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  1. Kotaku isn't my least favorite blog, but I wouldn't judge it by standards any higher than blog standards. Hayter is overrated unless you listen to him and his die-hard fans. Most other people I talk to who aren't die-hard fans are just like who the hell is that guy and why won't he just go to acting school? On the other hand Kojima is also overrated. He's known for MGS series and its incoherent stories and subpar presentation per game. So IMO they kind of deserve each other, so I can understand why Hayter is butthurt.
  2. Some really disturbing news.. basically, I have not been able to get in touch with Sir Jordanius for several months. I'm going to hold out hope that he returns but in the case that he does not, there won't be a new claim for "The Way to the Top". All we have is a near-final MP3 version of the remix, but no WAV, and no consent, so if he did indeed escape then it would not be included at all unfortunately.... bummer.. very disturbing news. Holding out hope that he's just on a very very very very extended vacation. Still waiting on a lot of great remixes from a lot of great remixers. You gu
  3. Are you sure you put this in the right forum? (Competitions?) Unless you meant for the games to compete for which gets better over time than the other games That's a really difficult question though, because it makes me think of a game I really love, Bloodborne.. which I consider one of the best games on PS4.. and it was only not as good starting out because for me it had a pretty big learning curve and wasn't a fault of the game at all. There's games like Kingdom Hearts that start out insanely boring with fetch quests on the island, and stuff like that.
  4. Mid-April is great if by mid-April you mean May 25th. I got all my hardware issues solved and got a new ribbon microphone that sounds reaaaaally good. Now it's just a matter of doing stuff. But by mid-April? A couple weeks? Seems tough. Maybe I can try to get 1 of them out by then though. Oh right, and I meant to post here before and say, HEY you other guys GET TO WORK
  5. Congrats and brown-nose salutations to our new Strader Music Listeners.
  6. Well the whole west vs. east thing, just because it's mostly western remixers covering far east material makes it to some extent western music.. There's also as far as I see, the issue of a lot of old VGM being chiptune and itself not having much of a Japanese sound. Even beyond the issue of not featuring adequately sampled/recreated erhu, shamisen, and other stereotypical instruments, the writing style to some extent gets lost -- and there are a lot of imitators that seem to have blurred the lines a little bit in the oversaturated chiptune scene. So now you don't even know where a piece of mu
  7. MAGFest is missing cultural diversity, if you could bring far east style metal, I think that'd be amazing
  8. Using coupon codes such as those for Musician's Friend is a really great boon for bigger purchases. Keep an eye out for those in your email. 

  9. That is brilliant Dave. I need to take myself off of vocals-female since I lost my voice in 2015. I never recovered that falsetto range to a satisfactory degree. Need to take FL off too. Great changes. Nice work!
  10. I haven't heard a lot about this game apart from that it was a PS Vita release in Japan, but is now coming to PS4 and PC in the US. It is an RPG homage to Chrono Trigger, if you believe game journo blogs, though the piano music I have heard so far doesn't fall far from the mark. Unlike the PSP remaster that became FF Type-0, this was on Vita so if all they're doing is a simple remaster, the quality might come out considerably better. It already looks not-bad mostly because of the art style, despite samples shown still being Vita-sized. Particularly excited to see the OST come out on
  11. ReMixes of town themes This is a great community, if we all work together, there's no reason for something like "Hometown Heroes" to disappear. OCR is our Hometown!
  12. gotta be honest, sounds like OCR HAS RUINED YOUR MUSIC
  13. Hahaha, I sent that message as a joke and laughed after I sent it. No worries, it's just my sense of humor.
  14. INDEED. Sorry for taking a cool minute to get back to you. Galbadia is a pretty weird theme, interesting opening, then some FF7 Market stuff going on. Anyway I'll mark you down for it.
  15. I can do what Chernabogue did too Before OCR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyDZasJG0fY After OCR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URFvXTAVlc4 I don't think my stuff was bad as before ocr though Definitely stinkers the farther back you go tho. I still have the 1st song I ever wrote: http://rainwound.bandcamp.com/track/sentient-the-task edit/ real song, not fruity loop techno
  16. PLAYSTATION VR! $399 Quite literally the future of gaming, coming October 2016
  17. Hey Zoltan! I've been meaning to tell you but your series on Star Ocean 5 on Youtube is top notch, thank you!!
  18. Yo Judges! How's that panel doing? Only asking cause it's a couple months since the last update to the thread. I may be wrong but I have almost no songs to be posted. I have 3 for FF9, one for FF5, and 1 for another album that should be coming soon. It's my fault though for having a big gap of time where I wasn't submitting but thought I'd ask anyway, I have a few in the inbox at least and maybe some on the panel! ed; ok so there was 1 ;p
  19. I would have suggested One Punch Man. But not for 12 year olds!
  20. That's cool, we could do with a little smallening -- it'd be awesome to have a tight single disc experience. Around 13 tracks is probably solid for a single disc, I'd like to throw my hat into the ring at some point too. I'm pretty satisfied even moving forward with the current group of people (not all of which have reported in). Have you talked to anyone else apart from ecto? Feel free to send me a PM so we don't end up coordinating in this thread!! It'd be awesome to get a few more town theme remixers involved here.. I figure a few more folks may drop out. Though everyone who expresses
  21. Yeah, mixing and mastering your song would be no problem if that's what you want. My only thought from what you said, is if you're sending a sample that includes parts you don't have access to (such as other band members playing live drums or something) it might be better to only include instruments / sounds you have access to as it would best represent what you are capable of making. Unless you think you could work with your band to make the remix, then that'd be cool. Good luck with your resub too!
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