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  1. I believe that track 1-10 has incorrect data. It's specified as a remix of Force Your Way while I'm pretty sure the source track is Find Your Way. Really great album so far! I'm very far from done though haha.
  2. Oh wow... Just read the news, this is so sad. Having one of his unreleased (yet) tracks makes me feel so weird too... Oof.
  3. Had this one on repeat for a while now. Very catchy, very sweet and very uplifting. Absolutely loving the ever-present bassline as well as the bright synths and groovy beats. Sounds like a perfect day indeed
  4. This one holds up surprisingly well! I'm not really familiar with source tune, but I would guess it's a pretty safe arrangement. The track certainly gets repetitive, but it's also quite short, so it's not a big issue after all. And yes, these drums are super sweet. Not mind-blowing overall, but worth a listen for sure.
  5. This is pretty neat! I really love the retro-ish instrumentation, and the melody is super catchy. The updated version definitely improves upon some aspects of this track, but I don't mind listening to the original as well - it's an engaging listen, the remix is just full of energy and drive. Sweet.
  6. Those pizzicatos! Loved them in the original, love them here - pretty cool idea to use them as a kind of glue for the entire track! Also enjoyed the usage of Vectorman sources, pretty cool! Especially the stuff going on at 3:10-3:37. The Emerald Hill outro caught me off guard, but not in a bad way for sure Very good work!
  7. I actually don't mind the synth which seems to be the biggest problem for the most people. It gets kinda repetitive, sure, but it's not that bad. Nothing too groundbreaking, and I wouldn't listlen to this on a regular basis, it's just okay.
  8. Oh, this looks interesting, I'm in! While I've barely played any of Final Fantasy games (only a few hours of FF6), I do know quite a few songs from some of the soundtracks, and I really love them! My pick would probably be "Dash" from Final Fantasy 13-2. I have a soft spot for this J-Fusion/Jazz/Rock/whatever-you-call-it type of stuff, and this particular track hits the said spot for sure! It's just so upbeat and lively! And man, the soloing is exceptionally gorgeous to say the least! I love listening to this one from time to time, and it's especially helpful if I need to cheer myself up
  9. One of the greatest songs of early OCR. I've been enjoying this one for a long while now. Dust Man's theme is barely recognizable for sure, but boy, this doesn't make this track less amazing at all. Sound design is way too good for 2001, I should say. Huge drums in the background combined with steady beat, cold pads and synths create a dark and brooding atmosphere. Every section is pretty much on point, the dynamics are just incredible. This remix make me feel like something dramatic, something inevitable is coming. Don't miss this one! P.S. I'm also surprised nobody mentioned this video. Can't think of a better clip for a videogame remix.
  10. Pretty generic old-school techo/trance stuff. Nothing too mind-blowing, but I can certainly enjoy this track once in a while
  11. Oh my god, what an exceptional work! If I didn't know this was written by Jose, my first guess would be Fumie Kumatani, no less! Just listen to her works from Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Unleashed, and you'll see what I mean. This track is so good, it could easily fit into the latter game! Silky smooth Rhodes, glassy piano, funky organ runs, rad percussion licks, bits of vibrphone, solid bassline, and a few dashes of clavinet for good mesure - this jam has it all! And check out the breakdown at 2:18 - so classy, gets me every time! Wonderful remix
  12. Man, I can totally see this one in some silly old comedy or something like this, haha. Put a smile on face instantly! It's a simple track and it just works
  13. Pretty fun stuff! Not quite feeling the piano here at some points, but other than that - a solid listen, groovy enough to get my head bopping
  14. Absolutely badass. Gotta love the drums here, they slap so hard! 1:43 is a total slam dunk for me. Not much else to say really, just a brilliant track
  15. Now that's a Prelude ReMix and a half... I echo absolutely every praise about this track. For a remix from 2000, this is really, really, REALLY good. The juxtaposition of groovy drums against airy leads like dealyed piano and synths is what sells this remix for me. I didn't expect the transition into jungle/breakbeat part at all, but it works surprisingly well! And those chungs later on are a nice addition too! A track worth checking out, especially considering it's age!
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