead go for "Fighting in the Street?" Either way, we're going for a "Bad" kind of vibe, but listening back I feel like VBreathing would be a more sensual, mellow MJ song whereas FiTS would translate naturally to that Bad/Dangerous kind of sound. And, no, I'm personally not interested in just claiming both sources because 1) I just pulled G-Mixer out of the blue so out of respect I'm not going to pull him out of the blue twice , 2) I know several of you around here love SoR 10 zillion times more than myself so I'm not going to steal somebody else's spot if they've been waiting for this shiz to happen forever, and 3) with the theme of the 90s(/late 80s) I am very much excited in hearing all the many different classic sounds from that era, and not just MJ; ergo, please tell me there's going to be an epic boy-band collab on one of these tracks.
  20. aaaaaand now I'm sold. Haven't even talked to this dude about it at all yet since we need to catch up with other projects, but I'm already going to throw it out there that G-Mixer and I will do something. Put us down for Violent Breathing. I didn't want to commit to a full track since I'm up to my neck with some music of my own that needs to get out, but if you want Michael Jackson.... believe me, son, I ain't bragging, but WE WILL BRING DAT MJ SPIRIT! EDIT: also... it was a good learning experience, but I feel like 'Smooth as Honey' is horribly cheesy and gimmicky. We will NOT be making something like that. Don't worry, when we need to be serious and throw it down, G-Mixer and I don't even play around. And at the very least, vocal-wise we'll be just fine, so I'll check out Jason's mix to see if we'll make it a trio or keep it as a duo collab.
  21. Reiterating what everybody else said... ANOTHER album? You da man, man. I like this concept very much, spanning out over three years and focusing on stages with this. Very nice approach. I'm not interested in committing to a full track for this first album since I want to focus on other things this year, but I'd like to make myself available to anybody for horn/brass hits, funk guitar and/or vocal one shots, and anything else in the field of funk "garnish" or "sprinkles" to add to your arrangements, if needed at all. (I don't just do funk, of course. Just saying that I can help with in-your-face horn parts in general) looks like you've got a solid team so far, so good luck to everybody. BE AGGRES---er. INDUCE RAGE!
  22. Darke, I just sent you a slightly verbose, yet immensely important pm. Please let me know if it's 'a green, yellow, or red light,' as well as how you feel about the second, bigger question. aaaand, since the genre of what I sent you usually rubs some people in the wrong way, I'm hoping that it at least passes this requirement. XP
  23. HA ha ha haaaaa! "Don't smile when you record." You'd hate to be near me when I'm recording then. Ah, could've sworn I heard guitars, but I guess it was just the bass stacked with the strings or something. No, no, don't worry about buying an MPK or anything like that. For that Runescape track I specifically just used a cheesy 808 (or 909, whatever) lame sound from one of Sonar's bundled plugins (The Roland GrooveSynth, with some HEAVY assss processing on the 808 tom patch). What I meant was you could keep the rhythm patterns if you want, but change the actual sounds of the percussion to a sound that is much more of a staple of hip hop (like the 808 synthy kind of drums, or the super phat compressed tubberware sounding boom bap drums). And if all else fails you could just splice up some old school drum breaks and build your beat off of that (ex., do I even need to bring up how many different songs have sampled "The Amen Break?"). The drum sounds in that JMT that OneUp suggested are reaaaaally great (especially contrasted against the string stuff you got going on as well). *pfffft, never though I'd see a JMT track posted in a thread like this. that's awesome. however, I gotta disagree with OneUp's opinion about being goofy. I like your vocal performance since going by the lyrics it is a bit of a goofy song and I think it works well regardless of the beat, but yeah, there'd be no harm with re-recording them with a grittier HRRRNNNNNGGGG kind of performance. Still digging the 'da da da' part. =) ha ha ha haaa, 'don't smile when you record'... now every single damn time I step in front of a mic, you know I'll start busting out laughing, right?
  24. Yeeeahhh, didn't want to say the title due to drama in that track, as well as the drama that usually comes with the territory of that word. But regardless that song is my JAMMMMM.
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