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  1. hey boss, sorry for the epic novels... again... but please check your PMs (specifically the second, most recent one I've sent to you) to let me know if we're going to be good. I know we're cutting it close, and since life happened/happens it took a while for me to get back in the motion of it, but there's just a few more deal breakers I want to nail down before we call it day and I send you the final wavs. ~j
  2. either way... I know for a fact I can't enter into that compo for a buuuunch of reasons, but I don't mind lending any funky services if needed (horns, guitar, vocals, etc.)...

    and I told ya I'd do something st00pid silly for 3D Pinball. >:D

    for the Commando thing, basically just arranging the Commando source, or mixing in with another source as well? And is it alright if I get you something by mid January? I've got two albums I'm working on right now that have most of my focus until December.

  3. 1. Never reeeeaally got back to you yet about 'Poop.' or any of your other 100+ submissions on the site within the past few months. XD

    overall I love it a lot, and after a tough past few months it hit the spot.

    Also, congrats on the Commando album. groovy as fuck. ha ha haa, djent djent djent djeeeent.

    2. oh man... if you really name it 'Liberation' I will be honored as muhfugga.

    3. buuuut you of all people should know that I hardly know anything about FF so it'd be weird for me to join that compo. XD

    plus I promised myself I'd get other things outta the way first (my own music, I promised HoBo stuff for his compo, the MM album, etc...)

  4. as I said in the video software thread (*shakes fists in air*) you kids are in a good time. When I was your age we had Fruity Loops, not any of these fancy FL studio techno stuff to make the music-making process so much easier and efficient. Plus, G-Mixer... personally, I wish I was just a few years younger again because if I took advantage of some of the opportunities I had when I was a 'teen' I'd probably be a little bit better off right now, but that's another story. Nonetheless, I get what you're saying and why you're angry, I just see it differently (and I think anyone who is over 25+ ish can back me up on this) because as much as it doesn't seem this way, the world (ESPECIALLY music and the fine arts field) will really go out of their way to give younger people lots of incentives, as opposed to us gramdpas and grandmas... who are only a few years passed the mark. kind of been eyeballing this thread, and this one ----> http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=45163 as well but I kind of wanted to sit back and ponder other people's viewpoints before throwing mine in. cutting it short (since I'll eventually get around to stating my experience/pov in that other thread), I really think that some of you are thinking just a liiiiiittle two hard about all of this music stuff, and this is coming from someone who sometimes spends months at a time at a song. If you really, really, really enjoy something (in this case, music), and you have enough grit to recognize where there's room for improvement, and you just cut out the bullshit with expectations or "how the system works" or formulas, etc., I really think you'll eventually get into a proper flow where everything works out. I don't have a record deal or a huuuge list of contacts and a fancy portfolio (although I am in the process of trying to make my online material more... 'professional-looking' XD ), so you can take all of this with a grain of salt, but coming from someone who basically came out of his mother's womb with a guitar pick and spent years classically trained to some degree, I can say that I personally made my best stuff when I was younger and I first started recording. Sure, I'm much cleaner and better at presenting my ideas on a production-level, but honestly when I was younger I wasn't thinking "oh, should I use a tritone substitution here and then run a bitcrushed filter sweep and then automate the blah blah blah, etc.;" I wasn't focused on tone, who was listening or giving a fuck about my music, or even my 'age.' I was just putting stuff out and having fun, and honestly it's only within recent years that I've gone back into this mind set of remembering to have fun instead of constantly worrying if I'm at the prime age, if I can make a living off of this, if I'm selling out and being a square or if I'm reinventing the wheel, etc. I know a lot of people around here will often cite that getting some music theory and production tutorials under your belt is where to go, and I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have the fundamentals down like the back of your hand... but from somebody who's had years of practice/experimenting/wtfohgawdcrankeverythingupto11 I can surely say that sometimes it doesn't hurt to stop thinking too hard about age, 'talent,' etc. NOT being idealistic here, it's the truth. It's never too late and unless you are unfortunately a vegetablized human living off of tubes while confined to a hospital bed I am certain that there is NO excuse, limit, or reason to fret this. I'm reeeeeeaaaally not trying to be insensitive, I just think that sometimes around here and with other creative outlets people have a tendency to self-deprecate a little too hard or prevent their own selves from any potential. we can't all be rock stars = / = if we're not born with it or we started late we might as well fuck off. EDIT: case in point... when I first stumbled across people like Sungha Jung or Tony Royster Jr.'s childhood videos I quit taking guitar and drums seriously and said "why bother." but then I remembered how much I love music and how no matter what as long as I'm enjoying myself it's better then worrying or comparing myself constantly (outside of motivation, of course). double EDIT: I think in the Balance and Ruin interview/chat video a while ago L99 specifically said that he started remixing, and playing guitar in particular, later in the game (compared to everyone else at least), but look at where he is now... makin dem sexy guitar stuff like it's nothin.
  5. ^as far as beatsmiths are concerned, this boss and Radiowar are in my top favorite list in the vgm/anime Hip Hop community, really. I've already told Rukunetsu a bajillion million zillion Krillin times in person how much I love his stuff, so even if I don't comment he should already know that I dig just about all of his stuff by default. Oh, and, uhh... AngelCityOutlaw there's a line... yeeaaahhh... I've already called dibs on collab'ing with him sometime down the road. back of the line.
  6. oh gaaawd.... I love it how I keep thinking "now I'll finally be a free man... I'll have all these OCR stuff wiped off my plate!"

    and then some big dummy like you slams an intriguing offer in my face. >:D


  7. this is some goooooooooooood shiz right here. had my attention immediately in the Preview Trailer and I was excited to check this out upon release. Loving the robotic barfing wub wubz, those are my favorite kind of wub wubz.
  8. oooohhhh heeeeellls yeah. Dem chords. Reminds me of that arrangement Joshua Morse made a while ago, except this is much more in the acid jazz/soul direction. No suggestions or hard complaints from me, I think you know what you're doing so I'll just wait for the next killer draft.
  9. ^this times a zillion. I don't even know where to begin. I'm a little overwhelmed and I'm wondering if this was a good move since I have to wake up early in the morning for an interview XD , but overall that was most certainly four hours well spent. Lots of delicious djentlemen riffage, tons of Paul Gilbert and Vai/Satriani wanking, plenty of funk to go around, loads of slick acoustic guitar stuff, and --- of course --- I've always gotta give love for vocal stuff (especially that utterly brutal FF7 track.... oh gawd that was scrumptious as fuuuuuck). lmao@ that one song where the dude just started eating some chips. yeeeah, I think I can have a pretty good estimate as to the authors behind some entries, but it doesn't effect my impression at all. I enjoyed the whole batch. however, I'm a little disappointed (and embarrassed at how gullible I was)to know that there isn't actually a 2 hour song. was really looking forward to hearing a 30 minute-long solo or something. congrats to everyone, it was dope.
  10. use 'dead' and 'project' in the same sentence one more time.... I dare you. I prefer better euphemisms such as "it's undergoing fermentation."
  11. ^well boss, actually... go ahead and change 'Darkmoocher - Vectorman' to 'Darkmoocher and Timaeus222 - Vectorman.' me: heeyyy, Timaeus, complex electronic and symphonic stuff is kind of like my Achilles Heel... you think you can help me out? but not just sound upgrade-wise, I want to make this shiz dark and crazy. Timaeus: lol, cool, gimme a sec. *a few days later* Timaeus: Heyyy, I hope you don't mind if I gratuitously shit all over your original idea and proceed to melt faces in the process. me: O_o ________________________ So, yep. I was going to just restructure my original ideas and get some production help from Timaeus, but I just received a ridiculous monster of a WIP from him so I'm strongly leaning towards a massive overhaul. We're still using my boss sourcers from my old WIPs, so I'll break down the sour usage stop watch when we get a longer demo to showcase. super excited about this one. I don't mean to brag... but you ladies and gents are in for a reeeeeeaaal treat.
  12. The Universe (and natural laws) of the Katamari series. don't ask why, I shouldn't even have to explain why that would be the best thing ever, or at least one of them.
  13. how long does it take to activate an account, or can I bypass that to go ahead and submit? I'm trying to contact an administrator but it seems like I have to be registered for that,too... and the site design isn't exactly easy on my eyes so it's hard for me to figure out how to simply submit the daaayum thing. arrangement = done. just can't figure out how to submit this thing yet. EDIT: Thanks, I pm'd you, Hobo. Won't go into reviews at this point, but I'm liking all of the entries so far, and I've got a few favorites picked out already. I just think... I should probably be a little more serious with my arrangement next time. XD
  14. (incoming long post, but only to show you a few stuff you might not have known about) Majora's Mask: Tears of the Moon Musical (Recruiting) http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=39126 I use 'musical" very loosely as it's in an operatic/theatre format, yes, but the emphasis is on vocals as the forefront (rather than just trying to emulate the archetypes of Les Miserables, Wicked, Chicago, etc.). So all genres are welcomed (rap, trance, folk, etc.), though I will point out that we're still off to a rough start with the project and it's mostly operating in a private FB group for the moment until we get into a proper workflow. _________ Sonic R album (Recruiting, specifically 2 remixers and 3 vocalists as of 10.9.13) http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=44922 Self-explanatory, it's Sonic R. da' best Sonic game everzzz Wildfire (director) wants every track to focus on EDM and keep the vocals as the core of each arrangement. So there will most definitely be loads of singing and/or rapping on this one. =) __________ Streets of Rage Part 1/3 (Recruiting, 4 tracks open as of 10.9.13) http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=44683&page=12 This is not specifically a "vocal" album, but according to Dusk: so, it might not entirely end up as a vocal remix album, but you'll get your fill. ________ Voices of OCR (a Capella and Vocal emphasis group) http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=43961 NOT an album or project, per se, but a revolving door group of people from around the community standing by waiting to offer the vocals for any large-scale vocal projects (choirs or background vocals, a Capella arrangements, Barbershop Quartet, etc. ). You build the idea, and we will come. ___________________________ or.... are you just asking for a gigantic playlist of every vocal remix (submissions AND project album tracks)? In that case, can't help ya with that.
  15. My bad. I never got around to deleting that post (Brandon and I already figured out something else for the particular track), but I'm just confirming that we're on the same page, boss. You've talked a lot to me about my sampling preferences in general, and I understand completely how serious this is with Square, so believe me... I ain't even about to fuck around with that line. >_> on a side note, and I promise you this will be the last the staff hears from me concerning sampling since we've discussed just about every single corner of this topic: What would the general consensus be for sampling a signature intro (About 2-3 seconds max) from a Michael Jackson song and using it for a remix on a project album? specifically the first four notes of "BAD." (the orchestra hits/stabs)
  16. "FadAss"

    +1, like, favorite, subscribed. I like dis right here. :nicework:

  17. ha ha haa, yo, in a year or so you might have three BadAsses underneath your handle (BA3,2,1 co-director).

    that's dope. :)

  18. or an album dedicated to annoying ridiculously hard puzzles that should NOT be in a game at all. and call it AssAss. ok, I'm done.
  19. lol, Alex, lurk moar mah nizzle. XP http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=941102#post941102 [/thread]
  20. VERY nice sound-scape and blend of different sounds. This sounds like a warm cake with hidden caramelized pieces and various flavored chocolate chips hidden throughout, topped with French Vanilla ice cream and warm melted fudge on top. with a side of baked cinnamon apples slices. might've went overboard with the analogy, but I'm just saying that I love this a lot. From the very beginning I already knew I'd be heavily in love with all the different textures, and by looking at the Remix title I wasn't expecting this kind of arrangement, to be honest. I second that, it is very easy to get lost in. great job. sounds super dope.
  21. You've gotta gotta gotta gotta let me know what you think about TWTTTop wip. it's really rough and sloppy, but I just wanna know if there are any light bulbs flickering on in your head or if you're at least scratching your beard and thinkin "yeeeaaah. I like dis."

  22. Reaper is your main DAW, yes? and you used it to make this behemoth, correct? http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02721/ I've been interested in learning more about Reaper for a while (at the very least as a secondary DAW), but if there's a 'yes' for both of those questions then I'm even more interested in these mini-tutorials. Yes please and many thanks in advance if/whenever you get around to these.
  23. the man....

    the myth....

    the legend.....

    THE KING.....




    happy birthday to that guy... do you know that guy I'm talkin about?

  24. Thank you so much. I'm sure the staff already knows how much I (and several others) appreciate this. <3 edit: answered. dis gon be gooooooood
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