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  1. I would like to see an improved version of that song. I thought it was fun. Listening to the tracks now. Wow! You guys cease to bore me with your songs.
  2. There's no artwork for this round...odd. Oh, well. I could just save the Proto Man image and use that instead.
  3. Pretty bold of you to state that, especially since half the bracket have yet to release songs (no offense PR). But yeah, it was a valiant fight. Great job, prophetik! FUN FACT: prophetik was the first remixer I met in person (at MAGfest 9).
  4. In anticipation of the next round, I've decided to go back and listen to the first GRMRB soundtracks. I'd say that for the most part this year has WAY better songs from you guys. But I'm only on Round 2, so I'll have to see...
  5. Happy Birthday, man! I anticipate your latest works.
  6. Nonamer

    Portal 2

    Valve decides to release it's first Portal 2 soundtrack for free: http://www.thinkwithportals.com/music.php Also, free ringtones!
  7. Both have to submit a new remix from any robot master within 48 hours...BRILLIANT! Usually, the moderator or competition head refrains from voting unless there is a tie. I've never heard of the head voting last, aside from tiebreaking. DS could theoretically vote now (though I can see why you don't).
  8. Are you guys going to submit your finished songs from the competition to the judges panel? (Maybe I should as if that's allowed?) EDIT: Also, Darkesword, add Txai's Proto Man bracket to the first post please. Nice catch SuperiorX!
  9. Interesting take on this song...I like it a lot! So far nothing comes to mind in regards to specifics. The instrumental choice is decent, and nothing is particularly grating to the ears. Great job. Anyone else have commentary?
  10. I might as well start the voting process while my iPad is charging. This is going to be hard for me to decide for the most part. I'm going to keep most of these tracks in my library.
  11. Logic is Non-Existent has a nice futuristic feeling to it. Sound's like something that could be in a video game. Not sure which genre though...maybe an FPS or RTS. The ending was a bit meh though. That's just me. Logic is Self Explanatory has a very cool, dark atmosphere, kind of like an old worn-out factory. This could also be in a video game. Cool tracks overall!
  12. It sucks you have to drop out. I wouldn't mind hearing the finished product outside the competition, though.
  13. Nonamer


    Damn it Terraria! Why aren't you out for Mac yet? I'm starting to regret missing out on these great PC games...oh well at least Minecraft still works.
  14. The apocalypse won't happen tomorrow because of the Rapture. Instead the Earth will be destroyed from the results of a wrestling match between the ghosts of Randy Savage, Teddy Roosevelt, and a bear. Edit: I got ninja'd by EC.
  15. Are we giving feedback, or is there only voting?
  16. Had it not been Level 99 who posted this, I would have assumed this was spam. This is microsoft realizing they are losing the student customer base to Apple, cause they have something similar for buying a mac. I would advise against this for first year students. Unless it's a limited time only, keep your consoles away from college. Had my Xbox been with me freshman year, I would have no friends and poor grades. But thats just me.
  17. Happy Birthday! I remember hearing you and bLiNd on OCAD.
  18. OCR should interview the music creator for Angry Birds. That would be pretty cool.
  19. Nice. The guitar choice greatly adds to the depth of the song. It sounds like a record that was made in the late 1960's near the beginning, then flash-forward into modern day rock and roll. My only concern (and I mean only) is that at 3:00 the song seemed to die on me. Granted, 5 seconds later the song had Life 3 casted on it and was revived instantly, but that section really irked me. Oh, and you need two more extra notes at the end, or make a grand ending of your own. I'll leave it to you to fix that. SUBMIT THIS!
  20. Don't go hatin' on your own tracks. This is pretty damn good. The guitar isn't a bad addition, I say keep it! The drums do overpower the whole song, so you may want to lower their presence. Since it's a short little tidbit, any lengthening of the song should have more variety on your part if you are considering posting to OCR.
  21. My mother did the exact same thing when she was at the U of Miami (FL). She would write the soundtrack to a Tom and Jerry cartoon as one of her projects. Of course, the instruments available now are MUCH more complex (synths? what are those?).
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