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Everything posted by Damashii!!

  1. wholly shit. he made it to another year!
  2. dis gon be REEEEAAAL gud, fa sho. lol@the white text. Congratulations!! ehh... maybe not the best or most uplifting "congratulatory" music, but you get what I'm saying. DiGi showed this to me earlier and I was pretty much doing internal backflips.

    if you've got NI Action Strings that means some next level gangsta shit is about to go down. Can't wait to hear some more beast-mode music from ya!


  4. ^^ay mane, I can talk to ma homie Donald Trump to see if he can help us organize a festival. For real though, I like the brunch idea. Haven't actually ever been to MAG so I don't have a firsthand experience with some of those past problems, but I can dig what L99 is saying. Seems easy, efficient, a no-brainer. here's to hoping I can make it this time!
  5. because it's devil worship music. bad soundtrack. also... no KingTiger? T_T good luck to everybody. gotta pass on this, but I'll be sure to vote. Going to re-work the 2012 megamix I did and I hope to make a megamix for this year as well towards the end of the compo.
  6. make sure to take lots of pics and vids for us sorry mofos who won't be joining this year! I gotta see what all the fuss is about so I can probably hop in next year.
  7. next year....up to my neck in bs right now.

    and I certainly don't mean Brandon Strader or Bacon Souffle.

    take pics and vids, man!

  8. words to live by, no doubt. just stopping by for my annual spiritual cleansing.
  9. good night for now...

    tomorrow... we shall conker the ENTIRE universe.


    THE ENTIRE FABRIC OF REALITY AND THOUGHT!!!!!hsaduifkhuiof4h3ir343

    ha ha ha, glad ya liked it, boss.

  10. don't give him any ideas. please. XP
  11. I'm personally not an AW fan, but Dom you already know that you've got my sword (and my horns... and my AXE!) if needed. saw the thread title and you were quite instantly the first person I thought of.
  12. Big ups, huge props, and muchos congratsiosos..... or whatever, something congratulatory in Spanish...!! Though, I told this to XPRT once I saw the news: I'm not even a little bit surprised or impressed at all. Looking at those three names, my reaction was immediately "pfft.... what took so long? 'bout daaayum time!" the only problem I have so far is that the Judges Decisions have already been moving incredibly fast. REALLY fast. As in it looks like I can no longer depend on sporadically sending perfectionist quickfixes anymore during the long wait. oh well, the times are a-changin.
  13. Not necessarily concrete or constructive feedback, but just stopping by to say that I always love your Sonic arrangements. Super dope as usual, and even though you tackle sources that have been interpreted many times you manage to come up with unique and memorable approaches.
  14. all of my yes. inb4 semantics, technicalities, gray areas, devil's advocates, misuse etc. but I back this completely. tons of positives to this, and that shirt vs. wallet example is right on the money.
  15. This is pretty much how I always respond when I see/stumble upon new music from this guy. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/48/Georgian_Voices_-_Adila_da_Ali-phasha_sample.ogg got no money right now, but this is in my backlog and I'll be bumpin it for sure. so happy to know that you're still rockin those phhhaaat beats and ruthless basslines. EDIT: seriously, "Once More" is deeeeeeeelicious.
  16. my bad... late to the party.

    Happy Belated Birthday, boss man! 28 tiger stripes up in da building, yeeeah boi!


  17. some of you mofos are making it sound like it's an apocalyptic warzone out there.
  18. in my humble opinion this is one of, if not the, sexiest and slickest OCR album art ever. For you to even *consider* creating or using different artwork is heartbreaking. dafuq you thinkin? look at that design, man. seconding the trace function. it's a good thing that the design is minimal also so that it shouldn't be too much work to re-create it and then copypaste the color palette. Probably can't be of assistance myself, but I'll ask around.
  19. false alarm boss, ignore the links I sent you. working on quickfixes, plus I'll have the lyrics and source breakdown and track comments to you altogether by this weekend anyways.

  20. a party where everyone just stands around and... listens? count me the heck out.. lame hipster get-togethers...
  21. wow, HUGE props, man! great work, and congrats on the stellar opportunity. already going into my list of favorite TEDtalks.
  22. **CAUTION/WARNING: incoming serious over the top fangasm alert** YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH BOOOOiii!! I've been waiting a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time for this baby to get posted. When I first heard it back in the SZRC I immediately fell in love (and it's a really good thing that I lost early on in the compo, because I probably would've been to discouraged or mesmerized to want to follow up with this ). Super sexy and silky smooth, and I don't even know where to begin with that gorgeous trumpet solo. I could go on and on and on talking about good things for this mix but I'll just leave it at "congrats" to the both of you, and I hope to hear many more things from ya whether it's OCR-related or personal projects as well.
  23. spoiler alert: this guy suxx0rz hard.
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