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  1. yeeeeeahhh, I burned out on that one =(

    so I needed halc to help me out, and I'm pretty much leaving it entirely in his hands now, so I can't wait to hear how the finished product comes out.

    Maaaannn, if I heard your track a few months earlier it would've been the inspiration I needed for a particular mix; It's already subbed and accepted, thankfully, but the glitchy crispiness in your arrangement is what I had exactly in my mind for my particular remix.

    oh well, sick stuff, so keep on kickin butt with your songs! I'm a huge fan of wobble basses that sound like somebody barfing out radioactive fluid into a spaghetti strainer. ^_^

  2. I don't know why I never heard it, must've always missed it when I was browsing the subforum for any updates (or I was probably too tired from work to pay attention), but your track is RIIIIIIDICULOUUUUSSSSS!! you know which one I'm talking about. ;P

    tried to think of some constructive comments, but that glitch funk hop stuff is one of my favorite styles of music to listen to every now and then, so I can't think of much to say outside of genre bias. =( Nevertheless, incredible muthaaaafuggin job. lmao, "none of this is real."

  3. Just signing in to say that this is reeeeeaaaaally nice, and I can't wait to hear how it turns out because there's some dope potential here. Rozovian got it perfectly when describing how you c/should improve the strings tremendously, but I love the percussion very much, especially around 0:34-0:56, so please bring that rhythmic pattern back some time again later in the song because it gives a certain feeling/vibe that is just a lot more better than the basic contemporary drum groove you have around 1:09. (can't think of a descriptive word better than 'better,' but what I'm getting at is that beat at 0:34 just has this certain ardent stomping feeling to it that is much more interesting than the other drum beat patterns you have later on, in my opinion at least). Yeah, the percussion really makes this arrangement, so it'll be awesome when you make those strings and brass parts stand out much more with more variation and adjustments.
  4. Are you implying that there's even the slightest possibility that both of these albums will be released.... together (or back to back)? Because that would be the shiiiieeeet, but I assume it's highly unlikely since people will probably Fantasied out after all these FF albums being released in succession. Battle Scene A is veeeeery tempting as I can already hear what cheesy, disco funk stuff I could do with it, but I'm not too sure yet if I want to ruin my Victory-only streak. Let me get back to you in a few weeks or so of thinking if nobody hops on it.
  5. Ditto, I quit [actively] participating in manga forums because it seems like an awful fad to viciously hate on mangaka for every little nuance or plot change these days (especially "The Big 3"), but I've greatly enjoyed Kishimoto's approach with Naruto and became hooked ever since 'Sasuke Retrieval arc' (I keep telling people that Kishimoto is a master of parallelism and folklore integration, but nobody wants to acknowledge it ). I thought the Road to Ninja film was the only thing he became heavily involved with lately, and the trailer(s) for this game seem to be heavily story-driven, so I'm just getting more and more pumped about this game. Only downside is that I think I'll have to wait till my cousin gets it on 360 because my laptop has been increasing the R2-D2 noises lately, so it's probably time to retire the lappy and level up to a desktop for good before adding awesome games to the arsenal. T_T
  6. Aw, bummer. Peace, and good luck with taking care of business. pleeeeease Mr. mithius, if you're lurking around, get this thaaang done! I don't think I have the legit skill to adequately help with your arrangement, but I'm willing to cheer you on as best as I can! but if he can't find the time or inspiration to finish it, I hope he at least considers submitting it later on down the road. When's the final cutoff date again for this project?
  7. Well, the pacing for the anime is little too drawn out for me [almost to the point of DBZ pacing, imo], so I just stick with the manga, but I did thoroughly enjoy the second game very, very much (and the music stuck out immediately to me right from the menu). Since it's also going to be available for PC I'd love to take a look at this (I was going to wait on seeing if my cousin gets it since he has an Xbox 360, so this is great news for me). I never get on #ocremix and I've never seen you mentioning this before, but I'm surprised you like Naruto, Darkesword. Not implying anything, you just seem like you'd prefer darker anime like Hellsing. Thanks for the recommendation.
  8. pretty much seconding everything psychowolf said. looking forward to hearing how this turns out, and it'd be the absolute shiz if you somehow mixed Life is Beautiful later on.
  9. Duuuuuude! A kick butt Shadow the Hedgehog remix! I too many divebombs for my tastes :lol , but sill. It's kickin ass, mane!!)

  10. Going to chime in a little bit with what I observed. I think the YTP is very iffy because I know that some channels or specific videos get slaps on the wrist for containing copyrighted content yet other channels (regardless of views, subscribers, etc.) seem to have no ominous agency clouds looming over them chanting "touch that monetize button and you're dead." Ex., and I love these guys so I'm not "hating," but Schmoyoho using clips from whatever to make a song while monetizing the vid and putting it for sale on iTunes, versus an average joe Youtuber doing the same thing and NOT monetizing it or selling it or whatever (just uploading for views or whatever) and then having the video removed due to "copyright infringement =/" . However, many of my favorite Youtubers, especially some musicians on Youtube, use the YTP for its benefits other than monetizing and generated ad-revenue. I have to plea ignorance to this because I stopped bothering with hefty Youtube copyright research after giving up on the above generalization (there's always exceptions, but obviously some get pegged and others are excused so I feel like you can never really be sure about anything pertaining to derivatives), but I believe Nick Bertke ("Pogo") used to (or still does? haven't kept up with his stuff in a while) have custom pop up/annotated ads basically saying "if you like what you hear, come check out my website for updates and more great stuff" in place of the generic Axe, gamefly, Samsung, Farmville etc. ads that would be randomly generated as a default in the past with YTP. And, not saying that this helps at all, but to put it into perspective, this dude had/has a very interesting relationship with Disney for his sampling techniques (not just re-arrangements, direct sampling). **I can't find ANY articles at the moment for some odd reason, but "Nick Bertke Pogo sampling fair use copyright Disney" or some other combination of those words should give you the gist of what I'm getting at. I'll edit in some links later today if I find some examples of what he had to deal with and how he came to an "agreeable" understanding with Disney. and then, there's this: http://www.youtube.com/nonprofits Bottom line is, I feel that once/if OCR makes the move towards either route, there will be comments giving unfortunate implications and jumping to the automatic assumption of monetizing like "Wow, glad to see OCR is a YTP now, they do deserve some money for all the hard work they put into their stuff," and immediately we'll have the Square situation occur on a much greater level with possibly catastrophic results. (ex. Square/Nintendo/Bungie/what have you: "Oh heeeeeeellllsss naw, did somebody just put 'money' and 'OCR' in the same sentence?") So, yeeeaaah. There are many people like me he would love that nonprofit route as it'd give us the opportunity to give back to OCR more often throughout the year instead of just through the Paypal thing (nothing wrong with the Paypal, but I personally feel like that donation link is hidden waaaay back within the crevices of the site; admittedly, others probably like it this way, as a front-page donate button would rub others the wrong way, but you can't please everyone so...), but it seems like the risk of anything going completely wrong concerning copyright would increase dramatically simply because of the implications of Google Revenue services. EDIT: Donate button is on front page, but I meant a donate button with sparkles and strobe lights around it (not literally, of course, just something to catch folks attention, but again, this is my preference and I understand many people don't enjoy having an extravagant donation button gravely staring them in the face all the time like a street vendor. sorry for the long post, not an expert or anything, just getting it off my chest because I WOULD like for OCR to expand as long as we're not raped by lawyers for negligence or implications. :/
  11. Did one of these guys make the 20 minute thing way back when (or is that on FFII, or completely tossed aside)? Been wondering what's happened to that arrangement (I don't get on FB a lot so I might've missed some updates), but after listening to the four part "Omen" behemoth a lot on Balance and Ruin I was reminded about this particular lengthy FF arrangement.
  12. This remix had better be super KAWAIIII!!

    or a tearjerker... bstrader-sama-san's kawaii tearjerking, desu. muthabugga.

  13. You learn somethin new everyday. I never even heard of the term "9-bit." I thought that was halc trademarked. I did know there was a distinction between legit tracker stuff and chip-inspired things, I just never knew there was an actual term for it. But yeah, ^this^ guy knows his chips and blips. I've personally got no criticism that'll help you improve production wise or whatever, but composition-wise I really like your song. Carry on, sounds great so far.
  14. You MUST show me this "once." >:D

    I'll show you one of my worst oldschool rock stuff from back in the day if you do.

    And there's totally no shame in the name(s). I guess I'm just going to have to show you real soon by getting active again with my Youtube page.

    Also, are you really going to make a song in Japanese. =O

    that's going to be sick if you were indeed serious.

  15. K, I'll wait a bit about the whole "naming" convention. I think it'll make much more sense when I start getting original music out there and you see where I'm coming from, but I guess I might have to just rock the "Sir Jordanius" name for everything... I actually thought that was a stupid name, imo. O_o

  16. HA ha ha haaa, oooohhh mann...

  17. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Haaaa.....

    fuck you Brandon... made me spit some juice all over my keyboard

  18. ehhh... I'll admit it does sound silly... I guess I'm fine with not using Darkmoocher for any of the WINs, but do you also think I shouldn't go with TBTATORJ?

    also, I told pu_freak it's all good. I'm actually glad because listening back to it there's a bunch of things I'd like to improve on, and I'm much more confident with expressing my metal side, so for BA3 I'm going to make it 10 zillion times more sick. =)

  19. Both great tracks, but I'm especially glad about Tough it Out! DaMonz kicked soooooo much butt with that arrangement.
  20. probs got a swarm of folks telling you this on FB, so I stopped by here instead to say


  21. http://soundcloud.com/darkmoocher/overclocked-assembled (lyrics in Soundcloud description) Source Breakdown: intro - L.A. Noire Main Theme - Primary SOurce - Clue Title Screen - Secondary source (countermelody) - Luigi's Mansion Main Theme - Bridge and Verse 3 - Sample Credits: Dexter (various speeches) Tell-Tale Heart (1953) Luigi's Mansion Prairie Home Companion - Guy Noir intro Background: Hopefully this is the first of many more collaborations, which I will explain in another thread shortly, but for this song I wanted to make something really over-dramatic and cartoon-y, but with a gritty Boom Bap vibe. I imagine Dom's verse as a CSI introductory analysis, my verse as the POV of a Burglar who stumbled into a Baccano-like situation where things went not as planned, and DiGi's verse as a Sherlock Holmes bookend closing to the investigation. Suggestions and critiques are more than welcomed, yet for the most part I'm at least 95% satisfied with this and considering submitting it as is. So let me hear your thoughts, people, and hopefully we can start cranking out more things along these lines!
  22. *cannot express my reaction to this beast of an arrangement through text.* Yeeeah, gonna be jamming to this one for a while.
  23. fucking noooooo.... You mean I have to keep working for The Maaannn instead of having the creative freedom to express my musical ideas and live a David Choe type lifestyle of complete bliss? But I agree. Realistically speaking, either keep the dayjob and/or scholarships (stay in school and take advantage of all that you can learn and who you learn from) or what have you, or at least be prepared to grind hard in the months where the financial results aren't as good as you hoped for. (Not speaking entirely from personal experience, but from friends and relatives who are freelancers of sorts, and watching a bunch of documentaries over the past few years)
  24. Oh laaawd... I can take self-deprecation, but I never like starving musician/artist jokes. that's low blow material right there... And yeah, nothing wrong with indie projects (or professional work), it all depends on the people.... played bass a bit for some gigs for some live "pros," and I just wasn't digging their ethics or their attitude, and I've had similar experiences in indie bands and vice versa. Now I just try to go with the flow, keep my head on straight, and as dannthr said go for those network-expanding opportunities ( ex., can't say it any better than this boss ---> ).
  25. Real talk. I usually find Meteo to come across as a no-nonsense party pooper (yeah, yeah, and I know to some people I probably come across as a nonsensical weirdo, so I'm not one to judge ) but sometimes he is precisely right on point with topics like this, and I feel like he told it exactly like it is. There is absolutely nothing wrong with "beer money" in and of itself, it's moreso about perspective, aggressive yet humble networking, and understanding what you're trying to accomplish and achieve in the long run. but yeeeeah, not gonna bring up too much Offtop PPR stuff, so I'm just going to say, SpookyStatic, I am 100% interested in the trailer thing as well as helping out at all with the game if it ever starts rolling (and you're still looking for musicians). Why? I just like how you're being honest and upfront and realistic about this... the reason why some of the first few posters were being really strict and throwing hardball questions is because just about once a week somebody shows up here and says "I'm making a game, make me sum musiczz" with an extremely vague description and just disappears after a while instead of honestly trying to recruit and collaborate; but I'm sensing some good, honest, focused vibes from you. So I'ma pm you with some of my stuff, and regardless if you're not feeling it I wish you the best of luck with your project! Peace.
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