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  1. You could send me a clip of your very best work in a private message, an mp3 would be fine. I'd avoid WIPs, when you send in auditions (now and in the future) your goal is to show the director what you are capable of, and whether your work is good enough to be included among the other remixers involved in the album. So, very best work! As for your resub that has been sitting so long, you should try contacting the judges panel. There's no justification for a resub, or even a regular submission, to sit for the better part of a year. I'm not completely sure who you could even ask now and ge
  2. Kicking myself cause I forgot to fund it, but being born September 28th, it was beyond me
  3. Yup that's pretty dang true. There's a lot of stuff that gets passed even with cut and paste. (looking at Trance type stuff!) But the key word here is "lazy and excessive repetition" -- if it's not enjoyable then that's not a good thing. And making stuff less repetitious is as easy as changing up a drum beat for the second repetition. Why copy/paste the drum track when it's so easy to play the drums in,or heck, even click them in? /shrug I do have mixes with some repetition. But I repeat parts I think are enjoyable. Too much is too much, if people really want to hear something again, they
  4. Come on folks, get excited! Here's what I've been looking at, it's really difficult to choose a town theme. I finally at long last settled on this non-lyrical theme from NieR I'm not 100% sure on writing my name down for the claim yet, though, mostly because the soundtrack is so good that it'd be a bit of a shame, a bit of an insult, if I did something with it. I could mix it with a hero theme such as Yonah or Kaine themes. On to other things, here's a couple of Town/City themes that I would like to see someone try to remix, although I don't think anyone could
  5. I disagree with any assertion that "OCR did _________ to my music" OCR will help you learn to write more interesting and concise arrangements. But it doesn't force you to write that way any more than you have to "unlearn" how to write enjoyable, concise songs later on because OCR ruined you and those people on Youtube know what they're talkin' about, why did I ever listen to the judges when fetuspuncher13 and kardashianfan69 is around? I have to unlearn everything I know so I can go back to making something "pure"! Haha alright dude! Meanwhile the only thing you unlearn is the idea t
  6. Pretty much everything you'll need is here: http://ocremix.org/info/Project_Guidelines#EXAMPLE_Project_Proposal It includes an example proposal, which you would send to projects@ocremix.org Generally some WIPs, any finished mixes too.. go into detail about your project, and if they see the potential of it being official, then it can be!
  7. It didn't come out It didn't come out today It didn't come out
  8. I'm an asshole because Winter has been "done" for so long and you've never even heard a WIP, you probably won't even like it, after all this time. It's pretty happy sounding from what I remember. All it has needed was acoustic guitars (though at this point I will probably redo the bass guitar too, just so it's current) And I actually had started writing on Rumbling way back when, but it was so small that I may as well start from scratch. At any rate anything I make for you now will be better just due to being more familiar with stuff as time goes on.
  9. #MakeOCReMixGreatAgain

  10. Elfen Leid? ...no.... I don't know... Those animes you mentioned have a lot of adult themes in them. And I can't really think of any that dont, maybe Sword Art Online? It's hard to say.
  11. Season 4 is out, Larry let you down.. get to watchin'!
  12. All sounds cool so far! Some may have noticed this is targeting OCRA now -- no hard feelings if anyone chooses to drop out because of the additional work and stress involved with that. For those that aren't quite there yet but want to give it their all, we can still try to work it out and see if we can get you there.
  13. I have proceeded and you can proceed to see a thing I guess that's that then. *lays back and waits for the remixes to flow in*
  14. Hometown Heroes Created by Mirby, directed by Brandon Strader and Mirby Welcome back to the Hometown Heroes project, starting up again here in 2016. There are existing claims -- if you are one of these remixers, please check in! The original concept for this album was to remix town themes from obscure games. However, any town theme from a video game will be acceptable, and optionally you can choose to mix in a hero theme into your mix (to use 2 sources for the mix). This is entirely optional, but will help to see the HomeTOWN HEROES concept a little more. It will be interesti
  15. @djpretzel to the rescue Do you have anything against me putting this in Projects instead of Recruitment since the target will be OCRA instead of OCRI and it has a subforum?
  16. You ought to play Bloodborne! And your response better not be some excuse

    1. Nabeel Ansari

      Nabeel Ansari

      too busy gitting gud

  17. Dang fools. The DLC was awesome. Short, but awesome. It brought a handful of new bosses, 3 of which were pretty hard on NG+. I didn't want to make another character at the time just for the DLC and with the recommended level being 60 it seemed like a dumb idea. So now my main guy is level 166 and his stats are roughly split up like this: VIT: 45 END: 32 STR: 50 SKL: 50 BLD: low as hell, untouched ARC: 20 So here's the main thing, as a level 166 I am clearly out of PVP range, but I kinda want to have an Arcane character. I have a 2nd character that is level 56 or so t
  18. I dropped "I Closed My Eyes" and "A Conclusion" I believe it was because I knew someone else would be able to claim them and deliver on them good before I could.. I was going to focus on Lufia 2 and get those songs done first! But if there's anything left that appeals to me here when I'm able to tackle one, I will be back on board! I'm excited to see what Dan does with "I Closed My Eyes"
  19. There's still 4 Mondays in March, which one is it gonna be?
  20. To prepare for Dark Souls 3, I redownloaded Bloodborne and have been helping some of my newb friends play the game. I don't like that they're using guides and rushing through and all that. It seems cheap compared to how I played the game.But at least 1 of them is getting Dark Souls 3 with me at the midnight launch (digital) so we'll see what happens and if any of thise translates to "gitting gud" It still took a bunch of tries to kill Ludwig in their game (DLC). Even though I was level 166 and scaled down. Man, what a crazy ass boss. Then I shareplayed the guy later and I saw why it took
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